An "aluminum long-term construction" has been opened in Siberia, and just in time

On Friday, December 17, Rusal launched the country's largest metallurgical enterprise in the Irkutsk Region. The construction of the Taishet aluminum plant began in 2007, but already in 2008, due to the outbreak of the global crisis, the project had to be “frozen”.

However, as the saying goes, "every cloud has a silver lining." The aforementioned "postponement" undoubtedly benefited the enterprise.

Now the plant has installed RA-400T electrolysers, capable of producing 3,3 tons of aluminum per day. This indicator today is one of the highest in the world, and at the time of the launch of the project, this was not even dreamed of.

Another important achievement, which was achieved during the long pause, is the so-called "environmental friendliness" of the enterprise. Water in the production of aluminum is used in a closed cycle, and dry cleaning systems capture 98,5% of the gases.

Moreover, the Taishet Aluminum Smelter was originally conceived as a production with a minimum carbon footprint. In modern "green" realities, this makes the products manufactured at the enterprise highly competitive and in demand.

Finally, it is worth noting that the new plant opened in a very timely manner. First, the world prices for aluminum went up and, according to forecasts of many experts, this trend will continue for a long time. Secondly, the creation of any large enterprise in Siberia contributes to the implementation of the idea of ​​its industrial redevelopment, expressed by Sergei Shoigu at the beginning of autumn.

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  2. Oleg Ermakov Offline Oleg Ermakov
    Oleg Ermakov (Oleg Ermakov) 21 December 2021 13: 15
    3,3 tons per day? Check the information and copy these same "3,3 tons per day"
    1. Kristallovich Online Kristallovich
      Kristallovich (Ruslan) 21 December 2021 14: 31
      3,3 tons per day is just one electrolyzer. There are many of them at the plant.
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  4. Sasha Ivankov Offline Sasha Ivankov
    Sasha Ivankov (Sasha Ivanov) 21 December 2021 18: 09
    Even more resources will be taken out, and the loot will be floated to offshores to the delight of Western shareholders. All enterprises in Russia do not belong to either Russia or the people of Russia, even Yandex is registered in Belgium.
  5. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
    goncharov.62 (Andrei) 21 December 2021 19: 58
    And what about the margins in the US as a direct stream? And where is the GDP fountain pen? ...
  6. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 21 December 2021 20: 59
    The news is good only to the point of understanding that this is raw material again. And how many high-tech modern competitive manufactures of telephones, televisions, computer technology, medical equipment are open in our country .... in general, from what we import from China, ASPnet, Europe. But to open mining farms - we are ahead of the planet. According to the Federal Customs Service, in January-June 2021, Russia's imports grew by 28,4% to $ 137,6 billion, compared to the same period in 2020. This is a record value over the past five years. Despite the fact that business activity has dropped to a minimum! Well, we will sell aluminum to China - in return we will purchase high-tech products from them where this aluminum will be used.
  7. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 22 December 2021 14: 20
    The center of the group was Rusal Limited, registered in 2005 on the island of Jersey. Her only beneficiary is Oleg Deripaska

    In July 2020, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation developed a plan to reduce the number of companies with state participation until 2025. Annually more than 100 state-controlled legal entities must pass into private hands. In 2020, there are 1465 state-owned companies in Russia. According to the document, in 2021 their number will decrease to 1319, in 2022 - to 1187, in 2023 - to 1068. As a result, by 2025, 961 enterprises with state participation should remain in the country.

    I say: "Mediocrity rule." They do not want to work, they only want to receive money. The state builds, and others become the owners. And why does the state need money?
  8. greenchelman Online greenchelman
    greenchelman (Grigory Tarasenko) 22 December 2021 19: 39
    I am surprised, because since 2018 RUSAL has been installing RA-550 electrolyzers with a daily capacity of 4,21 tons of aluminum and less electricity consumption.
  9. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
    akarfoxhound 23 December 2021 13: 20
    Hooray. Hooray. Hooray.
    P.S. Whose plant am I today? Polossians just now squeezed Deripaska Faberge, the shares were sold, and whose is it "hurray" now ???
  10. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 26 December 2021 22: 03
    The construction was funded by the state, and the revenues will be received by the very ones that were not given even a ruble for construction.