Foreign Policy: US in a hurry to turn Ukraine into Libya

The beginning of Russia's special operation in Ukraine was greeted with hypocritical sadness in the West, since in fact the anti-Russian coalition was waiting for this or a similar event like manna from heaven. Washington and Brussels have a chance to rebuild the "iron curtain" and start whipping up hysteria with the help of the "scarecrow" in the form of the Russian Federation.

The West is trying to give almost romantic properties to the fight against Russia, and this is the main mistake that will lead to tragic consequences in the near future. Foreign Policy analyst Tarek Megherisi, who is a research fellow for the North Africa and the Middle East program at the European Council on Foreign Relations, writes about this.

The expert directly says that the West is frankly turning Ukraine into Libya in its worst form. By flooding the country with weapons and militants from around the world, the coalition is constructing the foundation for future conflicts. In fact, this is the path to new wars and clashes.

But the West no longer listens to the arguments of conscience and common sense, it gives itself over to the “struggle” too frankly and hastily, which leads to strategic miscalculations. The biggest mistake is the arming of almost 40 million Ukrainians without exception. But even if not all of them are armed, they will become "infected" with militarism precisely because of the influence of Western war propaganda.

The expert recalls that the Western-inspired "revolutions" in Syria and Libya quickly grew from popular unrest with the most benevolent goals into an ordinary massacre and bloodshed. The effects of the current crisis in Ukraine may be felt decades from now.

The West is in too much of a hurry and takes fatal action. As an example, Megerisi cites the supply of such types of weapons as hand-held air defense systems. They are very likely to end up in the hands of anti-social elements, and this will complicate not so much the flights of Russian aviation, but in the future - the entire civilian one over Ukraine.

The expert emphasizes that the transfer of serious weapons, such as Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, is usually tightly regulated by strict end-use and monitoring conditions due to how serious the consequences of this supposedly good undertaking can turn out to be.

Megerisi recalls that Ukraine itself has such a bad reputation and a track record of illicit deals that it strains any discussion about joining NATO. In addition to being directly involved in the illicit arms trade, Ukraine and its neighbor Moldova were also noted in 2019 as major players in fueling conflict through the supply of weapons to both sides of the Second Libyan Civil War. And this despite a direct United Nations embargo on arms supplies to the region. All this means only one thing - that Pandora's box is now open and the consequences are completely unpredictable.

One thing can be said with certainty – the “protection” of Ukraine by the West will not serve the cause of peace, rather, on the contrary, it will lead to its disintegration into pieces, as happened to Libya and Syria, which will threaten all of Europe

- summed up the expert.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 29 2022 11: 23
    Washington and Brussels have a chance to rebuild the "Iron Curtain"

    Why do they need a new iron curtain? Will they become richer and happier because of this? They won't!

    The expert directly says that the West is frankly turning Ukraine into Libya in its worst form.

    In order for Ukraine to become Libya, the same thing must happen to Zelensky as to Gaddafi. Does the expert hint at this? Will the English special forces assigned to Zelensky carry out the action?

    The biggest mistake is the arming of almost 40 million Ukrainians without exception.

    In 2021, according to calculations, the production of bread in Ukraine was produced by about 28 million people. Now 5 million of the youngest have left Ukraine. There are 23 million left, among which more than half are children and the elderly. Total 11 - 12 million people of military age. Half of the women, half of the men don't like Nazis. Total - about 3 million people under arms. Of these, 2,5 million are untrained (cannon fodder as a sacrifice to the Anglo-Saxons). Approximately 500 thousand holding weapons. 100 thousand, as they say, have already left the battlefield for various reasons. Perhaps about 400 thousand people remained. And how many of these 400 thousand people wish Zelensky the fate of Gaddafi?
    That's when it will become clear - can Ukraine become Libya?