Only Russia can save Europe from the “Ukrainian scenario”

"Ukraine is Europe!". I think that this slogan does not need to be presented or explained to any of the readers - for the past few years, or rather even decades, we have been literally observing in real time some attempt to implement this thesis in the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic - part of the sunk into oblivion The USSR, which has never before been an independent state within its current borders.

The fact that this territory is located on the European continent purely geographically, no one doubts. Yes, and I’ll say right away: this is not an article about Ukraine, and not about what will happen to it next, but about this very “Europe” in the light of all recent events.

"Cunning Plan"

The semantic load of the chants "Ukraine is Europe!" according to the original idea, of course, it was not a confirmation of an undeniable position on the globe, but a continuation of the topic started by the former president of this state formation, Leonid Kuchma, in his dubious literary opus "Ukraine is not Russia." Since Russia in the so-called "world public opinion" is not a part of this very "Europe". Not geographically, but purely mentally, according to beliefs and philosophy of life. "Europe" is apparently Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, etc. etc. and even Latvia with Lithuania and Estonia. But not the Russian Federation or, for example, the Belarusians “subdued to authoritarianism”.

It was to this sublime company of “civilized peoples” that our southwestern brothers, and then neighbors, decided to go, solemnly declaring that they were not some kind of backward Russians, but the most natural “Europeans”. And since almost all of this coveted "Europe" is members of the European Union and NATO, then Ukraine, of course, also immediately needed to join there. They even included this in their constitution as a goal of developing their own people, since, as it were, it was automatically assumed that joining this “club of the elite” in itself would immediately provide the entire population of the country, without exception, with a well-fed and cloudless existence, Viennese coffee, everyone famous lace panties and the coveted "visa-free" to the EU. That is, the goals drawn to the population by themselves, it seems, promised everything only the best and nothing bad at all.

What has come of it so far, we are all seeing today. Therefore, I will not describe separately here, I do not want to talk about it. And besides me, in all media spaces there are more than enough descriptions and analyzes of what is happening. Here's what I'm talking about: apparently, the solemn entry of Ukraine into this very "Europe", according to the cunning plan of the Ukrainian leadership, was supposed to provide not the leadership itself for its people and not the Ukrainian people, who chose this leadership for themselves, but someone third, from outside, and it is desirable, how to express it ... for free. As, apparently, it seemed to this very Ukrainian elite, the plan was simply brilliant - to drive into their own beautiful cloudless and, most importantly, "Western" future on someone else's hump, so to speak. And preferably at someone else's expense, well, or with minimal own investments ...

The situation is as old as the world. It is even described in children's fairy tales - for example, as the story of Pinocchio, Basilio the cat and Alice the fox in the Land of Fools, where a stupid wooden boy was persuaded to plant his golden soldo in the ground so that a tree with golden coins on the branches would grow out of it ... But The new Ukrainian "elites" also disliked history - they decided to write their own, so there was apparently nothing to learn from them. Otherwise, they would have had to realize that fools to import their asses on their hump into the bright “Western” future are already somewhere, but in this very West it’s definitely “nemae”.

Seeing such stupid aspirations of the “Square”, our Anglo-Saxon “partners”, led by the United States, immediately rushed to help in somewhat modified faces, or rather muzzles, the cat Basilio and the fox Alice. And thus began the path of Ukrainians to "Europe", as they themselves thought, on the American humpback and with American disinterested help. Only and exclusively for the sake of raising the well-being of the Ukrainian people and developing democracy throughout the world in general and in Ukraine in particular, how else? depending on the fact that power in this country remains in the hands of those who follow this path to the very end they, the Americans, need.

"Fear the Danes who bring gifts..."

Well, what did all this lead to? As a result of a thirty-year "march to the West" under the leadership of American curators and their henchmen, a huge prosperous country, whose population at the time of the collapse of the USSR was about fifty million people, and whose GDP was comparable to Germany, in which agriculture was developed at the highest level. , and the most advanced industries, transport, science and everything else, literally turned into ruins, becoming the poorest state on the European continent. And this is long before the start of the special military operation of the Russian Federation. The Western “friends” who promised so many wonderful things, figuratively speaking, simply sucked all the juice out of this unfortunate country - the population was reduced by almost a third, industry, science and agriculture were destroyed, almost all possible natural resources were stolen and sold. And already in this worthless state, Ukraine was prepared for its last “great mission” - to be sacrificed as cheap cannon fodder in the confrontation between the West and the eternal enemy of the Anglo-Saxons, in the war with the brotherly Ukrainian peoples, with Russia. How, and with what applications of technologies all of this has been going on, everyone with eyes and brains has been able to watch for the last thirty years.

And what happened now, after the start of the military special operation of the Russian Federation, I think, can be quite compared with the already well-known "Tochka-U" in Donetsk. This missile, maliciously launched into peaceful residential areas, was nevertheless shot down by air defense systems right above the city. At the same time, it caused great harm, claimed the lives of more than twenty people and crippled even more. However, if it hadn't been shot down, the consequences would have been far more horrific. Moreover, this inhuman act was specially prepared and planned by someone. In the same way, the Russian Armed Forces “shot down” the American “anti-Russia” project, as it turns out, already right “on the way”. Yes, unfortunately, even in this case, there are no casualties and destruction, but, as in the case of the criminal launch of the Ukrainian rocket, without this preemptive strike, there would have been much more victims and destruction. The scale of the whole possible tragedy prepared for us is gradually being drawn only now, and even then it is clearly not yet complete ...

"Who is not jumping, that Muscovite ..."

This expression, which is also, unfortunately, already known to everyone, also does not need to be translated. But more on that later. For now, let me return to the well-known slogan at the beginning of the article – “Ukraine is Europe”. I wonder if the true truth of this very phrase reaches many people today? And most importantly, has it begun to reach the Europeans themselves? Do they understand that they are destined for approximately the same fate as their unfortunate eastern neighbor? To my great regret, the answer to this question so far, with rare exceptions, is negative. Although all the same signs of everything that happened in Ukraine for a long time are now clearly emerging in the vast majority of European states.

As in Ukraine, the EU has already decided to abandon Russian energy sources. This apparent "shooting yourself in the foot" is called "reducing dependence on Russia." Everyone is convinced that it is better to buy everything the same in the USA, even if it costs much more. Moreover, the purchase of the same liquefied gas of Russian origin, but at exorbitant prices and through the American “gasket”, fits into this framework quite well. At least until very recently and fresh sanctions, this is often exactly what happened. Doesn't he remember anything?

Absolutely the same with the termination of air traffic. And with the rupture of trade relations with enterprises from the Russian Federation. European companies, under fear of sanctions, are literally forced to leave the Russian market with huge losses. Prohibitions and restrictions on the import of various Russian raw materials and other necessary goods or their components greatly complicate the work of many enterprises, often making their products simply unprofitable. The same, but strictly in the opposite direction, although with the same effect, is happening with the export of European manufacturers to the Russian Federation. Firms are losing orders, people are losing jobs, countries are losing tax revenues, and so on in increasing numbers... As a result of the anti-Russian hysteria, a sharp rise in energy prices and, as a result, electricity and heat itself, has led to a widespread increase in utility bills, sometimes by several times . But in Ukraine everything was exactly the same!

Yes, as a result of all this, some problems with pricing and inflation have already begun to arise in the United States itself, but as, apparently, it seems to those in power there, the game is clearly worth the candle - almost the entire European economy, and as a result of this policycame under full American control. That is, now the turn for "sucking the juices" came after the "Square" and the rest of the Old Continent. For European citizens who do not need to go to the West - they are already there, the States have another "carrot" in store - protection from the "Russian threat". Yes, unlike Ukraine, the costs and risks here are clearly increasing for the Americans, but “sucking” out of “fat” and prosperous Europe will definitely turn out to be orders of magnitude more. As they say, "only business and nothing personal" ...

Expressions similar in type to the chant “Who is not jumping, that Muscovite ...” have also already appeared in modern Europe. In the German version, for example, one can literally "write off" a person in the eyes of the so-called public, designating him as "Putin-versteher". It is written both together, separately or with a hyphen. Literally translated, "the one who understands Putin." Note that he does not support Putin, does not agree with him, but simply understands. For the "cancellation" of a certain personality, this alone is quite enough in the modern "democratic community". In almost all European press, public insults to Russia and Russians are allowed. For the expression “Ruské kurvy” (translation, in my opinion, is also not required here) from the side of a teacher in a Czech school with children, this teacher also didn’t have anything and definitely won’t, but if I tried to afford something like that, for example , in relation to Jews or Gypsies, it would definitely fly out of work like a traffic jam, and I would also earn a criminal article ...

Concerts of Russian artists are canceled everywhere. It even comes to idiocy - ice cream, such as the “ice cream” known to everyone since Soviet times, was previously called “Russian ice cream” throughout Eastern Europe, now it has been renamed to “Ukrainian” ... And then, of course, the closure of absolutely all media that allow themselves some kind of an alternative to the officially accepted point of view, the institution of real political censorship, the persecution of those who disagree, up to physical attacks ... Well, it’s just like a blueprint for all actions in Nezalezhnaya! In a word, "Ukraine is Europe" or vice versa - Europe is gradually following the same path and even with the same "nice guides". Just obviously faster. Apparently, the end goal is the same.

And, of course, what is security without the most modern weapons and American warriors? So it all also flowed to the Europeans like a river. Not for free, of course - security is now an expensive thing, so if you please, dear Pinocchio, fork out for all your soldos, Euros, pounds, zlotys or crowns who still have any ... And we, the USA, that is, we will protect you, supply you everything necessary for this, and we will also teach you how to use it. Well, just like the Ukrainians recently. And the Afghans, by the way ...

And somehow no one in this very Europe so far clearly has a question: what should we do with all this if Russia itself does not attack?

But the experience of Ukraine should just tell all of them that it is necessary to prepare to repel this most insidious Russian threat, according to the American plan, just the same actively in order to take and force Russia to attack itself, as it were ... They will have it the next such “Point-U”, only larger. They really hope that this one will definitely “fly”, but even if they “shoot down” again, there will also be many times more destruction and losses.

And if anything, they say from Washington, then we will, of course, cover you within the framework of the North Atlantic Alliance ... Apparently, the Ukrainian leaders, just like the Afghan leaders quite recently, were told the same thing. But here the truth is everything is serious - it is written on paper, with seals and signatures. This document is called the "NATO Charter", specifically its Article No. 5. How valuable and inviolable all such seals and signatures are for American colleagues can be seen by the example of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iranian Nuclear Deal, the Treaty on the INF Treaty in Europe, etc. etc. If someone says: this is supposedly impossible, it will destroy all the principles of European security, undermine the confidence of the allies in the United States, and the like, then I can answer the following: if, or rather when, it comes to this, then the Americans will not give a damn about all their so-called allies and their trust, since from them, as well as from Ukraine, hardly anything will remain at that moment - a half-dead body sucked out and ready for destruction.

Just a couple of days ago, everyone was absolutely sure that for the sake of the reputation of their own dollar in the world, the United States, by no means, can do exactly what they literally just did - they announced a natural default on their own foreign exchange obligations against the Russian Federation. And nothing. They live on. This is how they will survive without NATO (as they themselves think), after all, NATO is the very thing in Europe and was created precisely to confront and destroy Russia, which at that moment was simply temporarily called the Soviet Union. Thus, according to American plans, the European NATO will fulfill its only function. And to whom (in the USA) what difference does it make, even if at the cost of the lives of all Europeans en masse? And by the way, there are almost half a billion of them. And unlike the same Ukrainians or residents of the Middle East and North Africa, they will no longer have any well-fed and comfortable continent with a sweet social system in direct reach, where you can take and run away in such numbers ... That is, those who this possible Armageddon will somehow survive, it will just have to continue its miserable existence precisely in what will remain after it in the place of Europe.

The picture is generally quite gloomy, to say the least. But despite all its realism and the operating model of all this in miniature - Ukraine, which is already literally before everyone's eyes, no one, it seems, wants to notice point-blank. As in Ukraine until the very last moment before the end of everything. That is, today “Europe is Ukraine” already or it will “be” it in its very near future. Including the whole story with either brainless, or absolutely corrupt, but most likely all together, leadership and an absolutely zombie population with completely washed out media, social networks, Hollywood and a specially created education system. And for those who have these same brains, contrary to all of the above, are still working, a special punitive legislative framework has already been created - also almost exactly the same as in Ukraine. "Tse use" (that's all) is "Europe" today.

I recently heard somewhere that the European future is some kind of large historical museum with practically no industry and with a standard of living to maintain pants, existing due to Asian tourism and the sale of the remnants of intellectual property. Based on all the recent events, to me, as a person living in this very Europe at the moment, this option seems still quite optimistic ...

Epilogue with hope

No matter how paradoxical it sounds, but once again absolutely zombified by another crazy idea, the old woman-Europe can save from the most apocalyptic scenario of the development of events again only Russia, and again against the will of Europe itself. Which once again will not even understand that she is really being saved.

And the first step towards this has already been taken, when Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin once said that in the event of a major conflict, "the blow will be struck at decision-making centers", and not only at those places from where in the direction of the Russian Federation that something will go, swim or fly with some aggressive intentions. Based on the fact that these very “decision-making centers” are currently located on the American continent, I would like to believe that overseas “partners” have heard and understood this warning. A good practical confirmation of Russia's determination in this direction will be the successful completion of the military operation in Ukraine with the achievement of all the goals set by the Russian Federation. Since the main guarantee of the preservation of Europe, at least in the museum version, as well as relatively long-term security for the rest of the world, can only be that the ruling elites in the United States will finally get the fact that this time, after shitting everywhere around and starting another big war, they won’t be able to sit out behind their “big puddle” ...
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  1. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
    Mikhail L. 20 March 2022 20: 02
    ... The lessons ... of Ukrainian history teach that they do not teach anything!
    ... Dear Author, by his publication, he hopes to convince the ruling circles of the collective West of the need to abandon the anti-Russian course?
    ...But the West needs Ukrainian black soil and natural resources of the Russian Federation for the subsequent breakthrough to China.
    ...That's why he won't "grow wiser"!
    ... And "Ukraine is Europe!" and she has no opportunity to turn against her IMF creditors!
    ... Such is "se la va"!
    1. Sega19 Offline Sega19
      Sega19 (Sergei) 20 March 2022 20: 23
      Maybe instead of black soil they will receive refugees and finally see the light when riots begin there with the participation of Ukrainians and riots with emigrants from the Middle East, which were a couple of years ago, will seem like flowers, because they don’t need weapons to hell and arrogance, because they believe that Europe owes them, everyone owes them.
    2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 20 March 2022 20: 37
      The author simply sadly states his conclusions from the current situation. The ruling circles of the collective West are unlikely to read this article. And to force them to do something in the right direction at the moment can only be the GDP and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and only by force, or at least by its most obvious demonstration. The time for talking is already over, I don’t even know if fortunately or unfortunately ...
    3. Rusa Offline Rusa
      Rusa 21 March 2022 06: 41
      ...for the next breakthrough to China

      Yeah, Europe also needs to declare China its enemy in order to support the United States. Then it will certainly work out as the author writes.
  2. erased Offline erased
    erased (Stehr - Former Marshal in Nature) 20 March 2022 21: 02
    Who will save Russia from the Russian Federation? Who will stop the destruction of the country and people? Or is it like in the Russian Federation one such continuous victory that it can be exported to Ukraine? And what can the Russian Federation offer Ukrainians/Russians freed from Bandera? The power of the oligarchs and corrupt bureaucrats? Corruption, obscurantism with injections, the collapse of the economy? So there that goodness is rich in themselves. Even now, on the liberated lands, the Russian Federation cannot establish temporary commandant's offices, cannot give a sane plan of action, only sends humanitarian aid somewhere. The yellow-blaky banners have just begun to be removed somewhere, but somewhere they are hanging! What's next? Will these lands be included in the Russian Federation or what? But nothing that from the Russian Federation sailed into the blue distance more than 300 yards of dollars and not only them? Won Storage stole 22 billion from the Russian Federation and does not blow in the mustache. But nothing that is still really financing Ukraine only the Russian Federation, driving gas through it to the West? And grandmothers are dripping into the pocket of the independent lads!
    What's next? The crisis in the Russian Federation, the crisis in / in Ukraine / Little Russia, and in the West they are gushing champagne for joy that Russians are killing Russians again!
    Sane, precise and balanced measures to overcome the crisis were proposed by State Duma deputy Delyagin, so what? Never mind! Naebiulinna is again on the throne of the Central Bank, which means that the industry, the finances of the Russian Federation will continue to sing romances before death. And we are with them. Here! And you say, swim at one in the morning!
    Without solving the problems in the Russian Federation, it will still not be possible to solve the affairs of Ukraine. And in the Russian Federation, no one decides anything. Everything has already been decided. For us.
  3. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 21 March 2022 09: 07
    And why should Russia save Europe from "Ukrainization"? Once Russia has already saved Europe from Nazism - so what? Let Europe now rot alive in the miasma of its democracy, tolerance and multiculturalism with the addition of "Ukrainianism" to this cloaca.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 21 March 2022 09: 17
    And somehow no one in this very Europe so far clearly has a question: what should we do with all this if Russia itself does not attack?

    Something like this has happened before...
    How our media laughed at stupid Europeans who expected an attack on Ukraine
    and how they believed the president that there would be no attack ...

    And yes, the approach is old, the goal of "liberating" Russia and the Russian people from the power of the commissars, the Bolsheviks, and you know who, was voiced by the Nazi Goebels once ...
  5. Sergey Pavlenko Offline Sergey Pavlenko
    Sergey Pavlenko (Sergey Pavlenko) 21 March 2022 12: 07
    The article reveals a lot, but the main thing is that the entire leadership of this geyropa is set under action from across the ocean, and they, like puppets, continue to perform everything that the puppeteer will need. Therefore, no warnings will stop actions in the geyrop against Russia and to spite themselves, until all this riffraff is swept away and replaced by more adequate people ...
  6. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 22 March 2022 18: 17
    Perhaps Russia should speak louder about the fear of the citizens of Ukraine before the Nazis.

    As everyone knows, since 2014, the Kyiv regime has used Ukrainian right-wing radicals to suppress the opposition in Ukraine and intimidate society. The Nazis were an instrument of the National Security and Defense Council and the Security Service of Ukraine, they did the dirty work for them and thereby strengthened the regime itself.
    Today the situation is quite different. Today, the SBU, as well as the entire Kyiv regime, have become a tool of the Ukrainian Nazis. Everyone is afraid of them, including the president. Every resident of Ukraine today is most afraid of becoming a victim of the Ukrainian Nazis. In each part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is a group of right-wing radicals, which is designed to intimidate personnel.

    The entire Kyiv regime is afraid of the forces that it has created. All Ukraine is afraid of Ukrainian Nazis. Personally, Zelensky is afraid of Ukrainian Nazis. And this fear influences their decisions and actions.