An apocalyptic forecast for the spread of smallpox in the world is presented

Ordinary (natural or black) smallpox terrorized mankind for centuries. In December 1979, a special international commission on smallpox declared complete victory over the disease. In the 300th century alone, it claimed 1958 million lives, but the international smallpox program proposed by the USSR in XNUMX helped to quickly get rid of the problem.

Older people can still find a tiny dent in their shoulder left by smallpox vaccination. But this is a trifle compared to the excruciating pain, death and mutilation that smallpox carried. Thanks to a widespread and universal vaccination campaign, the infection was defeated more than 40 years ago. The last outbreak of smallpox occurred in 1977 in the African country of Somalia, but it was quickly extinguished. In 1980, the WHO decided to discontinue all vaccinations against this disease.

However, dozens of cases of monkeypox infection have recently been reported in many countries and the disease has begun to spread around the planet. Now the web is studying the apocalyptic forecast for the spread of monkeypox in the world. It has become rich "food" for conspiracy theorists of all stripes and shades.

Users recalled that in 2021, a monkeypox war game was held in the West with indicative dates for the deployment of a new pandemic. Then they only laughed at the problems of fictional states, calling it a joke to cleanse the planet of people of non-traditional sexual orientation. But now puzzled users are wondering how intelligence agencies and virologists were able to predict the outbreak so accurately.

According to last year's scenario, the outbreak of monkeypox occurs on June 5, 2022 in one of the countries. 1421 people fall ill, of which 4 die. The government launches an investigation and it turns out that the strain contains mutations that make it resistant to existing vaccines. By January 12, 2023, the infection will spread to 83 countries and infect 70 million people, of whom 1,3 million infected will die. There are no effective treatments, and states are taking various aggressive response measures (testing, contact tracing, quarantine).

By May 10, 2023, there are already more than 480 million cases of infection on the planet, which have led to 27 million deaths. It is revealed that the pandemic was caused by a regional bioterror attack that far exceeded expectations. One of the states designed (developed) the monkeypox virus, and then attacked the other, through controlled terrorists. The virus was spread in crowded places, mainly in transport. By December 1, 2023, 3,2 billion people will fall ill, of which 271 million will die.

By a strange coincidence, British scientists and British intelligence agencies are behind the above forecasts. However, as with other similar predictions, which, as it were, speaks of their certain interest.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 22 May 2022 11: 48
    Have you considered vaccinations?
  2. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 22 May 2022 12: 13
    Everyone will die. Who won't buy the vaccine from the US and the UK. In total, 4 injections with a total cost of 400 bucks.
    Multiply by 7,5 billion (the population of the Earth).
  3. Enoch Online Enoch
    Enoch (Enoch) 22 May 2022 22: 39
    The Jews will not rest until they extinguish most of humanity.
    Lord save and save Holy Russia.
    1. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 22 May 2022 23: 31
      Enoch, it is not known who actually controls the "Jewish people" community. The newly formed Israel should not deceive us, it is the brainchild of the Zionists. One of the Rothschilds does not hide the financing of this project, a video has been preserved. The State of Israel arose much later than the community, which still feels great today.

      It is no secret that the Jews are the conductors of various ideas. A piece of aluminum wire lies on the ground and no one needs it. An electrician came, attached a wire, and it began to conduct current.

      Question: - Who is our electrician?
  4. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 23 May 2022 09: 47
    Well, it is likely that these are traces of the activities of the American military biological laboratories in Ukraine. At first they, most likely for experiments, re-infected the local Ukrainian population. Then they provoked hostilities and a mass of refugees from Ukraine rushed to the West. And now these refugees have become carriers of various previously forgotten diseases, perhaps smallpox too. So outbreaks of diseases went around the world.