Expert: The Kremlin has found an effective way out of the situation in the Donbass

The events around Ukraine that have been unfolding in recent months are directly related to the Minsk agreements. The West and Kiev tried to circumvent the agreements, while making Moscow guilty of their failure to comply, showing its inability to negotiate. Russian-Ukrainian political expert Yuriy Podolyaka spoke about this on his YouTube channel.

He drew attention to the fact that the parties to the negotiations were trying to prove the unwillingness of their opponent to comply with the Minsk agreements, and any wrong move could result in mutual accusations of their failure.

The fact that Kiev withdrew its scandalous draft law on Donbass (in which Russia was called an “aggressor state” and the territory of the unrecognized republics “occupied by Russia”) suggests that Ukrainians really do not want to be extreme on this issue. The same applies to Moscow. We are talking about a bill on the recognition of the DPR and LPR, which was submitted to the State Duma by the Communist Party faction. Obviously, this would be a kind of withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the Minsk agreements, and the West and Ukraine would only applaud this decision and say: “We wash our hands. It is Moscow that does not want to comply with the Minsk agreements.” That is, it would be a clear and unconditional victory for both Washington and Kiev

- the expert considers.

Podolyaka is sure that for this reason Moscow could not accept the recognition of the republics, however, accusations against the Kremlin of being unpatriotic and unwilling to support the Russian people in Donbas were also unfavorable to the Russian authorities.

According to chess terminology, the Kremlin has been forked. Whatever decision he made, it would not be in his favor. We must pay tribute to Vladimir Putin, he came out of this situation simply brilliantly

- emphasized political expert.

As Podolyaka notes, the Kremlin deliberately delayed its response to the Communist Party’s initiative, a little later making another proposal through the ruling United Russia party: “Come on, since lethal weapons are being supplied to Ukraine, we will defend the Donbass. We will supply weapons to the republics, especially since they have been asking us for this for a long time.”

That is, Putin has shown that he is ready to protect his fellow citizens, but at the same time not going beyond the Minsk agreements and playing by the same rules as the West does with respect to Ukraine. After such an initiative, no one will be able to blame the Kremlin for not protecting compatriots in the Donbass

He summed up.

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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 27 January 2022 17: 09
    Now I am an old and sick man. And I don't care what they think of me, as long as I feel good and my family and friends. And if they don't respect me, why should I? But Putin and his EP party are thinking about the image, what they will think about them in the US and the EU. And God forbid, they will be accused of something.
    By recognizing the Donbass and protecting his citizens, Putin will only earn more respect from his citizens. Because the Russians don't abandon their own. And it turns out that Putin wants both ours and yours, as in the saying about the fish.
    1. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
      Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 27 January 2022 19: 03
      If an old, sick person did not bruise, there would be fewer health problems. And brains would work better.
    2. Dan Offline Dan
      Dan (Daniel) 28 January 2022 06: 05
      Quote: steel maker
      But Putin with his party EP

      No problem. Sit in Putin's place, create your own party and go....Weak? In its place, barely noticeable from the outside, your respect and disrespect are seen only by the people closest to you. They, these relations of yours, do not hurt anyone else and do not affect anything. It's just that your thinking cannot cover that gigantic abyss that separates the scale of your thoughts and issues that are under the jurisdiction of the President. Therefore, it is funny to read the comparisons you make, and also sad from the level of your thinking, which did not comprehend the difference in scale between you. It is noticeable that you are old and sick ...
      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 28 January 2022 09: 39
        create your party and go .... Weak?

        Did Putin, like, create his own party when he became president? Or was he with the servants of someone?

        They, these relationships of yours, do not hurt anyone else.

        Well, you've been hit. Already in the back of the breath stole!

        the scope of your thoughts and issues under the jurisdiction of the President

        And at least I grow my own potatoes, and the president buys them in Israel. What kind of education do you have to have to think of something like that? And what are his thoughts if he cannot grow and save potatoes?
        Stalin for gold, built the country's industry. And this one, for other people's papers, sells everything. And to print your own and sell it to others, for this you need to have an education.
        1. Dan Offline Dan
          Dan (Daniel) 28 January 2022 11: 51
          Quote: steel maker
          I grow my own potatoes

          You should grow potatoes. Why do you need high matters, if you are not catching up with the elementary?
          1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
            steelmaker 28 January 2022 12: 53
            If Putin cannot grow and preserve potatoes, then what matters are you talking about? Do not disgrace yourself with your purchased education!
            1. Dan Offline Dan
              Dan (Daniel) 28 January 2022 13: 50
              Quote: steel maker
              Do not disgrace yourself with your purchased education!

              You see, and it was not enough? laughing
              1. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
                alexneg13 (Alexander) 28 January 2022 23: 26
                Do not feed this troll "Salovar", he works for a fan... Now there are a lot of cheap SBUs who mow down like patriots and pretend to be a citizen of Russia.
            2. Dimakh Offline Dimakh
              Dimakh (Hamijan) 29 January 2022 15: 54
              The steel that you cooked was probably also so boring and sick ...
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 27 January 2022 18: 05
    One must understand that even if the Minsk agreements are implemented from A to Z, Ukraine will remain an enemy of the Russian Federation, and its association with subsequent entry into the EU does not contradict the agreements.
    After the creation of the European army, Ukraine, even as an "associated" member of the EU, will become part of it with all the ensuing consequences - the creation of military bases of the Euro-NATO army integrated with the United States.
    It seems that before the European army as Alpha Centauri, but for the Russian Federation this is a gain in time.
    Under the formidable ultimatum of the Russian Federation, there should be another, non-military, justification. It seems that the main blow is planned to strike at the basis of US power - the dollar.
    This is all the more likely due to the outstripping growth of the PRC economy, which automatically reduces the share of the United States in world GDP, the growing public debt and the decline in confidence.
    Vladimir Putin's visit to China for the opening of the Olympic Games coincides in time with the expected response to the US refusal to comply with the Russian ultimatum. The answer of the Russian Federation can shake the world economy to its foundations and end the world hegemony of the United States if, during the visit, the Russian Federation and China agree to switch to payments for energy resources in renminbi and euro. It would be a knockout of the United States, after which it would no longer be Ukraine, but how the EuroNATO behaves without the United States was clearly shown by the collective flight from Afghanistan.
    1. Dimakh Offline Dimakh
      Dimakh (Hamijan) 29 January 2022 16: 00
      Is it really not clear .. the Russian Federation does not want to get involved in statehood ... let them stew in their own juice .. but they will not allow a threat to the Donbass .. the Minsk agreements are built that way. non-interference in the internal politics of another state .. respect for the will of the people. .over time, all this will come to the fore .. and the statehood of U. will fall like a domino card ...
    2. EMMM Offline EMMM
      EMMM 1 February 2022 01: 12
      It must be understood that neither Ukraine nor Georgia will ever become NATO members!
  3. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 27 January 2022 18: 40
    Like it or not, Donbass is part of Ukraine in international law. We took the Crimea, more or less without consequences. Now it is simply impossible to recognize another part of Ukraine as independent without serious consequences. It is necessary to do so that the issue is resolved without serious complications in relations between Russia and Europe. Those sanctions that the United States and Britain want to shove through Russia will hit all of Russia and the Donbass too.
    Now Kiev has few options left to evade the implementation of Minsk 2. They have lost one option, a forceful one (the attention of the whole world to Ukraine, Russian troops are at the ready, the expectation of a Russian invasion, which excludes a Ukrainian invasion of the Donbass, negotiations in the Normandy format, etc.) . What remains is diplomacy. Now Kiev will have to give an answer on Minsk. The President of Ukraine is losing control. There is no replacement. One way or another, the denouement will be this year and it will not be a Russian invasion or a hasty recognition of the republics. The only way out for Kiev is Minsk 2.
    1. tulip Offline tulip
      tulip 27 January 2022 19: 54
      according to international law, Ukraine has no borders at all))) I don’t understand why Russia doesn’t raise this question point-blank. Russia and Ukraine do not have internationally recognized borders - they did not have time to demarcate, and then the Great Treaty was denounced. So the borders of Ukraine are de facto after the collapse of the USSR, and according to all international laws, the same Crimea and Donbass are not Ukrainian or Russian at all, no matter how paradoxical it sounds)
      1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) 28 January 2022 09: 22
        So the borders of Ukraine are de facto after the collapse of the USSR, and according to all international laws, the same Crimea and Donbass are not Ukrainian or Russian at all, no matter how paradoxical it sounds)

        And the Russian Federation is the successor of the USSR?
        1. tulip Offline tulip
          tulip 28 January 2022 09: 59
          according to all international laws, yes, the heiress, and even the West recognized this. Yes, and not only the USSR but also tsarist Russia, unfortunately))) If the West demands from Russia the debts of the USSR and tsarist Russia, then it recognizes succession. Russia, for example, also received a post in the UN Security Council, which used to belong to the USSR, and many other factors - there is no sense and time to list everything.
          And there is still no real border between Ukraine and Russia. Yatsenyuk tried to unilaterally demarcate after the Maidan - but it did not work out. So Russia and Ukraine are using what they got from the USSR and with the conditions of recent times, as with the Crimea - de facto. But de jure, according to all international laws, we have no border...
  4. Larisa Byvseva Offline Larisa Byvseva
    Larisa Byvseva (Larisa Byvseva) 27 January 2022 19: 52
    Well, what is Putin's brilliant decision?! Americans with the EU give weapons to Ukrainians, the Russian Federation gives weapons to the militia of the DPR-LPR, but wet each other! Blimey! This is genius!!! Considering that the soldiers of the militia of Donbass, or rather what was left to the inhabitants of the region, are 6-7 times less than the Vushnikovs - against 1/3 of the former regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, roughly 20 regions of Ukraine! Why are you fooling around !! Let it not yet join the Republic to the Russian Federation, but admit it, you can !!! You just need to have a conscience!!!
  5. tulip Offline tulip
    tulip 27 January 2022 20: 00
    The only effective way for the Kremlin is one. Give officially a month for Ukraine to fulfill all the points under the Minsk agreements. And to say that if Ukraine does not fulfill it in a month, then this is de jure considered the exit of Ukraine from Minsk. So that they do everything right on the points. Bandera Ukraine will never agree to this. It will not give amnesty to the militias, it will not allow the formation of its own police from the militia, it will not allow elections to be held, and so on and so forth. And then this whole circus will end. Russia officially recognizes that Ukraine is not doing anything, although it was given time and Russia has every right to do as it should.
  6. Offline (Irina Gorskova) 27 January 2022 22: 14
    I'm not young either. Just do not moan and try not to write garbage, like a "steelworker". Not the first time I see the same thing with his "signature". And somehow she even said that she would not have taken this to the steelworkers: the steel would turn sour. About the article. Lavrov very aptly answered "why they asked not to publish it." They choose "delicious" and simply "do not see" the rest. It looks like the answer is the same. Show with the delivery of daddy, and then the continuation of the screeching across Ukraine. But the requirements are NOT about Ukraine. So another verbiage and nothing more. That is why they do not want the world to know about the inability of the "exceptional" to think rationally.
    1. Monster_Fat Online Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 28 January 2022 08: 49
      Wow, you are another "brilliant" HHP: "Ah, let's be ..." - is called laughing lol "And then, before that, we - "not" ... " laughing love
      Author, write escho, what a brilliant president Russia has, my joy. yes
    2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 28 January 2022 09: 25
      Lavrov very aptly answered "why they asked not to publish it."

      Does it mean that the States have familiarized Ukraine with the response of the Russian Federation, and Russia is asked not to publish it?
  7. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 28 January 2022 14: 09
    Expert: The Kremlin has found an effective way out of the situation in the Donbass

    Another distracting step.
    The really important question is how will Russia respond to the refusal to comply with its ultimatum?
    And what is the empty chatter that they will supply weapons to the republics for?
    What will change? Previously, they supplied weapons on the sly, but now officially.

    A really huge step towards improving Russia's security.
    Well, just freak out! I am at a loss for words of delight! The world shook and NATO rolled back to the 1997 borders. Now, for sure, Ukraine will not be stuffed with weapons and NATO missiles will not be on combat duty in the vicinity of Kharkov.
    Complete capitulation of the West and the USA. President Biden resigns as president, says: "I'm tired, I'm leaving." All women defense ministers of NATO countries do hara-kiri.
    1. Dimakh Offline Dimakh
      Dimakh (Hamijan) 29 January 2022 16: 11
      Why are you .. but really expected that this will happen?))))) ... all the ultimatum fuss has far-reaching consequences .. all the responses of the US and NATO will still be made public worldwide .. with analytical data on each item. ..the bullet shows the true face of the democratic West ..and it is worth a lot .. and at the same time Russia will have the right to promote its military technical answers which they will have nothing to answer ..
  8. Tektor Offline Tektor
    Tektor (Tektor) 28 January 2022 17: 51
    Podolyaka is right that it is not necessary to recognize the LDNR. You just need to add regions to the Russian Federation based on the results of the referendum and the fact that the population has Russian citizenship.
    1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 29 January 2022 07: 15
      For the time being, I must first recognize the LDNR, conclude a military treaty with them, de-acquisition the territory of the republics, perhaps with some overlap. And then it will be seen. If they want to become part of Russia (under unfavorable conditions for Russia) - welcome. No, it means they will be friendly neighbors. It's better than the former Ukraine on the border.
  9. Sapsan136 Online Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 1 February 2022 09: 18
    There is no point in talking about the Minsk agreements for a long time, since Ukraine has not fulfilled a single point on them for many years and is not going to fulfill them. These agreements are not beneficial for Russia, as they do not prevent Ukraine from carrying out the genocide of the Russian people in the Donbass with their regular shelling of residential areas