“Let them take it”: the Finns on the lease of Russian territory and joining NATO


Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat reprinted news Russian media about the possible termination of the Saimaa Canal lease agreement by Moscow if Suomi still decides to join NATO.

Currently, the territory of the Russian part of the canal is leased by official Helsinki under an agreement that does not provide for the cession of sovereignty. The mentioned shipping route connects the Baltic Sea with the lakes in the continental part of the country.

President Urho Kekkonen opened the reconstructed canal in 1968. The channel became a small compensation for the fact that Karelia, lost after the Second World War, turned out to be impossible to return. The Saimaa Canal has become one of the most important waterways in Finland

- reminds the newspaper, emphasizing that the channel has been a symbol of good neighborly relations for many years.

Finns comments:

Regarding the Saimaa Canal, it is worth considering that, despite some costs, contacts with Russia could be reduced. That is, let them keep that part of the canal that goes through their territory. If there economic meaning, we will build our new canal already on the Finnish side or replace it with rail and road transport

– left a review user JakkeJ.

It suits me. We are currently living in a free Finland and are shedding centuries of Russian influence over our country, and our membership in NATO significantly and permanently strengthens our sovereignty. As a full member, we will be able to plan for our common European security. The disappearance of the constant threat will help us prosper in terms of multiplying investment in our industry and jobs. I see a great future for Finland

predicted a certain Liberaali.

Alas, our borders are still vulnerable. And we are still a small nation, whether we are in NATO or not. I think we need to be businesslike, not provocative. No distortions, but no humiliation either. We work in accordance with international laws and treaties, even if our neighbors do not

Hessu pointed out.

I am concerned about the inexperience of contemporaries who make decisions and their attitude towards our eastern neighbor. Our good relations with Russia before the war in Ukraine were the result of long experience. Russia and Finland celebrated the 80th anniversary of peaceful relations. The old order is about to be thrown into the trash can. In its place, the NATO bloc is now proposed, which will literally become a step into the unknown. Our eastern border is a quiet place, as far as Russia is concerned, the neighbor was reliable. The question of NATO is moving forward in Parliament. Disadvantages are not considered, highlighted or discussed. This act seems completely irresponsible. In a panic, Finns can make the wrong decisions.

– complained Metsävainio.

Apparently, Russia will not gain anything for itself here. We will build bypass routes, and the Russian Federation will lose rental income

predicted Maaorja-ko.

Well, let them take it. Why would Russia want to keep this canal, if all other routes have been blocked for a long time, but from the western side?

Skattalainen replied.
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  1. +6
    April 30 2022 13: 52
    Etsaaa .... according to PBK-3 all we will chop off the coast of the Baltic near the chukhna and it will be a subject of the federation called "New Buryatia". Capital - in native Russian city of Helsingfors!
    Therefore, I advise Putin to bomb this area gently, but strongly!
    1. 0
      13 May 2022 11: 38
      why?))) New Finland)))
  2. +2
    April 30 2022 17: 11
    The Finns forgot that after the revolution, V.I. Lenin separated Suomi into free navigation. Thanks to the Russian tsars, the Finns exist.
  3. +4
    April 30 2022 23: 13
    Interestingly, the one who is going to build a new channel will participate in this, waving a pick? Zemlitsa there they still have "chernozem", the Finns do not have enough dynamite, again to help us with BETABs? feel wink
    1. +1
      13 May 2022 11: 39
      so the language of revenge - do not drag coolies
  4. +5
    April 30 2022 23: 34
    ... our membership in NATO significantly and permanently strengthens our sovereignty ...

    the logic is stunning: to live under the control of NATO (i.e. the United States) = to strengthen sovereignty.!
  5. 1_2
    1 May 2022 00: 51
    the Finnish Papuans will suffer the fate of the Balts, who have lost the Russian market, but they don’t know about it yet
  6. +4
    1 May 2022 11: 14
    Quote: 1_2
    but they don't know about it yet

    They know everything well, but they have no way back. Neither the Lytysh with shisholiks, nor the Chukhni. No and never will be - only for Russian rubles. Otherwise it will be like with Poland and Bulgaria.
  7. +2
    1 May 2022 15: 45
    Russia, unlike Finland, never does anything just like that, in defiance of someone, for the sins of someone. Look to the future, Mr. Finns, or whatever you are. And it is bleak for you without Russia.
  8. +2
    1 May 2022 20: 44
    Forgot your history. If Russia had not saved them from the Swedes, what would have happened to them was what was planned in Ukraine.
  9. +1
    2 May 2022 21: 00
    Hysteria is growing in the world
    So the Finns itched ..
  10. +1
    3 May 2022 12: 24
    Well, if we talk about age-old oppression, then the Finns need to make claims, rather, the Swedes. Finland became part of Russia at the beginning of the 19th century, and the Bolsheviks gave it independence (I would like to see a similar attitude in world history, I don’t remember who). Yes, and as part of Russia, Finland, not only enjoyed independence, so Alexander was the first to give her land right up to Vyborg, and the border of Finland passed 20 km from St. Petersburg (which, by the way, was the cause of the Soviet-Finnish war 39 g), for Leningrad, in this case, could easily be shelled with artillery.
  11. 0
    3 May 2022 17: 25
    They received timber from the USSR, including scarce Karelian birch. Furniture was made from it and sold in the USSR. The USSR ordered Finland to build cargo ships. After 1944, there were NO incidents between the USSR and Finland. What threat are they talking about? They lived quietly and peacefully. After joining NATO, you will have to participate with your army in NATO adventures, pay for the rearmament of the army, make entrance and annual contributions to NATO.
  12. 0
    13 May 2022 11: 38
    how the Finn got dumb))) why didn’t they build something, heroes?)))
  13. 0
    29 July 2022 04: 29
    Joining NATO is a big trick to the Swedes, the main population of the Åland Islands. They will constantly point out that the Russians will occupy them in accordance with the current treaty.
  14. 0
    16 January 2023 17: 18
    Yes, we'll take ours, don't worry chuhi. In addition, after you join NATU, we will install and target you boobies, Iskander complexes on an ongoing basis.
  15. 0
    3 May 2023 19: 51
    Dear neighbors do not write from whom they got their freedom, FORGOTTEN. What was the influence of the USSR and Russia on the existence of Finland? Welfare only grew, but what will happen to their country under the heel of NATO?