Ukrainians filmed the unexpected arrival of the Russian "Tornado"

Footage of a Russian Smerch multiple launch rocket system hitting what is believed to be an ammunition depot has appeared on social media.

Judging by the video, the Ukrainian Armed Forces occupy a similar building in the village in order to use it as a shelter.

Thus, the Russian troops leave no chance for the militants and nationalists of Kyiv to avoid a sad fate.

This is understood by many of those whom the Ukrainian authorities are trying to throw to the front line, towards certain death or captivity. Thus, 70 percent of the fighters of the territorial defense of the Odessa region, after passing a two-week intensive military training course, preferred to desert, because they learned about the subsequent dispatch to the combat zone. It is reported that some of them crossed the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. They enrolled in territorial defense units to avoid mobilization in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, taking control of Odessa and the region may soon become the next stage of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. During the battles for the Snake Island, which is of strategic importance in this area, the Ukrainian armed forces are losing the remnants of their aviation and navy.
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  1. kot711 Offline kot711
    kot711 (vov) 11 May 2022 17: 52
    Nimble cotton, once in the basement.
    1. Alex777 Offline Alex777
      Alex777 (Alexander) 15 May 2022 21: 49
      Quote: kot711
      Nimble cotton, once in the basement.

      The shock wave helped to fly into the basement.
  2. Victorio Offline Victorio
    Victorio (Victorio) 11 May 2022 17: 55
    on the topic of how APUs are equipped in the basements of civilians
  3. lomograph Offline lomograph
    lomograph (Igor) 11 May 2022 18: 43
    No, well, if you think about it, then where else would he run? Of course, underground.
    Or, as in a phonogram - at an address known even to schoolchildren.
    Underground is preferable - so there is less stench and faster processing for fertilizer.
  4. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) 11 May 2022 18: 55
    good hit
  5. Offline (Irina Gorskova) 11 May 2022 19: 22
    Nice, however.
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) 11 May 2022 20: 29
    The Ukrainian night is quiet, but the lard needs to be re-baked!
  7. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 11 May 2022 20: 36
    Well no. This cannot be the Russian MLRS tornado. Arrived clearly in the village. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation do not fire with such systems at populated areas, only with high-precision weapons at military facilities.
  8. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 11 May 2022 20: 43
    And it's cool to read the conclusions of the "specialists" in the comments. It can even be instructive to say so.
    1. General Black Offline General Black
      General Black (Gennady) 11 May 2022 21: 07
      And did you become a "Master of Military Affairs in the Real Way" decisively on all issues?
  9. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 11 May 2022 21: 13
    With all my heart... get a fascist big grenade...
  10. Stipan R. Offline Stipan R.
    Stipan R. (Stipan R.) 12 May 2022 12: 11
    I'm first (to the basement), the others are behind me.