German economist named scenarios for the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions for Europe

Countermeasures announced by Russia in response to Western sanctions pressure could lead to sad consequences for economics Germany and other European countries. Prominent German economist Daniel Stelter spoke about this in an interview with Focus.

According to the expert, stagflation (growth in prices in conditions of stagnation) may begin in Germany, since Russian and Ukrainian agricultural products, important for the German economy, such as wheat, corn, barley and others, will no longer enter the country. Due to the Russian-led operation in Ukraine, local agricultural producers do not have time to sow the fields, which will lead to a drop in grain supplies in Europe and an increase in food prices.

Stocks of raw materials and foodstuffs could partially avoid such consequences, which, however, are not in Germany, since the country's authorities did not turn out to be as far-sighted as their counterparts in China.

Sanctions against Russia turned out to be stronger than I expected. Freezing credit for Russia was a smart move. However, little will change. Russia remains autonomous and still has revenue from oil and gas exports

- the expert says.

Stelter believes that the situation will worsen in the event of a boycott of Russian oil and gas on world markets. In this scenario, inflation will reach double digits, and the German economy will collapse due to heavy dependence on energy supplies from Russia.

Sanctions always hurt both sides - in the end, it's a matter of who lasts longer

- the analyst emphasized.

At the same time, against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions, the rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing is growing. More will come from China to Russia of technologies, in the opposite direction, the volume of sales of raw materials will increase. Meanwhile, complains Daniel Stelter, in due time it was necessary to do everything to bind Russia and Ukraine to Europe. Now this is no longer possible.
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  1. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 7 March 2022 10: 09
    The Russian Foreign Ministry reacted to the decision of Germany to supply weapons to Ukraine

    “We are deeply disappointed that the German government, in violation of its own national legislation and legal restrictions at the EU level, has departed from its previously balanced course on this issue, which was due, among other things, to considerations of historical responsibility on the part of the Federal Republic of Germany in relation to the peoples of the former USSR,” - he said.

    Remove these wretched dodik from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!!! We now need a Foreign Ministry with iron, steel, super-duper-steel eggs !!!!
    1. mister-red Offline mister-red
      mister-red 7 March 2022 16: 09
      Remove these wretched dodik from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!!! We now need a Foreign Ministry with iron, steel, super-duper-steel eggs !!!!

      The Foreign Ministry is diplomats, not the Moscow Region. Everyone speaks in their own way.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 7 March 2022 10: 17
    1. A possible decrease in feed production in the EU is easily compensated by Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, North America and a bunch of other state entities, and transport costs cannot greatly affect retail prices.

    2. The income of the Russian Federation from the export of petroleum products can be greatly reduced if the EU refuses to supply them, as they refused the second line of the northern stream, at least not completely, because all the fuss is about completely or partially replacing supplies from the Russian Federation with supplies from transnational corporations from the United States , Canada, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Middle East states, Australia. The possibility of “negotiating” with Iran and Venezuela is not ruled out. At the same time, one must be aware of the consequences of such a step by the EU for the Russian Federation - there is no single pipeline network, which means it is impossible to reorient EU supplies to the east. In addition, even if by some means it would be possible, then China and Japan would immediately take advantage of this and lower the price below the plinth. making these deliveries unprofitable for the Russian Federation.

    3. The PRC supports the Russian Federation just enough so as not to jeopardize its economy with similar sanctions. This is clearly demonstrated by the position “neither yours nor ours” on the issue of Ukraine and many others, because the trade turnover of the PRC with the US and the EU is dozens of times higher than 150 billion turnover with the Russian Federation. The Chinese are not fools to lose a rupee in pursuit of a penny, and not one. The only thing that can affect the PRC is the recognition of the independence of Taiwan by the USA and the EU or the deployment of foreign military bases in Taiwan, but this will not come to that because everyone understands the consequences.
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 7 March 2022 10: 27
    Decided to see what kind of expert. It doesn't look like a stupid dude. In 2013, he wrote the book Die Billionen-Schuldenbombe (The Billion Dollar Debt Bomb). This is from the book summary.

    The crisis was to come. For too long, politicians in the Western industrialized countries have assumed that all problems can be solved with more and more debt. Public, corporate and private debt has more than doubled since 1980, from 160 percent to over 320 percent of the gross national product. With the onset of the financial and economic crisis, this trend accelerated as governments, fearful of collapse, stepped in to provide support. This official debt is joined by the unfunded obligations of the future: pension payments and rising health care costs in an aging society. We all don't want to believe it, but debt can't always grow faster than income. The Western world is ruined, so a sober conclusion suggests itself.
    Politics and business do not want to put up with this bitter truth. Instead, an attempt is made to delay the inevitable by printing more and more money. But it won't work.

    Has passed 9 years.
  4. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 7 March 2022 11: 05
    The economic "kerdyk" to Europe is part of Washington's plan in the realities of modern geopolitics. The place of execution of the plan is Ukraine. A real ECONOMIC competitor for staff members will be removed from the table. Europeans = this is already a completely stupid “herd of consumers”, whose shepherds have US puppets in the person of “Makron” and other “Sholts” ...
  5. yo yo Offline yo yo
    yo yo (Vasya Vasin) 7 March 2022 11: 11
    There is Vanga's prediction about the collapse of the European Union and cold, empty Europe.
    1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
      Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 7 March 2022 13: 42
      The Bible says that in the last times there will be many different kinds of “foretellers” and the same Bible says that there will be no more Prophets - everything that needs to be said in the Bible.
      Regarding the EU, it is written that Europe will unite and there will be large and small state formations in it, strong and weak, like toes. The idol will collapse when a huge stone falls from Heaven and destroys it.
  6. AND Offline AND
    AND 7 March 2022 11: 42
    Quote from yo-yo
    There is Vanga's prediction about the collapse of the European Union and cold, empty Europe.

    People say that all her predictions come true. smile
    The war on the day of 5 deuces came true, now we are waiting for the collapse of Nazi Europe, the collapse of the United States.
    1. maiman61 Offline maiman61
      maiman61 (Yuri) 7 March 2022 11: 51
      Vanga said that she did not see the USA when she was asked about the USA.
  7. AND Offline AND
    AND 7 March 2022 16: 00
    Quote: maiman61
    Vanga said that she did not see the USA when she was asked about the USA.

    smile Smart people talk about the dust "(USA)" she does not like to say, God gave, God took.
  8. Mikhail Kurenkov (Mikhail Kurenkov) 7 March 2022 22: 19
    I used to think that kamikazes are found only in Japan, now I'm sure that only in Europe
  9. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 8 March 2022 18: 55
    There is nothing surprising in the fact that Germany imposes sanctions against Russia and decided to supply arms to the Banderaites. According to the publication "SeverPost"

    Anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the grandchildren of high-ranking SS

    The grandfather of the current German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Fritz von Scholz, is a lieutenant general of the SS troops. He fought in the USSR, and personally participated in the executions of Jews in the territories of Poland and Ukraine.
    Moreover, he fought twice against Russia - in World War I on the Russian front for Austria-Hungary, and in World War II - on the Eastern Front.
    “He would have advanced in ranks and higher, but in 1944 he was laid to rest near Narva,” writes chervonec-001.

    The closest ancestor of German Finance Minister Christian Lindner, Wehrmacht General Gerhard Lindner, took part in the operation to blockade Leningrad.

    The grandfather of German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, SS-Obergruppenführer Hartmann Lauterbach, led the Hitler Youth and sent children to war.

    Obergruppenführer Josef Gröhe, grandfather of the former Minister of Health of the Federal Republic of Germany Hermann Gröhe, is the Reichskommissar for the occupied regions of Belgium and Northern France.