Germany has become even more dependent on Russian gas

Germany in the coming years intends to switch to "green" energy, excluding the use of fossil sources. But according to Der Spiegel magazine, the Germans will not be able to carry out the energy transition without Russian natural gas, the supply of which will only increase over the years.

Gas prices in Europe are still quite high, and the launch of Nord Stream 2 could significantly reduce them. However, a number politicians Europe considers the Russian pipeline to be the Kremlin's geopolitical weapon. But, according to the conclusions of experts, without gas supplies, Germany will not be able to switch to renewable energy.

Berlin plans to close the last nuclear power plants by the end of this year, and the coal industry will be shut down by 2030. Traditional electricity production will be cut by about 40 percent within nine years. At the same time, wind and solar power plants are not able to meet the needs of Germany and other European countries in electricity, since they cannot provide constant energy transportation - the wind does not always blow and the sun shines. It is not yet possible to accumulate such volumes of electricity.

A good way out of the situation may be the supply of "blue fuel". When it is burned, carbon dioxide is also formed, but half as much as when using brown coal. Gas is supplied to Germany from Russia, Norway and the Netherlands. However, the Dutch are forced to cut their hydrocarbon production due to the seismic hazard.

Perhaps the Netherlands will soon stop producing gas altogether. This will make Germany even more dependent on Gazprom, the Russian state monopoly, which already accounts for 55% of gas imports.

- notes Der Spiegel.

At the same time, LNG supplies will not solve the problems of the Germans. There are no ports for receiving liquefied gas in Germany yet. In addition, producers of liquid fuels prefer to sell them to Asian countries that are willing to pay a high price. Thus, Berlin is likely to increase the volume of purchases of Russian gas, and the launch of Nord Stream 2 could be very useful.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 12 January 2022 14: 49
    And they say the Golfstream is getting cold. And then what should northwestern Europe do? Only to transfer production to the Russian Federation, and then go there ourselves, as under Catherine II.
  2. Crunch Offline Crunch
    Crunch (Crunch) 13 January 2022 01: 16
    With the reduction of traditional generation in the world, the cost of gas will rise. Nobody canceled the laws of the market. India, which today is developing at a faster pace than China. Sleeping Indonesia, with its 270 million people, will all the time begin to wake up, and for this it will need the growth of industry. Depletion of European deposits. ... It is not in vain that they say that if God wants to punish someone, he takes away the mind.