The Putin factor. Features of a psycho-portrait of the President of Russia

В the first part I talked about how Putin got into the ranks of contenders for the post of Yeltsin's successor, and why Boris Nikolayevich made a choice in his favor. Today I will finish the promised description of the VVP's psycho-portrait and summarize his contribution to History.

The personal qualities of Vladimir Vladimirovich should probably have been devoted to a separate text. How he takes out all that stream of garbage and outright slop that pours out on his head as president of the Russian Federation is a separate story altogether. Its impenetrability and endurance can only be envied. Qualities, for sure, brought up by years of service in the KGB. Whatever his enemies do, he only grows stronger because of this, and his asymmetrical answers have already become the talk of the town and his signature handwriting. Revenge is a dish served cold! Apparently, Putin does not like hot dishes.

20 years later, it is already possible to summarize some of the results that he achieved during this time. I am not taking on the role of an arbitrator, but the fact that all our enemies in the West are already counting days and hours until the day of the end of his presidential term, connecting with this date all their secret hopes of changing the tough and irreconcilable course of the Kremlin, in itself already says that Putin has coped with the task set before him. Tell me who else could have achieved this, and then tell me about the role of personality in History. The coming to power of Gorbachev and Yeltsin threw our country back for decades, almost shattering it into molecules. And only Putin was able to quietly collect it from virtually oblivion, when Russia was already standing with one foot in the grave. Only him политическая the will and cunning of the former intelligence officer allowed the Russian Federation to return to the major league of world politics. Therefore, it is not surprising that the West is already counting the days until his departure, pinning all their hopes on his possible successor, rightly believing that the bomb will not hit the same crater twice and there will be no other such Putin. After all, he was lucky with Medvedev, why can't he get lucky again? What exactly Putin did not please them, I will show below (a very rare combination of personal and business qualities, not that a phenomenon, but in this post just an ideal combination, analogs in world history are hard to remember, the closest known to us is Yosif Vissarionovich, and then, only in part, VVP is also an ascetic stoic, but without Stalin's paranoia).

Who is Mr. Putin?

There is such a science - socionics (we for some reason recognized as a pseudoscience), it postulates personality types and describes the relationship between them. In total, 16 psychotypes of personality are considered in it. Discrepancies with psychology in her occur on the basis of the fact that socionics considers personality psychotypes to be unchanged throughout life, and modern psychological science disputes this fact, believing that during life the psychotype can change under the influence of external factors. Socionics originated back in the 70s of the last century in the USSR, thanks to the works of the Lithuanian economist Aushra Augustinavichiute, who took Jung's typology and A. Kempinsky's theory of information metabolism as a basis. After that, this discipline began to claim to be an independent branch of knowledge lying at the intersection of psychology, informatics and sociology. Nevertheless, socionics is extremely rare in the West. There, this term implies interdisciplinary research in the field of distributed artificial intelligence systems and their applications to sociology. And completely in vain! Because if they had not neglected this science, they would have been able to understand Putin more quickly. There, in the West, a whole category of people has already formed, whom they call nothing other than "Putin Ferstein" (people who understand Putin), assuming by this that they themselves cannot understand Putin. I will help them with this. As a basis, I took the works of the successors of the case of Aushra Augustinavichiute, Ukrainian socionic scientists Viktor Gulenko and Alexander Molodtsov, or rather their two joint works "Introduction to Socionics" and "Foundations of Socioanalysis". The most difficult thing was to determine to which psychotype out of 16 presented the GDP belongs. I will give the characteristics of the psychotype I have chosen, and you yourself will recognize our president in them (and you will understand a lot for yourself, and finally stop blaming Putin for imaginary shortcomings that are higher than him, accepting them as a given inherent in this psychotype).

According to the classification of the above authors, according to his psychotype, Putin can be attributed to the category of ethical-sensory introverts (ESI) - the “Guardian” subtype (Dreiser, ISFJ). This is neither good nor bad - this is an objective fact! Why this fact has so alarmed our enemies, I do not know, but you can already see the result - there is a massive development of the object. Boorish attacks and blatant flattery are also used. They are pumped in all directions. It has already come to personal insults, they do not disdain anything, they have studied the psychotype well - they beat you in pride, it’s not for me to tell you about the special vulnerability of people of small stature. Putin is still holding the blow. What does it cost him - I don't know! But the West has not yet achieved what it wants, rather the opposite. They got a tough nut to crack. You can sympathize - it's easier to kill. Believe me, this option is also being considered. But so far unsuccessfully (SBP FSO eats its bread for a reason). But the issues of safety of the first person are not my paraphia, but the psychological aspect is worth considering in more detail. Below I will give only some of the psychological characteristics of the object, and you will understand why the "Guardian" (Dreiser, ISFJ) so confused the cards of our enemies and what interested the KGB at one time.

1. R - Ethics of relations (program function): Feels the interlocutor well (or, as they say, "sees" through him). Identifies falsity quickly. He is very critical of the behavior of others, but expresses his opinion only when he is very offended. From the first moment of acquaintance, he immediately divides people into friends and foes. Aliens, as it were, cease to exist for him, but he is strongly attached to his relatives and friends, feels responsibility for them. Follows only his own internal assessments of a person. Hard to persuade. He rarely makes compromises with strangers, but forgives his own people a lot. Always keeps the interlocutor at a psychological distance. Along the length of this distance, it makes it clear to the interlocutor how he relates to him.

2.F - Power sensing (creative function): Clearly determines the strength of the impact on the enemy. He does not adapt to his counterpart, but imposes his own line of behavior. Withstand, rarely plays ahead of the curve, waits until the critical point comes, but after it he acts backhand, extremely tough. In all situations, he is able to stand up for himself and his loved ones. Does not tolerate coercion, as well as disproportionate use of force. His rebuff is always proportional to the degree of manifestation of aggression. Knows how to teach the offender a lesson, consistently increasing the force of pressure on him. Does not stop until he feels panic and a drop in the opponent's morale. At the same time, a moral victory for him is always more important than a physical one. He will never allow himself to be treated edifyingly. The spirit does not tolerate impudence. It is almost impossible to impose your opinion on him, you can only persuade him to change his mind. He cannot be intimidated or provoked (Lord, hasn't the West understood this yet ?!).

3. L - Structural logic (role function): Objective, always seeks to assess the situation from all sides. In public, he mostly wears the mask of a dry and impassive person. In daily practice, he prefers to follow well-established norms and proven working methods. He approaches everything from the point of view of common sense and reasonable egoism. He himself always adheres to the established rules of the game and demands the same from others. Needs physical distance. It is hard to bear a large crowd of people (here Putin has to step over himself).

4. I - Intuition of possibilities (pain function): Poorly tolerates a situation of uncertainty and understatement. He is critical of himself, comparing himself with those around him, is able to idealize his counterpart, as well as to overthrow him from the pedestal. Can't stand boasting. Will not indulge talented, but selfish and self-righteous people. Does not recognize abilities that are not complemented by labor. He never sticks out himself, waits for others to appreciate. He rarely praises others, but accepts compliments in his address with pleasure.

5. R - Business logic (suggested function): Only a job well done can bring him real relaxation. Loves people who involve him in business activities. Minimalist. Practical in everyday life. Launches everything that is on its territory. Not inclined to luxury and frills, but loves functional and beautifully designed things. Ergonomic. Creates comfortable working conditions for himself and his environment. In work, he immediately takes on the most difficult. It is difficult to change the scenery (this applies to both work and lifestyle).

6.T - Intuition of time (activation function): Impatient. Gusty. Does not accept red tape. Prefers instant solutions. At the time limit, it is activated, but does not accept fine control (only by reference points). Always ready for unforeseen circumstances. It is almost impossible to take him by surprise. He remembers well the mistakes and upheavals of the past, from which he quickly learns (this point should be studied separately by our "partners" in the West!).

7.E - Ethics of emotions (controlling function): Empathic. Empathizes with others, but cannot publicly show these qualities due to personal characteristics of character. Tries to adapt to the mood of others. In a serious situation, he is always emphatically official, but in the circle of friends he even allows himself cynical witticisms. He loves cheerful people, because he himself does not belong to such people. Their company helps him to escape from painful thoughts. Avoids life dramas, remembering how hard they affect the psyche and health. However, he himself deliberately accelerates the resolution of conflicts and is inclined to dramatize the situation.

8.S - Sensory sensation (reference function): Workaholic. Can't do without work. Idleness oppresses him. Constantly looking for something to do. Work serves him as a cure for all diseases. In public, he always strives to appear at his best, (this also applies to clothing and physical form). Very neat. Sympathizes with the sick and disadvantaged. Himself always for a healthy lifestyle and moral purity. People who profess opposite views are intolerant.

Didn't overload? A little bit more.

External signs

ESI is easily recognizable by its characteristic piercing gaze and tense expression on the face, on which readiness to resist is written. A prominent representative of ESI is the famous American actress Jane Fonda. When ESI thinks, he can sometimes stare and look at an object or person, while realizing that he is in a stupid position, he himself cannot do anything about it. If glances meet, ESI is the first to look away. Can be in one position for a long time. A distinctive feature of ESI is also lips - not narrow, but swollen, but tightly compressed. In public clothes, he prefers strict elegance with a touch of formality. He never relaxes, always collected, fit and tidy, even at home.

Manner of communication

ESI is critical in any business. First of all, it points to major shortcomings. He analyzes the situation from all sides, trying to be logical. He wants to understand everything objectively, without emotions. He is guided in his assessments by the concept of debt. He is very critical of the violation of ethical norms, on occasion he will always point to them, in his circle he will never be afraid to give a moral assessment to the actions of another person. He will always find something to answer to remarks addressed to him. He doesn't go into his pocket for a word. Inclined to paradoxical humor, can joke with a serious face. Needs physical distance. He does not like to be alone with one person for a long time. Strangers in the house annoy him.

Features of behavior

The most characteristic feature of ESI's behavior, which can be noticed when observing him, is the ability to actively defend himself and his loved ones. If ESI has already taken a person under protection, then it provides him with long-term patronage. If he has already decided to take revenge, he will hit the enemy's most vulnerable spot. Inclined to remorse, constantly living under the pressure of a sense of duty. Afraid of uncertainty, situations where you can't say yes or no. In such cases, it either starts to rush about, or dwells on the problem. Waiting and idle idleness is hard to bear. Labor is measured not by the end result, but by the amount of effort expended.

This is the GDP of a person! I think his inner circle has long ago studied these qualities of him, and they are trying to adapt. For many of you, this may have become a discovery, but believe me, it is these qualities of his that make him indispensable as the head of the Russian Federation, and that is why our sworn "friends and partners" curse the day when he sat down at the wheel of our "vacuum cleaner" (I am not very figurative?).

Therefore, have condescension to your President, do not forget that he is just a person with all the ensuing consequences and, like the others, goes to the toilet, and not only to wash his hands. And even if he is not as smart as Kasparov, and not as handsome as the late Nemtsov, and even less so talented as Makarevich, Yarmolnik, Bykov and Parfyonov put together, even though Putin is also power-hungry, vindictive and vindictive an introvert who does not forgive anyone anything and does not forget the wrongs inflicted (whether it is good or bad, we will not discuss here now, my personal opinion is how it can be bad for a person, how it turns out that it is not for the country!). But if it is this set of good and bad qualities that allows him to effectively cope with the responsibilities of the President of the Russian Federation, in fact, a crisis manager, assigned to him, then there is no need to interfere with this - even a blind person can already see that he is on the right path. Putin has proven with his 20 years of work that he is the perfect crisis manager. That is why it is so difficult to find a replacement for him, that is why he is so annoying to the West.

I am fully aware that my words will have no effect on those who have long and firmly hated Putin. They are fueled by other information, not seeing the forest behind the fence, perceiving all information exclusively from a negative angle, since they are not able to evaluate it critically. They have a critical analysis unit disabled or simply absent, so they are ready to believe in outright nonsense (in all sorts of Putin's palaces and his untold riches). That is why I rely more on people with doubting, rather liberal views. No need to smear everything with black paint. Believe me, the fact that Putin at this historical moment was in Yeltsin's field of vision, and his choice fell on him, is Russia's greatest success in the last 70 years, after the victory in the Second World War.

Every sofa analyst, who in his life cannot even move a closet without help, fancies himself at least the President ... And the result is always the same - the closet remains in place, and the caravan (country) moves on, not paying attention to the barking of dogs (dogs figurative, both local and foreign subjects) ...

The ending follows. It will discuss a possible successor to Putin and whether he will remain for another term.
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  1. yuriy55 Offline yuriy55
    yuriy55 (Yuri) 22 December 2021 19: 28
    Anyone interested in this?
    Let them write how much they learned and how it helped them in life ...
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 22 December 2021 20: 18
      I think by the number of minuses you can easily calculate how many people are interested in this
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    2. Miffer Offline Miffer
      Miffer (Sam Miffers) 22 December 2021 21: 26
      It must be said that the people who wrote the trilogy of "dear and eternally beloved Leonid Ilyich" were much more talented than this scribe.
      And as soon as the owner changes in the Kremlin, all this dust will be immediately erased even from the Internet, which will happen much faster than Leonid Ilyich's "masterpieces" were taken to the trash heaps after his death.
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 22 December 2021 23: 12
        you can write down your pink dreams at home in a notebook, maybe it will come true
        I noticed that all the most ardent patriots of Russia, worried about its future without Putin, for some reason, all, as if by selection, wear imported nicknames. What is it for?
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      2. Dan Offline Dan
        Dan (Daniel) 23 December 2021 14: 49
        Quote: Miffer
        It must be said that the people who wrote the trilogy of "dear and eternally beloved Leonid Ilyich" were much more talented than this scribe.

        Therefore, many of us do not put our own names in the nickname, which is a shame for the given forecast.
        1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 23 December 2021 20: 42
          what is a shame for being issued forecast.

          Young man, Brezhnev's books were written in the seventies of the last century, that is, more than 40 years ago.
          Ay-yay-yay, you need to look up the meaning of the word "forecast" in the dictionary.
          Having learned what it is, perhaps you will learn to write "Danila" instead of "Dan".
          1. Dan Offline Dan
            Dan (Daniel) 24 December 2021 13: 03
            Quote: Xuli (o) Tebenado
            Ay-yay-yay, you need to look up the meaning of the word "forecast" in the dictionary.

            You, comrade with an obscene nickname, still teach and teach you. And here you climb with advice. I had a chance to outline this LIB trilogy .... Then, too, they thought that it was written for centuries. And you, before entering someone else's discussion, delve into the topic, then stupid sentences will not be born in your head.
            1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 24 December 2021 13: 24
              Listen, the forecast is as if turned forward, while Brezhnev is the past, a retrospection. Doesn't get it? - Then it's bad.
              My nickname is quite okay, but it shouldn't bother you too much. You better learn to see the difference between forecast and retrospective.
              And here there are no discussions of "strangers" or "friends" - here is an open portal, and not an English club for some category of subjects. laughing
              1. Dan Offline Dan
                Dan (Daniel) 25 December 2021 12: 12
                Quote: Xuli (o) Tebenado
                My nickname is quite okay, but it shouldn't bother you too much

                Firstly, we did not sit at the same table with you, and therefore I ask you to contact us accordingly. Secondly, I noticed about the Brezhnev trilogy as an indirect indicator of my age. But you obviously understand only direct instructions.
                Thirdly, I pointed out to you a "foreign" discussion, meaning that it was not started with you. To enter it, you must at least familiarize yourself with the essence of the issue under discussion and the arguments voiced. You have shown that this is not about you either ... request About subjects, you generally flooded into an unknown jungle with incomprehensible goals ...
  2. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 22 December 2021 20: 48
    description of a psycho-portrait of VVP and a summary of his contribution to history

    - Herostratus of today's Russia ... And he will finish as well.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 22 December 2021 20: 51
      I think by the number of minuses you can compete with the previous speaker
  3. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 22 December 2021 20: 52
    If you look at the Forbes list, it turns out that the Leningrad Sambo School gave the world many more billionaires than the Harvard Business School.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 22 December 2021 23: 08
      already lied! and most importantly, no one requires proof, they take it on faith that in vain!
      1. Miffer Offline Miffer
        Miffer (Sam Miffers) 22 December 2021 23: 53
        Well, yes, polygraph, such a thing as a sense of humor is not available to you.
        You'd better read the correspondence between Engels and Kautsky, then tell me what you disagree with.
    2. Ksv Offline Ksv
      Ksv (Sergei) 11 January 2022 18: 31
      The Harvard Business School of Billionaires has given the world much more than the Leningrad SAMBO School for quite understandable logical reasons.
  4. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 22 December 2021 21: 35
    The game is under control and surprises are impossible. Nobody dares to challenge the constitution. All leaders bow their heads immediately. This also applies to ministers, and deputies, and heads of regions. Generals with their awards. Corporate owners. Nobody threatens or protests. Weeds are removed immediately before they have grown. The media do not go beyond the framework established for them. The same can be said for social media. The opposition is devoid of fangs and resembles something of a decoration to the delight of Westerners and human rights defenders. When a ruler becomes the undisputed leader, his constitution is humbly accepted.

    Deep calm. Boring. No one dares to fulfill the dream of living in the Kremlin. For its current owner, constitutional terms are a formality, and there is only one irresistible opponent - age. Next year he will turn 70. Age is the only citizen who does not obey the will of the king.

    The last ten days of the year taste bitter, not only because the time is running out, but also because of the memories. We are talking about what happened 30 years ago, when Mikhail Gorbachev and the Soviet Union went down in history. Boris Yeltsin and the leaders of the republics also contributed to the collapse. The greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the XNUMXth century took place, and the country was defeated.
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 23 December 2021 16: 50
      Miffer. You don't even need to worry a lot about it. They will reset to zero and he will be 30 years old. This can be done easily, except for one thing, but. The guy got married and decided to ask his father for advice. Dad, as he gets up, there is no strength to tear him off the stomach, what to do. Cut a branch with a slingshot and when he gets up place a slingshot between him and his belly. Several years have passed and the son says to dad - everything is okay to throw away the slingshot. Don't rush, son! A few more years and you will substitute it from below. The number of years can be thrown off, but what Nullified should do with the slingshot, it is now neither above nor below it is needed. But you will need tweezers. Or this author of the article with dexterous hands. Just what would happen, as with a professor of medicine. He enters the lecture hall and says - such a thing, today I will tell you about the male member. He puts the briefcase on the table, takes out the box and takes out the sausage from there. I scratched the back of my head and asked myself, what did I eat for breakfast?
      1. predessor Offline predessor
        predessor (Naum) 27 December 2021 09: 39
        Putin is Stalin today. But without paranoia and repression.
        Can be compared with Ivan Kalita.
        30 years is the minimum that a country can expect from him.
  5. Rinat Offline Rinat
    Rinat (Rinat) 23 December 2021 10: 47
    I subscribe to the conclusion that Putin is the ruler who stopped the disintegration of the Russian Federation and began the process of restoring its former power comparable to that of the USSR. Whether someone likes it or not, Putin has already entered world history as the great outstanding ruler of Russia.
    I hope he will make a decision once again to be elected the head of our state. May God grant him health and faithful companions.
    1. Anna Zaripova Offline Anna Zaripova
      Anna Zaripova (Anna Zaripova) 8 January 2022 13: 36
      Thank you very much for the words spoken correctly, I survived all our Presidents, my husband was not lucky, he was not ready for such changes, there were many of these in our Country, women, they began to give birth from whom they have to ..., I, with great pride, live in My Country, where I was lucky that my President Vladimir Putin, May all the PLANETS help our Country, May our GREAT Man of the Epoch Vladimir Putin live and rule forever !!! I am a pensioner, and have seen a lot, but think not only about yourself, but so that our country will be preserved .. so that the villain who sucked under the guise of benefactors did not take away something else, they managed to do so much ... Thank you for there is a civilian population who Thinks sensibly.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 23 December 2021 11: 58
    Quote: Rinat
    I subscribe to the conclusion that Putin is the ruler who stopped the disintegration of the Russian Federation and began the process of restoring its former power comparable to that of the USSR.

    Is it possible to show in concrete figures how close the Russian Federation is to the might of the USSR?
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 23 December 2021 16: 59
      Easily, they adopted weapons made during the Soviet era. This time. Second: he does not need hints from the Mausoleum, so they cover him up on Victory Day to which Ilyich has nothing to do - these are two. Thirdly, in Russia they stopped making galoshes, galoshes and everything similar from rubber, even condoms are bought for gold in a foreign land, fooling around the cordon, you can't put gold on it - that's three. The people have no means of protection and the people live better and better and they begged, although I really didn’t want to do this - raise our almighty retirement at 80 years old. But he immediately refused and said - only at 70 and you and your wives, if you have not killed them yet. No money, but you hold on. We have many that will give you something to hold on to. Exactly like that of the gentleman who agreed with the lady, but there was a misfire - is it worth it? Ne is worth it, but it is high! This article was written due to the fact that the mozno hangs and there is nothing more to do except pisyanin.
      1. Dan Offline Dan
        Dan (Daniel) 25 December 2021 12: 19
        Quote: zenion
        but there was a misfire - is it worth it?

        All your imaginative thinking is focused on "masculinity." Having problems in this area? Don't start ... Blow to the doctor. laughing
      2. predessor Offline predessor
        predessor (Naum) 27 December 2021 09: 50
        If someone does not know how to make money, then why will he pay taxes and support the state?
        The people support the state, and not vice versa.
    2. Dan Offline Dan
      Dan (Daniel) 25 December 2021 12: 16
      Quote: Marzhetsky
      Is it possible to show in concrete figures how close the Russian Federation is to the might of the USSR?

      Look at the food import / export balance in 1985 and 2020, and you might be clear on the first try.
    3. predessor Offline predessor
      predessor (Naum) 27 December 2021 09: 44
      Power - depending on what years.
      In the 70s, it was a colossus with feet of clay.
      The old generation has already left (see the years of life of the Victory Marshals).
      New - looked over the hill and chased consumer goods.
      The breakup of 1991 was not an accident.
      And now: any nasty things about Putin, said anywhere, are immediately discussed on the leading TV channels.
      And then it is sterilized.
      This is power, and not at all Soviet jammers and M.A. Suslov's pursed lips in galoshes.
  7. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 24 December 2021 11: 18
    Halos in pictures are drawn right from the first term.

    Then, indeed, overcame non-payments due to subsidies from amers (oil prices rose sharply, from 20 to 100 in 2008) and oligarchs (Chubais's electricity went up sharply, etc.)

    And then: "He rarely makes compromises with strangers, but forgives his own people a lot."
    Regularly scolds officials for failure to fulfill orders, including in the defense industry.
    He transfers them to another position only when they fail all that is possible and impossible. (Mutko, Serdyukov, Chubais, etc.)

    Punish? for this it is necessary to steal far beyond the pollard and kill the people not weakly (like Arshukov)
    1. predessor Offline predessor
      predessor (Naum) 27 December 2021 09: 47
      The main thing is not to engage in corruption. Let him live.
      Until the state has grown to such an extent that coupons can be cut and expropriators can be expropriated.
      But not all at once. Pus A. Menshikov will serve, the Swedes will be smashed and all that.
      And only at the end - in Berezov.
  8. depavel Offline depavel
    depavel (Pavel Pavlovich) 25 December 2021 10: 48
    Should what? Carrying out the only correct decisions on the basis of existing (Putin?) And augmented knowledge, it also develops foresight (Putin?). Himself and the personnel appointed by him to have the maximum, this is close to 100%, diligence (for Putin?), With the principle of do no harm. No time will be enough, so he and his myroeaters, if not eliminated, then keep them away.
  9. Vladimir Alekseevich (Vladimir) 27 December 2021 11: 42
    The correct assessment of the results of the activity of a particular president of the Russian Federation depends on the social disposition of the researcher. If a researcher, roughly speaking, lives happily ever after, then he can arbitrarily consider some personal qualities of the president to be more important at the moment, and some less important. Depending on your personal preference. However, there is some kind of universal algorithm for assessing individuals of this magnitude and in relation to a specific country and in a specific historical situation. Of course, positioning Russia on a global scale is an important task. But, nevertheless, according to the classical canons, the foreign policy of the state should be a continuation of the domestic policy. And here we have "inside", to put it mildly, not very ...
    In short, we may not need the won positions in the international arena due to the death of patients. sad And so to me, and I think, not only to me, it seems that I am not exaggerating. So the assessment of the president's activities "by the amount of effort expended," and not by the result achieved, may turn out to be ineffective, to put it mildly. I would like a more thoughtful and balanced strategy for the overall development of the country. But, alas, the social part of the presidential program, one might say, is on the verge of failure. But what is there to smooth it over - it is practically a failure, because the president ignores his mistakes.
  10. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
    Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 29 December 2021 20: 21
    Features of a psycho-portrait of the President of Russia. Is this a clinic? This should be studied, how are the actions of troops in different wars and conflicts?
  11. Valery Lomakin Offline Valery Lomakin
    Valery Lomakin (valery lomakin) 1 January 2022 23: 09
    Questions: 1. Why does V.Putin wear a wristwatch on his left hand, and not like ordinary people on his right? 2. Why is Vladimir Putin so "fond of being late for meetings"? 3. Why is Vladimir Putin so fond of playing hockey at night and sometimes arranges meetings with subordinates at night, when all normal people have to sleep?
    1. Ksv Offline Ksv
      Ksv (Sergei) 11 January 2022 18: 41
      Look closely, most people wear watches on their left hand! Late because he's busy and because he can afford it! And hockey at night is incomprehensible to me :-)
  12. Natalia K. Offline Natalia K.
    Natalia K. (Natalia Kurbatova) 3 January 2022 20: 07
    Maybe on the first logic (socionics or eniostile?)
  13. depavel Offline depavel
    depavel (Pavel Pavlovich) 7 January 2022 15: 09
    Thoughts are more than correct. All 8 points say that if you haven't learned to ride a bike, then pick up the point, but you don't learn! Moreover, the instincts of the phenomenon must be considered outdated for the authors, and in general nature is in harmony with teaching, which is ridiculous. Here is the question, if Putin would have thrashed against the army, how would it have ended for Putin and we would not have come to this? But what about the FSB's sovereignty?
  14. Lyubov Kozhukhova (Lyubov Kozhukhova) 8 January 2022 21: 00
    As soon as V. Vladimirovich was elected President, through the media, social networks, I constantly monitor his work. Speech is always verified, to the point. Much has been done for the country over the years in office. If anyone does not know how it was before, then we had to. Complete collapse of the country! I don’t want to remember. The endurance of Vladimir Vladimirovich can only be envied, therefore it is not in vain that he holds so much in a position that is responsible and not easy. Thank God he is doing well. With all my heart I wish him good health, the strongest spirit.
    In our time, one can hardly imagine a more knowledgeable person, while being able to react to the situation, attacks of the West and for the country to make decisions, in defense of the people, their Motherland !!!
  15. Dushes Offline Dushes
    Dushes (Andronius) 9 January 2022 17: 47
    Excuse me, the author, but I could not finish reading what you came up with here, because it has nothing to do with reality. What has Putin achieved there in 20 years? What task did he accomplish? This is all bullshit! Failed everything, did not cope with anything. And do you know why I am so confident in stating this? Because even you in such a lengthy opus could not cite a single of his real achievements! I only agree with you that he looks like Stalin. Here you are right: both are dictators. Let's evaluate his achievements in fact. In 2012, Putin promised the following by 2020: $ 2500 the average salary (in Russia!), A 2-room apartment for each family, 25 million innovative jobs. The average salary is $ 600, according to Rosstat, which constantly lies that inflation is 4% and that citizens' incomes are growing. Let's note that from 2001 to 2008, the salaries of Russians grew well thanks to the reforms carried out in the 90s. And it would be strange if it were different with oil prices for $ 100. Salaries rose from $ 100 in 2001 to $ 600 in 2008, and then to $ 900 in 2013, but then they began to decrease naturally, as prices for oil fell, Putin began to freak out and sanctions began to work. For example, China, whose salaries in 2001 were also about $ 100 / month, which did not have super profits from oil prices (China is now probably the largest importer of gas and oil), now the average salary of a Chinese is about $ 900. has Putin achieved? Falling of the ruble from 30 to 75 against the dollar? Success! It is clear that he cheated again with apartments and innovative workplaces (unless the security guards are considered innovative workplaces). Did you promise a flight to Mars in 2019? Did you promise a base on the moon by 2018? There was a case. And where are they? Understood, they are, they are simply invisible! Citizens' incomes have been falling for the eighth year in a row, it is useless to argue with this, the majority, like me, see it all for themselves. About Russia now they are wiping all their feet on the international arena! Bulgaria is already imposing sanctions! Nobody wants to be friends with Russia now. As with Nazi Germany, by the way, in 1938. Now the whole world understands that Putin dabbles with chemical weapons and kills those he does not like through the FSB "K" command. Only in this way can he divert your attention from domestic politics and force you to "rally around the national leader." And here you are doing some kind of Putinomics. Bring at least one of his real achievements and I can easily prove to you that this is a lie and you are wrong. It's time to chase him out of the Kremlin with a filthy broom! Got it already!
  16. Lyudmila Viktorovna (Lyudmila Viktorovna) 5 February 2022 21: 24
    An absolutely correct publication, objectively reflecting the positive activities of the president in his post. Considering the state in which he got the country, it is amazing how he was able to endure everything and advance the country despite the many obstacles of persons who had matured before his arrival, despite external powerful pressure. VV Putin should stay for the next term. I do not support any negativity towards the president. What did the judges themselves do for the country?
  17. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 20 February 2022 13: 22
    Vladimir, yes, you opened the eyes of many to GDP. and those who do not accept it may be out of envy, may be due to political views, etc. now you will be bitten more painfully for, as they themselves will say, sycophancy, although it is completely absent, since you dumped both the positive qualities of GDP and the negative ones, with the help of which you showed the integral status of our leader - to everyone who wants to choose any of his qualities, so that understand how and why he controls us so. Thank you very much. I'll be waiting for the sequel you promised. Yes, for those who are ill-wisher, the GDP has already entered itself into our history and will remain there forever, they will not forget, as you dream, its efforts to return Russia from oblivion after the collapse of the USSR. .
  18. Aleksandr_15 Offline Aleksandr_15
    Aleksandr_15 (Alexander Kolyadin) 23 February 2022 08: 55
    How predictable is Putin. It was predicted a long time ago that after the Olympiad, at the end of February 2022. Putin will sign the recognition of the LNR and the DNR, as a result, he will introduce (invent provocations) "the united peacekeeping troops of the CSTO" into the territory of Ukraine. It's a pity for our boys soldiers. They will die, not our bourgeois, heroes of labor.
  19. Mila.ya Offline Mila.ya
    Mila.ya (Tamila I.) 28 February 2022 09: 17
    Vladimir, I completely agree with you! Surprisingly, I'm not the only one who thinks so! Indeed, Russia was lucky to have a president! Only for the fact that Putin appeared on the political arena, one can forgive Yeltsin for his "jambs". Your article, with such a detailed analysis of the personality, is very needed right now! Thanks! Please post more research like this! This is necessary to "enlighten the brains" of some fellow citizens ...
  20. The comment was deleted.