US loses key ally in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia is close to concluding an agreement with China on the supply of oil, payment for which will be in yuan. This, according to The Wall Street Journal, will be another indication of Washington's clumsy treatment of its important Middle Eastern allies.

Details of new oil trade agreements between Saudi Arabia and China remain murky. Riyadh and Beijing have long been considering a similar variant of cooperation. Meanwhile, as the American edition points out, 80% of the world's oil is sold for US dollars, the yuan is not a freely convertible reserve currency, and the Saudi rial is pegged to the US dollar.

One of the first U.S. strikes against Saudi interests was to cut off aid to the Saudis in their war against the Iranian-backed Yemeni Houthis. Washington also removed the status of terrorists from the latter. Washington then postponed a planned arms sale to Riyadh.

In addition, Saudi Arabia is pissed at the possibility of a new US-Iran nuclear deal that would give Tehran the means to fund proxy wars against Saudi Arabia until the Iranians get their own nuclear weapons.

At the same time, it is not easy for the Saudis to rely on American "partners" after the latter's flight from Afghanistan in August last year.

A possible agreement between Saudi Arabia and China could cause serious damage to the US currency. At the moment, the world championship of the dollar is preserved. But according to the WSJ, Washington must fend off any such challenges, especially from strategic rivals. In a new era of great power struggles, the US cannot afford to abandon allies that can keep authoritarian leaders from hurting American interests.
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  1. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 21 March 2022 12: 53
    Here, behind the shaft of events, this one remained completely unnoticed.
    The Syrian handshake diChtator, who, as everyone knows, must leave, seems to have decided to start with the emirates.

    Asked about Assad's visit to the UAE, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said Washington was "deeply disappointed and concerned about this apparent attempt to legitimize Bashar al-Assad, who remains responsible for... yes laughing )
    1. akropin Offline akropin
      akropin (Alexey) 21 March 2022 13: 04
      Here, somehow behind the shaft of events

      An ingenious operation by our foreign policy personnel has been carried out in recent years. It's just a crazy multi-move. We supported Venezuela under pressure, as a result, the United States passed by there. The UAE was warmly received in the Kremlin, as a result, the United States missed. Iran, apparently, after the Russian Federation demanded written guarantees from the United States not to interfere in trade with Iran, past the United States. Algeria, which we love to arm and train - past the USA. But with the United States, it is now a "civilized" world, which does not have a place to steal and sell something very quickly.
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 21 March 2022 13: 53
    The dollar is becoming an unreliable currency, which can be squeezed out by gopniks at any moment.
    1. Rusa Offline Rusa
      Rusa 21 March 2022 20: 59
      The dollar is becoming an unreliable currency...

      Yes it is. Especially when different states start to get rid of US securities and bonds. The blockade of foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of Russia will come out sideways to Washington and its accomplices.

  3. Fly(Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud) handsome-
    - Squinting out of political correctness...