It's time to "cancel" European and American goods in Russia

On May 5, it became known that the US Treasury has excluded transactions related to patent and copyright, as well as other forms of intellectual property protection in Russia and the United States, from sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation.

Allows transactions related to patents, trademarks, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property protection in the United States and the Russian Federation that would be prohibited by (...) Russia's harmful foreign activity sanctions provisions

- noted in the widespread general license of the American department.

And if someone thought that the United States took this step in order to make a goodwill gesture and reduce sanctions pressure on Russia, then he is deeply mistaken. The main purpose of copyright deauthorization is to ensure that US companies continue to receive royalties from Russia for software, media content (songs, books, and films), and a number of other of technologiesused by Russian enterprises under license. Sanctions are sanctions, but you want Russian money. For example, according to the results of the pre-Covid 2019, the Russian Federation took first place in the European film market in terms of the number of tickets sold, ahead of France, Great Britain and Germany following behind. Obviously, for Hollywood to lose the largest market for its products in Europe would be simply stupid. However, for us to pretend that nothing is happening is also not the best strategy.

Cancellation of copyrights and licenses

The ideal way out in this situation is to recognize at the legislative level all copyrights and licenses owned by individuals and legal entities - residents of unfriendly countries, invalid on the territory of Russia. It would be logical to start with the least sensitive industry - the entertainment industry. Namely, to annul the rights of the enemies of our country to their cinema, music and literature. Thus, songs and books will become available almost instantly, starting from the moment they are released in the West, and will be able to be distributed through official sales channels in the Russian Federation without any agreements with anti-Russian copyright holders. With films, of course, you will have to wait a bit, because licensed copies (online and on physical media) come out later than the theatrical premiere. From several weeks - in the case of ordinary tapes, up to several months - in the case of high-budget blockbusters. However, given that the timing of showing Western new products has often been seriously shifted for the Russian market, this is unlikely to be a problem. Yes, the picture quality could get a little worse given that the theatrical distribution and the small screen digital versions of films are different, but it's unlikely to affect the audience much given the lack of an alternative. At the same time, it is important to remember that in the case of cinema, large Western (read: Hollywood) studios independently decided to cancel the screening of new products in our country. In addition, streaming services did the same. And because of this, for a second, the Russian economy. Cinemas began to miss a significant part of the revenue, and dubbing studios, as expected, began to massively lose orders and close.

Leaving such behavior on the part of foreign film companies with impunity is simply irrational. It is necessary to deal with the West at least the same as he did with us. However, the abolition of royalties is only one part of the equation, the goal of which is to stop paying the West. We must stop being a place where Western enterprises can earn money while frankly spitting on our state and population.

European and American goods it's time to "cancel"

Western imports should be literally "cancelled" at the level of consumer choice. Not the whole culture completely, unlike the “civilized” USA and Europe, we will not sink to this level, but goods and services are for sure. It is also vital to cancel European and American products because the profits made from their sale literally help to kill us. By buying American, British and European goods, we are de facto sponsoring the death of our own citizens - Russian soldiers who, sacrificing themselves, are fighting Nazism on the territory of Ukraine within the framework of the SVO. After all, having earned money in the Russian Federation, Western companies then pay taxes at home, from which the production of lethal weapons supplied to Ukrainian neo-Nazis will be directly financed. And buying a luxury car produced in the EU today is like buying something from Nazi Germany during the Great Patriotic War. Here is such a disgusting scheme looms. And it must be destroyed as soon as possible.

Of course, there are exceptions to all the rules and it is impossible to treat all countries imposing anti-Russian sanctions with the same brush. Hungary, for example, not only does not supply any weapons to Ukraine, but also categorically prohibits the delivery of foreign weapons through its territory. Austria also banned the shipment of weapons to the Kyiv regime. And Switzerland, according to Reuters, at the end of April rejected the request of the German authorities to re-export ammunition to Ukraine. In March, she reportedly turned down a similar request from the Polish authorities. It is clear that official Bern nevertheless gave up his vaunted neutrality by joining the anti-Russian sanctions. But at least he, like Vienna and Budapest, does not supply weapons to the Ukrainian regime, and this must be taken into account.

In general, policy the West is clear. He wants to impose sanctions on us, and then, like the United States, make exceptions from them in order to earn money on us. And ordinary Russians can vote against such cynicism in only one way - with the ruble. Yes, thereby the ruble, which has been getting stronger and stronger lately. If there is an equivalent alternative, then all Western goods can and should be abandoned. What we can, we will produce ourselves, as happened with agricultural products after the counter-sanctions of 2014. And what doesn’t work out right away - you can always buy in any of the friendly countries, since there are three times more of them than unfriendly ones.
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  1. Professor Offline Professor
    Professor (Paul) 6 May 2022 12: 35
    “Ordinary Russians can vote against such cynicism in only one way - with the ruble. Yes, thereby the ruble, which has been getting stronger and stronger lately.”

    I understand all the patriotism and philosophical wisdom of the author of the topic, but it is not the ruble that is strengthening, but the dollar is weakening.
    The strengthening of the ruble can be tracked in the only way: a stable and long-term decline in prices for everything (I emphasize - FOR ALL!) products. And this has not yet been observed.
    The fact that green cut paper is losing value does not mean that the ruble is strengthening.
    1. weddu Offline weddu
      weddu (Kolya) 6 May 2022 13: 04
      The Russian ruble is once again the world's most undervalued currency in the "Big Mac Index" invented by The Economist in 1986, an indicator of whether currencies are at the "correct" level.
      According to new data, the rate of the Russian national currency should be about 23 rubles per US dollar. The Big Mac Index is compiled twice a year based on the analysis of purchasing power parity of currencies, based on the cost of a McDonald's burger.
    2. YES UZH Offline YES UZH
      YES UZH (YES) 6 May 2022 21: 42
      Well, I don’t quite agree, some of which have become a little cheaper, we’ll see.
  2. weddu Offline weddu
    weddu (Kolya) 6 May 2022 13: 15
    The abolition of blocking torrents and pirated content would be a significant help at the present time.
    Prohibitions of bans are different, everything can be brought to the point of absurdity, just give the “prohibitors” and “censors” freedom ... Everyone remembers how the bans ended in the USSR.
    1. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 6 May 2022 14: 42
      Quote: weddu
      The abolition of blocking torrents and pirated content would be a significant help at the present time.

      So, they imposed sanctions - it’s not good to roll back. Russia is not satisfied, their cancellation is only here. Either everything or nothing. Especially their Internet "indulgences". The vile spies howled that they had been robbed of all their "raspberries". No information to convey, no misinformation to shove.
      1. weddu Offline weddu
        weddu (Kolya) 6 May 2022 22: 12
        +1 I just typed in the search engine: "TORENT TRACKER", and went in! .. I went in! the previously blocked Rutracker resource... And whoever howled where and from what, we don’t give a damn to consumers... Let them burn in a fiery hyena... And if you use Windows systems, they watch and listen , like what, constipation, or passed, you, a respected consumer, even the copyright blocking was canceled ...
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 6 May 2022 14: 16
    It's time to "cancel" European and American goods in Russia

    No state entity in the world can produce everything, because there is a division of labor and international rules for trade.
    Western sanctions against the Russian Federation became a flagrant violation of these rules, and this frees the Russian Federation from any observance of the adopted rules, agreements, obligations, etc., as was the case after the Great October Socialist Revolution.
    1. InanRom Offline InanRom
      InanRom (Ivan) 6 May 2022 20: 17
      The trouble is that the NWO is not the October Revolution, the Russian Federation is not the USSR, but bureaucratic "efforts" to fight the enemy are enough only for avatars:

      The governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov changed the profile picture in his telegram channel by adding a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The territory of the region has been shelled more often than other border regions in recent days.

      Only arrivals are more and more in villages and houses, and not residences.
      He began his career in 1997. He worked as an economist in a construction trust for 3 years, then "transferred to the civil service." And further - the nomenclature - deputy, beginning, beginning, deputy. etc. Since 2008, he joined the United Russia party. He is a graduate of the third stream of the Training Program for the Personnel Management Reserve of the Public Service, the so-called "School of Governors". He had nothing to do with the army.

      After his appointment, Vyacheslav Gladkov said that “so far he has arrived alone” and “there is no need to wait for a personnel revolution”, calling the fight against coronavirus, increasing the income of Belgorod residents and the implementation of national projects the priority tasks

      The coronavirus has quietly faded away, the incomes of Belgorod residents, like the majority of the Russian population, are falling, and everything has long been said about the implementation of "national projects".
      I would take a real machine gun and go to Izyum or Kharkov. And then, it looks like Lyusenka-Arestovich, that one is a selfie "as if at the front", this avatar, "as if in a network" ..
  4. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 6 May 2022 20: 20
    Everything is logical. But there are agents of influence, convenient and other provocateurs who will look for a reason and a point of view in favor of the other side. Well, of course, there will be those who will say that we need to be better, cleaner, wiser, more civilized ... in short, it’s like with the proposal to revive SMERSH - there are untouchable goals ....
  5. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 6 May 2022 22: 58
    Ironically, but oil (the lion's share of the currency coming to Russia) has hardly risen in price, and Western buses have risen in price for importing carriers by a factor of two. Not to mention the prices for the end consumer in Russia. If the government does not wake up, then this will continue further, which means that for the West the war will become - mother is dear. And it will last indefinitely. Gas is also sold at huge discounts.

    After the introduction of sanctions on oil and gas, Europe will remain confident that it will continue to receive minerals from "national treasures", only the discounts will become many times larger. And the prices for their exports will jump even more ...

    What are we? Are we digging our own grave with our own menechers? Ay!!!
  6. Yuri 5347 Offline Yuri 5347
    Yuri 5347 (Yuri) 7 May 2022 18: 27
    ... we are waiting for an official reaction, decisions of our cautious government.
  7. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 8 May 2022 11: 26
    So the Americans did not bomb those enterprises in Germany that were considered private property. Russia has become the country that is for private property, but not for the people.