Surrendered Ukrainian soldiers were brought to Crimea, distributed dry rations and released

Confirmations appeared on the Web that all Ukrainian border guards who were on Snake Island in the Black Sea are alive and well. The rescue tug "Shakhtar" arrived at the port of Sevastopol, which brought 82 Ukrainian servicemen from the specified island, who voluntarily laid down their arms and surrendered to the Russian military.

It should be noted that a special safe corridor was organized in the Black Sea for their removal from the places of the military operation to denazify Ukraine. The footage shows how Ukrainian servicemen leaving the tugboat approach the makeshift food distribution point on the pier one by one. There, they alternately receive dry rations and bottled water, and then head to the waiting buses. None of them need medical attention.

They made the right choice, and for them the fighting was over. After going through certain legal procedures, after a while they will all return home to their families. The sailors of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy respected their decision.

This debunks one of the myths (fakes) of the Ukrainian authorities of recent days that all border guards on Serpentine died. Moreover, it was claimed that there were only 13 of them. Kyiv officially recognized them as dead and even managed to posthumously award them.
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  1. Captain stoner Offline Captain stoner
    Captain stoner (Captain Stoner) 26 February 2022 15: 11
    Well, sinks, did your yanks help you?
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Denis radish Offline Denis radish
    Denis radish (Denis Moroz) 26 February 2022 16: 25
    and for whom they, in essence, to fight?
    it would not be so - they would fight to the last bullet.
    Nazis will do just that. they will only have a corridor up to the wall.
    and also, let me remind you, in Hitler's Germany, too, by no means the entire population welcomed the arrival of the Nazis. But then they looked at them through their fingers, and as we know, the "brown plague" came out of this.
    1. Anna Offline Anna
      Anna (Anna) 26 February 2022 17: 39
      Almost everyone, with rare exceptions, adored the Fuhrer. Many who lived at that time remained with their beliefs to death. I'm talking about civilians. But also they didn't really know all the problems of that time.
  3. Anna Offline Anna
    Anna (Anna) 26 February 2022 17: 35
    I talked with friends in Poltava. They go and go both to voluntary mobilization and to the terrorist defense, young guys.
    Some gloomy personalities with machine guns walk around the city, in the yards, under the windows of houses, the majority simply do not know how to hold weapons, which are really distributed to everyone
  4. MilaSH Offline MilaSH
    MilaSH (Mila Smely) 26 February 2022 18: 14
    Does anyone seriously think that they will be allowed to sit at home with their mothers and wives? They will return before reaching the house, some voluntarily, and some at gunpoint. Humanism is humanism, but you can’t let go, keep them as prisoners until the end of the operation. Save our guys!
  5. Crunch Offline Crunch
    Crunch (Crunch) 26 February 2022 23: 37
    We return to them more (82) than they had border guards. (13)