Ireland proposes to ban Russian fishing

Intolerance towards everything Russian is again visible on the pages of the Western media. Fight the Russian the economy call in a new publication on the pages of the popular Irish newspaper The Irish Times. The daily edition of the island nation offered to come in from the fishing side.

Using a loophole in international waters, Russian trawlers are threatening to destroy Ireland's lucrative fishing industry, while funding operations in Ukraine along the way. Fishermen say deal between Faroe Islands and Moscow could deplete Irish bioresources worth more than €10m yearly

- writes the edition.

The fishing organization Killybegs (KFO) has called on the European Commission and the government to impose economic sanctions on the Faroe Islands if they do not withdraw the agreement, which it called "immoral".

Sean O'Donoghue, chief executive of KFO, accused the Faroe Islands of "assisting Vladimir Putin" because the archipelago's authorities allowed Russian vessels to fish. As a result, there is already a shortage of fish for Irish fishermen.

The Faroe Islands, which are part of Denmark (NATO member) but retain autonomy in their fishing waters, share with the UK control of a stretch of sea known as the "special zone".

According to the UK government, fishing rights here are worth 19 million euros. Since the beginning of the conflict over Ukraine, up to 12 large Russian trawlers have been sighted in the “special area”, which are believed to be legally licensed by the Faroese authorities. The archipelago also "unilaterally" increased its own catch quota.

Mr. O'Donoghue is vehemently pressing the Irish government in an attempt to pressure the Faroe Islands through the European Union to close the loophole for the Russians by depriving them of the right to fish in those waters.

A UK government source told The Irish Times that the Faroe Islands have the legal right to issue licenses to vessels to fish in a "special area", but clarified that the Faroese "should, following the United Kingdom, ban all Russian trawlers" in the area.

Ireland is a formally neutral non-NATO country, but with a traditionally strong British and American presence. The Faroe Islands is a Danish autonomy that is under the responsibility of the Atlantic bloc. Denmark itself has been a NATO member since the founding of the alliance on April 4, 1949.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 20 May 2022 08: 53
    Russia should begin the global expansion of canned fish products. How many fish go to the side in the Far East? How much is missing? Having its own fish and its own vegetable oil, Russia can start producing canned fish for the whole world and squeeze out other manufacturers with this. Moreover, the UN frightens everyone with hunger. Asian and African countries are waiting for fish products from Russia. Yes, and the former republics of the USSR will buy with pleasure. We have our own equipment, there is money in the treasury - why are there not enough factories? Who hinders the development of the fishing industry in Russia? Maybe elements of the State Planning Committee are needed? It's time to restore the economy.
    1. (surname name) 20 May 2022 13: 50
      In our country, fish is already more expensive than meat, due to the fact that all the fish goes abroad, so you also want to send canned food there ?!
    2. Amper Offline Amper
      Amper (Vlad) 20 May 2022 19: 25
      The fish rots from the head, and this interferes with everything.
    3. Polente the Wanderer 20 May 2022 21: 09
      Russia should begin the global expansion of canned fish products.

      Only when prices drop in the domestic market...
  2. Why do Paddy stinkers need a fish? Let them eat potatoes!
  3. (surname name) 20 May 2022 14: 17
    Quote: Bulanov
    Asian and African countries are waiting for fish products from Russia.

    Russians are also waiting for affordable fish products from Russia! Why does the state care more about profit than the health of the population of its country?! The norm of consumption of fish products in Russia laid down on medical recommendations is TWO TIMES less than the real one and the reason is the high cost of fish and its poor quality.
  4. ZZZhuruk Offline ZZZhuruk
    ZZZhuruk (Irina Zhuruk) 23 May 2022 14: 04
    "Ban Russia"?! They took it really well. As in the joke about Pinocchio: "but you don't want a piece of wood ..."?