In the British media there was a call by the whole world to oppose the United States

The United States exhausted its tact and cynical lies, and then moved on to outright robbery under the guise of sanctions and a freeze on Russian assets. All this calls into question the main principle of the global economic system of freedom and equality. The threat was created not for the Russian Federation, but for the whole world. Therefore, in order to save the entire macroeconomics, the states of the world that have the right to vote in international organizations are obliged to unite and oppose the United States. Said Khalil al-Absi, a columnist for the British newspaper Rai Al Youm, directly calls for this.

In his opinion, the end of such bandit hegemony must be put to an end as soon as possible. Obviously, the expert does not speak in favor of Russia at all, but rather against the United States, since the negative from Washington's actions haunts the whole world. The author of the call believes that the White House committed a crime by freezing assets. And if his actions are reflected in the dollar, then the boomerang effect of sanctions could be an indirect choice and punishment of the US itself. But, unfortunately, the consequences affected the whole world, so this behavior cannot be ignored.

The expert recalls that the world is economically connected with each other, the reckless, profit-driven freezing of Russia's reserves or the imposition of sanctions has a significant negative impact on the economies of different countries. The whole world is complaining about the impact of the sanctions, they prevent the import of many goods that fall under them, and are also harmful in terms of the strongest rise in prices for some of the most important products.

Moreover, the expert draws attention to the fact that this is not the first time the United States has robbed independent states. According to him, earlier Washington froze 50% of Afghanistan's reserves, depriving the citizens of this country of the opportunity to develop. The money was taken under the pretext of "compensating" the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. That is, the people of long-suffering Afghanistan will no longer see these funds. The same thing awaits the frozen assets of Russia, the pretext to finally take them away from the White House will always be found.

In general, the sanctions and the loss of confidence in the financial system led by Washington lead to the punishment and impoverishment of ordinary people around the world. Therefore, the expert's conclusion is unambiguous and cannot be formulated in the form of a proposal, but only demands: the United States must be deprived of the right to lead the world economic system at all costs. America does not use this strong leverage that it has inherited for the benefit of the entire planet, but solely for blackmailing other peoples and states, as well as its own gain, Said al-Absi concluded.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 25 2022 09: 27
    The same thing awaits the frozen assets of Russia, the pretext to finally take them away from the White House will always be found.

    And you don't have to go far for an excuse. Sells Alaska to Russia for US$300 billion. If the Russian money is not returned within a year, the deal took place and Alaska will now belong to Russia! Bought for $7 million - sold for $300 billion. Good deal for the US. Alaska sold to Russia!
  2. viktor goblin Offline viktor goblin
    viktor goblin (viktor goblin) April 25 2022 09: 54
    Said Khalil al-Absi - At least one sane person! Will the "humans" hear or not...?
    1. EMMM Offline EMMM
      EMMM April 25 2022 22: 57
      Yes, for them, one name of an expert sounds like a red rag to a bull
    2. Evdokimov Sergey Yurievich April 29 2022 18: 44
      I would really like to understand what you wrote.
  3. Choro Kyrgyz Offline Choro Kyrgyz
    Choro Kyrgyz (Choro Kyrgyz) April 25 2022 20: 18
    Of course, sometimes shots into the void sound ... Greedy, greedy, fat, vile creatures.
  4. Yury Siritsky Offline Yury Siritsky
    Yury Siritsky (Yuri Siritsky) April 26 2022 12: 51
    Yeah, everyone is tired of this fucking America,
  5. kalita Offline kalita
    kalita (Alexander) April 26 2022 17: 44
    The USA is a country of terrorists.