Modern Diplomacy: Russia, unlike NATO, does not bluff in Ukraine

Many Western experts believe that because of Russia's "threats" to invade Ukraine, the world is on the brink of World War III. In the opinion of the publication Modern Diplomacy, one of the reasons for fanning anti-Russian hysteria is the desire to give NATO more weight in the world than this organization actually has.

The West is trying to tune public opinion in favor of a high likelihood of war, because it wants to preserve the Alliance as the greatest defense institution since the Cold War. Concerns over Ukraine give NATO a new meaning and make this military bloc essential. The West is trying to convince the world of this after the collapse of the Iron Curtain, turning Russia into the heir to the USSR.

At the same time, NATO is trying to sow a bluff in the minds of Ukrainians about their readiness to fight with the Russian Federation for the interests of Kiev. In this regard, Vladimir Putin is asking the alliance to stop feeding Ukrainian leaders with false hopes and empty promises. Both Putin and Biden know that American troops will not be sent to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

When Kiev portrays the threat of "Russian invasion" as an excuse for inviting NATO troops to Ukraine, it becomes obvious why Putin sees it as a direct threat to Russia. There is no doubt that Russia views NATO's "invasion" of eastern Ukraine in the same way America would view an attempt to form paramilitary groups in Mexico near the US southwestern border. Thus, the nature of NATO has not changed since the end of the Cold War, and the only reason for the organization's existence is to contain Russia.

That is why, according to Modern Diplomacy, the information noise about the probable “Russian aggression” against Ukraine is so dangerous. NATO leaders want to lend weight to the alliance, but do not plan to fight, playing their own game and making unrealistic promises to Kiev. Russia, unlike the West, does not bluff and is ready to act if necessary.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. S WITH Offline S WITH
    S WITH (N S) 13 December 2021 14: 59
    The Russian Federation is not bluffing, because we are talking about the deployment of NATO strike systems on the historically Russian land of Little Russia, I remember they wanted to place it in Crimea, how it ended, everyone knows, it will also happen with Little Russia - the Russian land will return to Russia, and the Svidomo will have to be taken out to the Poles and Balts, or to leave them two areas, like a bank to spiders
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 13 December 2021 19: 51
    Modern Diplomacy: Russia, unlike NATO, does not bluff in Ukraine

    - Why is it not bluffing - even as bluffing ... - When everything is only in words and on "deep concern" and on constant inaction - this is the most, that neither is - a real classic bluff ...
    - That is when there was the last war in Karabakh and Armenia (sponsored Russia) - Armenia was "inserted fuses" with might and main - then ... then ... then (especially after a Russian military helicopter was shot down over the territory of Armenia with impunity and Russian pilots were killed) ... - then ... then ... then Russia should "by mistake" and "completely accidentally" inflict a powerful missile strike on "rocket and artillery positions" and military airfields of A-na ... - Well, "they apologized "then - they say -" everything happened by accident "... -" We are neighbors and friends - let's not remember this - we will cover everything up ... "- That's it ... - Actually A-an then already" closed his eyes "and expected such a" splash "from Russia ... - But this did not happen (as always) ...
    - So today Russia would not have to bluff and portray something in every possible way ...
  3. Rinat Offline Rinat
    Rinat (Rinat) 14 December 2021 05: 41
    Quote: gorenina91
    Russia should have "by mistake" and "completely accidentally" inflicted a powerful missile strike on "missile and artillery positions" and military airfields of A-na ...

    Foolishly, you can break a member. Which is what gorenina, born in 91, proposes to do.
    I do not pretend that I have a complete vision of all aspects of the events around the war in Karabakh, I dare to assume that our leadership has orders of magnitude more information before our eyes, and therefore, they made a decision appropriate to the situation not to break anything.

    Quote: gorenina91
    Armenia with might and main "inserted the wick" - then ... then ... then

    Armenia didn’t come to the war in reality. It was mainly the Karabakh Armenians who fought alone with the volunteers from Armenia, the army of Armenia itself nervously smoked on the sidelines and did not enter Artsakh.
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 14 December 2021 09: 53
      Armenia didn’t come to the war in reality.

      - Ha, and who came there at all ???
      - Armenia hid behind Russia; and Russia very easily and simply chose to leave everything "as it is" (they say we can smear everyone here - "if that" - that was a bluff of the purest water) ... - Yes, everything would be fine - but ... but .. .but ; when a Russian military helicopter was shot down provocatively and treacherously over the territory of Armenia (what could have happened here ... here ... here is an "accident") and Russian pilots were killed - then there is no "old bluff" that "Russia will smear everyone here - if anything "- could no longer work ... - This bluff melted away like a light smoke ...
      - But a new bluff has arisen - this is that Russia allegedly "believed" in the "accident" about the shooting down of the helicopter ... - "Otherwise, Russia; if this helicopter shot down was not" accidental "... - then it would be" Russia would have smeared everyone here "... - Here's another bluff for you !!!
      - You were hit in the face --- and it is no longer time to hide your face and run to the pharmacy for some gadgets ... - Well, and Russia, except for a slap in the face, never demanded or received any "satisfaction" ... - Azerbaijan mumbled something in his defense ... - and that's it !!!
      - And now this bluff continues in Karabakh, in which no one actually believes ... - Well, maybe you believe it (and others like you) ... - And this bluff is that Russia in Karabakh "controls the situation "and" if something happens .. - will smear everyone "- and so on and so on ...
      - Roughly the same thing is happening in Ukraine (the same bluff) ... - they say, "We'll take Kiev in a week", "if that", etc., etc. ... - As the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired on, they continue to fire on Novorossia .. - Well, we will continue to bluff - as long as that is enough ...