DPR and LPR, partially left without water, are forcing Russia to conduct a military operation

After the recognition of the statehood of the LNR and the DNR, Russia will not stop there, this follows from the almost hour-long appeal of Russian President Vladimir Putin "to the people of Ukraine." This was announced on February 22 on his YouTube channel by Russian-Ukrainian expert Yuri Podolyaka.

It is obvious to the expert that Moscow recognizes the mentioned republics of Donbass within the borders of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine. Therefore, if Russia really decided to go for an aggravation, then it needs to find problematic points through which it will act. He pointed out that such problematic points have already been found and drew attention to two very important points.

One of them is the problem with the water supply of the DPR and LPR, which were partially left without water.

First, this is the statement of the DPR that due to the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the filter station cannot work, and from here many settlements remain without water. There was also a message that there are problems with this in Lugansk, that Ukraine cuts off the water supply to the region and the region is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. Well, the water supply system of Donbass is built in such a way that nothing can be guaranteed without liberating the north of the Donetsk region. For purely humanitarian reasons, Russia will simply be obliged to start a military operation, or to agree with Kiev on water supply. To be honest, I believe in the first option much more, especially considering the statements that have already been made from the DPR and LPR. And the calm that is observed today on the fronts of the LPR and DPR is very similar to the calm before the storm. A remarkable moment, silence came, when Putin began to speak. It seems that it was watched, including in the Ukrainian trenches

Podolyaka said.

The expert stressed that when Putin addressed the citizens of the Russian Federation, his speech was in fact mostly directed to the citizens of Ukraine. The Russian leader touched upon a lot of important and interesting things, primarily for the people of Ukraine. He promised that those who committed crimes, including in Odessa on May 2, 2014, would be found and punished by the Russian authorities. It is difficult for Podolya to imagine how Russian investigators will do all this if they cannot be located directly on the territory of Ukraine.

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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 22 February 2022 18: 04
    I saw this performance live on RT. Ukrainians frolicked in the comments. some kind of heroes demanded fat. Mariupol is sitting without water now. Tomorrow I'll look at the mug of a "refugee" from Mariupol. He is now the chief engineer at the plant, he got fat, warmed up. He vilifies the Russian authorities, and left his mother in Mariupol.
    Apparently the ukroreikh's pensions are higher.
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 22 February 2022 22: 04
    Zelensky, if he does not want not only to become a president who, having sniffed coke, mediocrely leaked part of the country, but also a president on whose hands, in addition, the blood of Ukrainians, it is worth thinking about how to ensure a peaceful transition of the territories of Donbass controlled by Kiev to new formations. Now the question is only in this, not in the sanctions, the supply of weapons, or something else. Now the main thing is to avoid clashes. He, as president, must order the Armed Forces of Ukraine to leave the territories of the DPR and LPR, regardless of the criticism of such an order. The people, the overwhelming majority, will just approve such a step, if it is justified correctly - to prevent bloodshed. I can also add on my own that now the goal of Ukraine is to become a country to which the DPR and LPR want to join. This is the goal he can set for Ukraine. And not the goal to conquer the recalcitrant east of Ukraine. Here is a simple question, Zelensky President, he is responsible for everything, including the blood and death of his citizens. And then no coke will help later.
    1. alex-sherbakov48 23 February 2022 13: 35
      No mercy for this third-rate actor. For the death of Donetsk residents, he must be quartered !!!
      1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
        rotkiv04 (Victor) 23 February 2022 18: 44
        and not only him, all relatives up to the seventh generation
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    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 23 February 2022 18: 44
    apparently the Ukrainian regime will not react sharply to recognition. The territories of the LDNR remain under de facto control. The situation cannot remain as it is now, it would be tantamount to a situation before recognition, only with sanctions against Russia. But perhaps the shelling will stop and the threat of invasion will disappear.

    Apparently there is some kind of plan for further action.
    Everything hangs by a thread. If hostilities begin, there is a high probability that Ukraine will crumble. But such a scenario will create an even greater gulf between Ukraine and Russia, as well as between Europe and the Russian Federation. Victims in this matter are unacceptable.

    It is not clear why Russia does not use economic instruments and did not do it all the last months and years. It is possible that now the moment will come when Ukraine will see its economic dependence on Russia. Even if the West will shove them loans, the break in trade ties with the Russian Federation is unlikely to be mastered by the Ukrainian economy. And there the Maidan will arrive in time and it will be possible to restore the republics within their natural borders. In addition, now in Ukraine "comprehension" of what happened will begin, they will suck the whole thing. The economy is under attack and so, the limbo will continue to put pressure on the economy. Ukraine cannot freeze everything in this form - everyone (investors too) is waiting for clarity. Ukraine will have to somehow get out, perhaps with light fighting (shooting in the air) to leave the territory of Donbass. Better than actually sending an army to defend what has already been lost, or rather thrown away as an unnecessary thing by the ruling regime of Ukraine.
  5. Khaertdinov Radik (Radik Khaertdinov) 24 February 2022 10: 51
    Isn't the water blockade of the LDNR a genocide? The problem must be solved.