In Russia, ridiculed the new air defense system of Britain, created against the Su-57

The British Army has adopted a new ground-based air defense system Sky Saber, "which can hit a tennis ball" and created, among other things, against Russian Su-57 fighters. United Kingdom Secretary of Defense Procurement Jeremy Quinn reported that this is "a demonstration of combat capabilities to those who want to harm."

It should be noted that the Sky Saber complexes are produced by the European holding MBDA (France, Great Britain, Italy and Germany) in close cooperation with Israel, since they are based on the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system from Rafael. The complex consists of a Land Ceptor launcher with 8 CAAM missiles (manufactured by MBDA), a SAAB Giraffe radar and a Rafael control system installed on MAN trucks. It is argued that the air defense system is capable of simultaneously controlling the flight of 24 missiles, developing speeds of up to 3700 km / h, directing them to 24 different targets. The confirmed range of CAAM missiles is 25-45 km (depending on the engine), and the theoretical firing range is 60 km.

In Russia, they reacted to the bravado of the British and made fun of the Sky Saber. So, a military expert, ex-head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the special forces command of the Russian Air Force, Colonel Sergei Khatylev told the newspaper "Sight"that the Russian S-400 air defense systems can hit objects "the size of a five-ruble coin at an altitude of 70 km."

The Su-57 fighter is not the most difficult object for air defense, so it is impossible to evaluate air defense equipment if possible to shoot down this target. What is much more important - the Viking air defense missile system (9K317ME - ed.), Adopted by the Air Defense Forces of the Land Forces (RF Armed Forces - ed.), In terms of its performance characteristics, exceeds Sky Saber four times

- Khatylev drew attention.

The expert clarified that the Viking air defense system has more target channels, providing simultaneous tracking and shelling of one target, and the firing range is 83 km. At the same time, the number of missiles increased, if there were 4 missiles, now - 6 on the launcher itself and 12 - on a transport-loading vehicle (TZM), with which you can also shoot.

In general, Britain is not very strong in air defense. All that the kingdom has adopted in the past 30 years into service are obsolete American designs.

- he stressed.

In addition, the British air defense system is completely useless against Russian hypersonic missiles.

So let the British keep the advertising statements about the new air defense for lunch.

He summed up.
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  1. Vladislav N. Offline Vladislav N.
    Vladislav N. (Vlad) 7 December 2021 21: 06
    Great Britain has adopted a new ground-based air defense system Sky Saber, "which can hit a tennis ball"

    in a penis ball !!!
    eva what mischievous and pranksters live on the Isle of Scoundrels beyond the Channel!
  2. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) 7 December 2021 21: 16
    The British, it seems, were in a hurry - the Su-57 really does not exist as a combat vehicle, and the air defense system against it already exists, a waste of taxpayers' money. request
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 8 December 2021 03: 07
      ... a waste of taxpayer money.

      British taxpayers.
      Su 57 will throw everything straight and trample on the British Isles. What should they do there?
      If necessary, these islands will be fired from the Atlantic or from the Baltic with cruise missiles, and the minimum height of this wunderwafele is either not indicated, or indicated as 1 km (I can't even believe that such rubbish was adopted). In any case, there seems to be nothing to boast about. Small British taxpayers sadness ...
    2. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
      Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 8 December 2021 07: 13
      Well, yes, hurry up.
      Better to buy a kosher iron bullshit and not show off.
    3. Uncle Vanya Susanin (Ivan) 9 December 2021 10: 35
      not like a war machine

      Of course, this is not a combat vehicle, but a combat aircraft, you must understand! laughing wink
  3. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 8 December 2021 10: 28
    Sooooo interesting! And why would our aviation suddenly start to work in Britain? What is the point of this? Even if you take only purely fuel costs, it is cheaper to work with cruise missiles, even in a non-nuclear configuration.
  4. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
    gunnerminer (gunner miner) 8 December 2021 13: 41
    Colonel Sergei Khatylev told the newspaper "Vzglyad" that Russian S-400 air defense systems can hit objects "the size of a five-ruble coin at an altitude of 70 km."

    Mr. Colonel, in the propaganda and advertising enthusiasm, lost borders. The S-400 air defense system is certainly a high-quality product. But technical capabilities should not be confused with operational indicators.
    The British Air Defense Forces have succumbed to panic over the superior performance characteristics of the Su-57. laughing
  5. Panikovsky Online Panikovsky
    Panikovsky (Mikhail Samuelevich Panikovsky) 9 December 2021 19: 24
    The Franco-Italian-British-German-Israeli air defense system does not shine with tactical-tech. characteristics. I see no reason to be puffed up with pride in the presence of a rather mediocre device.