Le Pen in case of victory promised a partial withdrawal of France from NATO and a "strategic rapprochement" with Russia

The right-wing Rally National candidate, Marine Le Pen, has advanced to the second round of the French presidential election on April 24. Her political opponent is the current owner of the Elysee Palace, Emmanuel Macron.

In the course of her election speeches, Le Pen has already announced that, if she wins, she will initiate France's withdrawal from the command structures of the North Atlantic Alliance and will not transfer the country's troops under the overall command of the European Union.

This is not about leaving NATO, but about leaving its common command structures

- the right-wing politician clarified during a conversation with the press.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that Le Pen also plans to withdraw France from a joint program to develop military aircraft with Germany and direct efforts towards updating the fleet of domestic Rafale fighters.

At the same time, the candidate for the highest state post does not plan his country's exit from the European Union.

This is not my goal... But at the same time, I want this European structure to evolve

– said Le Pen in an interview with reporters during a trip to the department of Yonne in the eastern part of the country.

In addition, Marine Le Pen promises to carry out a "strategic rapprochement" with Russia. At the same time, the candidate is not a supporter of the lifting of all anti-Russian sanctions.

I am not in favor of lifting sanctions. I oppose those sanctions that concern the energy sector, as I do not want the French to face negative consequences

- stressed Le Pen on air radio station France Inter.
  • Photos used: Global Panorama/flickr.com
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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) April 13 2022 18: 34
    Le Pen promises partial withdrawal of France from NATO in case of victory

    Even in the case of Le Pen will not win, well, if only in dreams. The dream is beautiful, not clear yet lol Capital chooses the president, not the people. Even the buzz of yellow vests is manageable, and begins when Macron does what is not necessary.
    Well, sooo interesting how Le Pen was going to partially withdraw from NATO? request Only for the sake of this it was possible to make her president to see it laughing
    1. shiva Offline shiva
      shiva (Ivan) April 13 2022 19: 23
      partly withdraw from NATO ...

      I recall a joke:
      The lion and the donkey fell into the same hole. Sitting for a day, boring for another. Well, let's at least take turns depicting a girl! The donkey fell first, the lion settled down, the donkey twitched his ears, twisted his ass, turned his head - the lion was in ecstasy. Now it's the lion's turn, the donkey is behind, working, and the lion is like a log! The donkey is resentfully left-handed, I twisted my ass and turned my head, and you, don’t you like it? Leo, strangled - donkey step back at least a step, I can’t even nod! ...
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 13 2022 18: 42
    In the context of the political and economic war against the Russian Federation, one must have great courage to make such statements.
    The one who expresses the interests of big capital will win. Behind the macron, not only and not so much the national capital, but at the decisive moment will be supported by international transnational associations under which the national big capital of France is located, and therefore LePen has no real chances of winning.
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) April 13 2022 20: 41
    Partial exit is like a little pregnant?
    Before the elections, you can promise anything, especially since they won't let you get elected anyway.
  4. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 14 2022 13: 14
    there are no fair elections in the West, all words about democracy are bullshit, world Zionism will appoint Macron again
  5. stitch Offline stitch
    stitch (Steven Seagal) April 16 2022 15: 59
    Le Pen won't win, so don't wait a week for a pipe dream. It's time to hit the infrastructure of Ukraine - bridges and power plants, gas and oil storage facilities. Including in Odessa, there, too, they are not waiting with flowers.