"A new beginning in relations with Moscow": Scholz intends to meet with Putin within a month

New German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is counting on the development of comprehensive relations with Russia, and plans to meet with Vladimir Putin in January to discuss them. This is reported by the German edition of Bild.

The newspaper, in particular, writes that the upcoming dialogue between Scholz and Putin may become "a new beginning in relations between Berlin and Moscow." According to experts, the main topics of conversation between the two politicians there will be "gas" and "Ukrainian" issues.

Most likely, the "gas" issue of the meeting will concern the launch and operation of Nord Stream 2. It is important to note that Scholz is more positive about the prospect of launching the Russian pipeline than his political rivals from the Green Party, who regard SP-2 as a threat to Germany and Europe as a whole.

Thus, according to the head of the FRG Foreign Ministry, Annalena Berbock (formerly co-chairman of the Soyuz 90 / Greens party), Nord Stream 2 cannot start work, since its launch would violate the requirements of European legislation.

In addition, Berbock threatened Russia with “heavy diplomatic and economic consequences "in the event of an invasion of the territory of Ukraine. The newspaper Die Welt wrote about this in mid-December, while its readers were extremely skeptical about the ability of Annalena Berbock and Berlin as a whole to fulfill these promises.
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  1. Starover_Z Offline Starover_Z
    Starover_Z (Yuri) 3 January 2022 16: 42
    Berbock threatened Russia with "severe diplomatic and economic consequences" in the event of an invasion of Ukraine.

    The Germans threaten the Russians, warning the "invasion" of the territory of Ukraine .... belay fool fool fool Fuck who would bellow !!!
  2. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
    Ulysses (Alexey) 3 January 2022 16: 57
    Scholz's forthcoming dialogue with Putin could become "a new beginning in Berlin's relations with Moscow." According to experts, the main topics of conversation between the two politicians will be "gas" and "Ukrainian" issues.

    Didn't see anything new.

    The Ukrainian question is not a German dog business at all.

    And on the gas issue, let him come when the SP-2 starts up normally.

    Until that moment, the level of negotiators from the Russian side should not exceed the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
    Maximum Lavrov.
  3. Crunch Offline Crunch
    Crunch (Crunch) 3 January 2022 17: 13
    Putin will meet, of course. after the program of negotiations is known. If Berbock trudges with the Chancellor, then they will have to wait at the front door for a long time.
  4. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 3 January 2022 17: 37
    We need to deal with our economy, set clear goals and formulate tasks. The country's economy is the standard of living of citizens, and nothing more, everything else is capitalism and private business. Goals in the international arena must be clearly formulated and communicated to partners. For example, about Ukraine it is necessary to formulate so that others understand: this is a primordially Russian territory, it cannot make any decisions on its development without Russia.
  5. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 4 January 2022 00: 48
    these monsters must be put in their place, as the Americans put them by stopping the supply of LNG to the EU. so the Russian Federation should blow up the transit pipe and generally warn that it is the Russian Federation doing them a favor by selling them gas (the Asia-Pacific region with a population of 3 billion will buy all the gas grew), otherwise the German ambassador blurted out that they say we Germans are to blame before Russia for the war, so we must from Russians (like the Papuans) to buy gas a ha ha
    it's all the same if the Russians talk - we have to buy Merciers from these Germans (Papuans with a debt of 6 trillion) because they can't do anything else
  6. Yury Siritsky Offline Yury Siritsky
    Yury Siritsky (Yuri Siritsky) 4 January 2022 14: 22
    And who appointed this fool minister.