"Gazprom" cut off the first two European countries from gas supplies

The Russian Gazprom finally stops supplying gas to the EU free of charge (conditionally in "debt") and thereby prevents attempts to carry out fraud against the background of the requirement to pay for gas in rubles. As far as it was possible, the Russian side simplified this process as much as possible, made it unified and, meeting the needs of Western clients, provided for a two-stage payment procedure. However, not all countries adequately accepted the message and goodwill of Russia. Now they will "pay" for the lack of wisdom figuratively.

As you know, on April 26, Gazprom sent letters to Eastern European customers in Poland and Bulgaria with a notification that the very next day fuel supplies to these countries would cease completely due to refusal to pay in rubles. The governments of these states tried to exploit the theme of the “impossibility” of using the scheme proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and refused to make payments in the Russian national currency.

In case of unauthorized withdrawal of Russian gas from transit volumes to third countries, supplies for transit will be reduced by this volume

Gazprom said in a statement.

The Polish concern PGNiG and the Bulgarian operator Bulgargaz have already confirmed receipt of notifications from Gazprom Export. Of course, such an instant decision and the determination of "Gazprom" horrified the representatives of the energy sector in Eastern Europe. Although a few days ago, these companies pompously declared that they were not going to obey the Kremlin, since its demands for payment in rubles allegedly do not comply with bilateral agreements.

Today, arrogance has diminished, and even Poland, eager to break gas contracts with the Russian Federation, trying not to depend on fuel from Russia, begged for mercy and asked not to stop the supply of hated raw materials from April 27 under the Yamal contract. Well, the "dreams" of Warsaw and the PGNiG holding come true - they are carried out by the Russian "Gazprom". On top of that, gas exchange quotes again crept up and significantly increased in price against the backdrop of Russia's refusal to supply raw materials to some unscrupulous and unfriendly countries.

Against the backdrop of the European Commission’s permission to use the scheme proposed by Moscow, Warsaw’s and Sofia’s harsh refusal to pay for raw materials in rubles looks like a politically motivated and fraudulent decision, a demarche aimed at trying to get gas for free, taking advantage of the reliability and predictable kindness of the Russian gas monopolist. However, Gazprom itself does not agree with such a formulation of the issue and prevents losses for its own and state budget.

So far, the exemplary punishment has been handed down for two countries, it will serve as a hint to the rest of the company's European clients, demonstrate the consequences of stubborn behavior and prevent any attempts to deceive Russia. Poland and Bulgaria were the first to suffer. Further, most likely, time will be given to other clients to think a little.
  • Used photographs: JSC "Gazprom"
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  1. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) April 27 2022 09: 32
    Good but not enough. Two countries..
    1. Pivander Offline Pivander
      Pivander (Alex) April 27 2022 12: 11
      Two territories, to be precise.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 27 2022 18: 51
    1. The EU does not consider it a violation of the contract to pay through a special account in an authorized Russian bank - they pay in dollars to an authorized bank, which converts them into rubles and credits them to a special account from which payment is made to Gazprom
    2. The complete refusal of Poland from gas supplies leads to an increase in the reverse - Germans buy under long-term contracts, and in the reverse they supply Poland under market contracts. He puts the difference in his pocket - nothing personal, just business.
    3. The demarche is purely political in the hope of economic compensation from the customer
  3. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 29 2022 02: 57
    When there is a lull on the front, attention turns to the economy.

    Fewer people in the West will care about the hysterical, arrogant, corrupt Ukrainian regime. Moreover, the more the truth about him leaks out, the more the hatred of the Europeans towards the Ukrainian regime will grow. By the way, in the West, not all suicides are ready to send the economy of their country to the dump for the sake of .. for the sake of what at all? Containment of Russia? Some smaller publications are already launching trial balloons.

    Now the EU is facing such a crisis that no fake Bucha will outshout the fears and bewilderment of the people of Europe. It’s better not to even think about what’s going on in the USA ... one hope is that people in the Pentagon are sober. Musk also seems to be messing with Twitter.

    And in Ukraine .. there everything will be decided by itself, perhaps. Time goes by, people need results. No one in Ukraine really needs a long, protracted war for the sake of the territories that themselves sent Ukraine far and forever.

    It will be possible soon, if not already, to support the state "Ukraine", to pay salaries, social benefits, to support statehood itself exclusively with Western money. Despite the fact that everyone understands perfectly well who they give ... therefore, only loans and only just enough so that everything does not collapse abruptly. Perhaps in a month, another, the moment will come when some regions of Ukraine will themselves try to return to Russia. The desire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fight for the Donbass against the inhabitants of Donbass will fall as the Nazis decrease. Faith in victory, faith in the weapon of the West, which is now fed to Ukrainians, will also become a veil of morgana. What to eat, where to get money, what to do next - these are the questions that will soon concern everyone. Fuck it all started. Russia gives answers to this in the Kherson region.