Nuland: Already now, many Russians dream of living like Ukrainians

Many Russian citizens dream of living in a country like Ukraine. This extraordinary opinion was expressed by the US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. According to her, Ukrainians should continue to demonstrate to Russians and the whole world a role model.

According to the diplomat, Ukraine is now on the wave of national unity, and the country itself is following the path of justice and democracy.

Many Russians would like to live in a country like yours

- said Nuland during the Kiev Security Forum.

The US Undersecretary of State did not ignore the topic of “the probable invasion of the Russian army” (it is a sin not to invade the country in which one wants to live so badly! - Ed.). Victoria Nuland urged the citizens of Ukraine not to fall into the trap of the Russians and not to be led by Moscow's provocations.

You see that there are attempts to call you the aggressor in order to set the traps that you must fall into. Therefore, we urge you to continue to defend what you have always defended, including peace and shared values.

- the diplomat encouraged the Ukrainian audience.

Nuland noted that Kiev can count on NATO's full support, however, she noted that the collective West will only respond to Russia's possible aggression economic sanctions.
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  1. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 2 December 2021 15: 07
    - The climax crept a bit early !!!
    1. Tatyana Offline Tatyana
      Tatyana 2 December 2021 23: 02
      "Many Russians would like to live in a country like yours."
      - said Nuland during the Kiev Security Forum.

      Nuland clearly either collapsed from an oak tree, or she eats her own American State Department cookies, soaked in drugs - those that she personally handed out to Ukrainian Nazi militants in Kiev on the Maidan in 2014!
      In general, Nuland is an American Goebbels in a skirt.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 2 December 2021 15: 42
    From what oak tree did Vika Nudelman fall, what brings such heresy ?! what
    Or did she "treat" herself to the "quarterly" Colombian "snowballs" ?! wassat
    Who believes her ?!
    1. shadow Offline shadow
      shadow 2 December 2021 21: 00
      From big and high)
  3. tulip Offline tulip
    tulip 2 December 2021 15: 44
    you laugh in vain, in Ukraine people really think that we in Russia eat up the last hedgehog and go to the toilet on the street. They are well zombified there and, even with all their disastrous situation, they believe that the Russians live even worse than they
    1. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
      akarfoxhound 2 December 2021 17: 02
      I agree, one such brain-cast on a nearby news thread is seriously pushing coupons on the Internet and about the centuries-old history of under-sumerism, which was stolen from them and an Internet card. For those unencumbered by education, she is a "document", in how! laughing
    2. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 2 December 2021 23: 23
      hi Mikhail Alekseev, nothing that ostensibly Russians live worse than us, we are in Ukraine(at least in our Southeast, although they "settled" on oil production and mines in Siberia, they moved to permanent residence [i.e., "voted with their feet in Russia, and NOT FROM it," Nuland about the opposite !!!] just, the "migrant workers" from the Western-notorious Kolya Urengoysky, by all indirect indications, are a "product" of the local Bandera, Russophobic-West Holui, upbringing ... request ) DON'T think so!
      Do not fall for the intrigues of Nazi propaganda and, constantly present on Russian sites, Goebbelsuchs from the transcordon anti-Russian TsIPSO (Ukrainian, Polish, Tribaltic, Czech, German, British, ... these are only those that are heard, not to mention "universal free radio voices "and" foreign agents "operating in Russia such as" Echo Matza ", Dozhd" and others, all of them, one way or another, operate under the auspices of Washington) purposefully embittered Russian citizens, distorting information and in every possible way sowing enmity between our fraternal peoples!
      Vaughn and on December 1, speaking in ZRada, the "clown" nonsense (but under this his irresponsible empty nonsense, prices for food, housing and communal services tariffs and everything else that is vital!) About the supposedly "average salary of $ 500 in Ukraine " and Nazibander Goebbelsuchs will "rub" this "official" lie to you, "with a blue eye" trying to convince (like this cheat Nuland) that the working population in Ukraine supposedly lives better than in Russia!
      In reality, we, in the current Ukrainian colony, have been going through a civil war for the eighth year (Nuland took the most active personal part in inciting it!) transport links with Russia and Belarus, since the beginning of 2020 an insane "campaign against coronavirus" has been added, from which it has already suffered significantly - "who is bent over, who is still fluttering" local small and medium-sized businesses, with all the consequences of worsening unemployment and lack of money, the growth of debt for unpaid wages and an increase in crime ...) and a tendency only to a worsening of the life of working people, because the colossal reserve of Soviet strength has already been completely exhausted during these 30 years of the "independent" razderiban (+5 years of the devastating Gorbachev "catastrophe"!) by destructive kleptoparasites that have been and remain at the "helm of power" in the former Ukrainian SSR! negative
      "Instructor of the Washington Regional Committee" Vika Nudelman came to "wind up the tails" of a pack of Kiev ameromarionettes and "in the best regional committee traditions" in front of them "pushed a pretentious talk" completely divorced from real life in Ukraine and Russia!
      Madame sovramshi!
      With what her and "congratulations"! yes
  4. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 2 December 2021 15: 59
    Many Russian citizens dream of living in a country like Ukraine.

    Moreover, probably many Americans, together with Nuland, dream of living in a country like Ukraine!
  5. Lyudmila Ol Offline Lyudmila Ol
    Lyudmila Ol (Lyudmila Olkhovskaya) 2 December 2021 16: 24
    What is this wretched one !? The incompetence, illiteracy and simply idiocy of the Americans are off the charts! These liars don't care what to lie about. Fear the freaks, those who carry "freedom" ...
    1. Sergeyjluf Online Sergeyjluf
      Sergeyjluf (Sergei) 2 December 2021 16: 36
      She is not squalid, but zombified just like Ukrainians!
      1. AICO Offline AICO
        AICO (Vyacheslav) 2 December 2021 18: 15
        They put on the choir for buns on the Maidan - they liked it, now they are drowning for them !!!
  6. mister-red Offline mister-red
    mister-red 2 December 2021 17: 08
    Nuland: Already now, many Russians dream of living like Ukrainians

    Even in our country, not the richest and most successful (Moldova), I have never heard that someone wanted to live like in Ukraine. My aunt seems to have confused something. )
  7. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 2 December 2021 17: 18
    A hollowed out creature, a mistake of nature
  8. Joker62 Offline Joker62
    Joker62 (Ivan) 2 December 2021 17: 19
    What is this nonsense from Mistress Nuland?
    She completely lost her mind ... apparently she did not manage to feed the 5th column with cookies ...
  9. Ivan Vetrov Offline Ivan Vetrov
    Ivan Vetrov (Ivan Vetrov) 2 December 2021 17: 44
    What are you aunt, redistribution of onions ???
  10. isofat Offline isofat
    isofat (isofat) 2 December 2021 17: 51
    How, after such an outright lie, can you believe that the United States once flew to the moon? laughing
  11. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 2 December 2021 19: 03
    You think everyone dreams of having a shark like the United States as a friend. It would not hurt her to read an American thinker like Mark Twain, who found the correct name for the United States - the United States of Lynching. And the most favorite for the United States is to rob a neighbor for his own benefit.
  12. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 2 December 2021 19: 05
    On the Maidan, Kolo churches revolution ide - hai Nuland, wuxi buzzed for otaman bude! Such a delight equal to a few minutes and full pants of joy.
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 2 December 2021 21: 54
      hi Zinovy, this "verse" of yours can only be assessed correctly by someone who himself, back in the Soviet school, taught "on the move" long epic poems "by Pavel Tychina" about the revolution " wink (which we terribly disliked for their "volume" and, present in them, clumsy [interrupting the rhyme, like bumps in the middle of the road] verbal turns)!
      Among us, Ukrainian schoolchildren, then our "sadistic rhymes" were circulated:

      Bilya church, on maidan,
      Sleep Tichin in chamaidani,
      Why bite the brick to kill that Tichin ?!

      Inspired by your example, I myself, offhand, scribbled an amateur "verse" on the topic of this odious "Maidan pechenyushnitsa" smile

      Bilya metro, on the maidan,
      Walk Nuland with the vivchary,
      Distribution of ovens to vivtsyam,
      Scho slaughtered before scoring!
  13. oh, how lovely!
  14. Every Offline Every
    Every 2 December 2021 19: 29
    Is she serious? Oh, you fool. However, she has no idea how people live in Russia.
  15. shadow Offline shadow
    shadow 2 December 2021 21: 02
    In response, I can wish her (Victoria) that the United States would be the same as Ukraine is now. And judging by what we are observing, my wish may come true very soon.
  16. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 2 December 2021 22: 42
    Spit! Spit! Ugh! Well yo-mayooo! Blinken shook his head sadly, while Stoltenberg furtively grunted cookies from the same bag.
    Let all Russians be forcibly issued Ukrainian passports, Nuland continued her line. Then, having become Ukrainians, they will believe in democracy and reject the hated regime! - stormy prolonged applause ...
    True, the last phrase turned out to be blurry, since the speaker's saliva spray got into the microphone, causing a short circuit ...
    The rest of the emotional phrases went unheard.
    After replacing the microphone, Stoltenberg, who was chewing on cookies, spoke out.
    Russia has no rights at all to any spheres of influence!
    I really want to take this gentleman by the neck and, like a cat who has shit on the rug, start poking his nose:
    where is the usa and nato? over there! where is Russia - right here! Where are your interests? Here? No! You can't shit here! You have to shit over there! Where are our interests? Here! Where are yours? There!
    And then, with the permission to say the organism, sentences suddenly stand out that we have no right to any influence around us ... Or maybe already inside ourselves we also have no right to anything? Except for the rights that NATO will kindly allocate to us as Untermenshen?
    At the same time, their influence should be everywhere, but about the right of Russia to its existence - the NATO secretary general, according to him - cannot even have such a thought ... Well, damn it, guys, you said everything in plain text.
    Anyone else have doubts? Someone wants to dump to Britain or to Australia - it's better to Antarctica - there seems to be nothing to bomb it for - no one threatens us from there, the penguins will survive and become a continuation of life on planet earth ...
  17. Face Offline Face
    Face (Alexander Lik) 3 December 2021 02: 09
    No, most Russians dream that Nuland would live in Ukraine. And she enjoyed a lot of democracy and justice in Ukrainian style.
  18. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) 3 December 2021 09: 31
    A small correction: it is Nuland who wants the Russians to live like in Ukraine ...
  19. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 3 December 2021 09: 51
    Was she stoned? To say such nonsense, and even to lie to the whole world - I think our politicians in general with such feeble-minded (cunning and deceitful) persons can never be met from the word "absolutely".
  20. Marat. Offline Marat.
    Marat. (Marat.) 3 December 2021 12: 19
    Granny nuland let her stand on the tracks like hozlushki and pick apples during the day
  21. bobba94 Offline bobba94
    bobba94 (Vladimir) 3 December 2021 15: 33
    How the commentators scolded this Nuland .......... Yes, she said stupidity, but, forgive me, that she had to speak at the Kiev Forum? .....
  22. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 3 December 2021 17: 35
    No, well, Kisilev and a couple more idiots actually moved to DUrkaina! True, 4 million arrived in Russia from Durkaina;) Well, these are details ...
  23. Adler77 Offline Adler77
    Adler77 (Denis) 3 December 2021 21: 14
    I think this is such a curse - Schaub you lived in Ukraine!
    Avoid me ...)
  24. Muhambek Offline Muhambek
    Muhambek (Muhambek) 4 December 2021 08: 30
    My aunt became completely bad ... When she decided to feed 5000 with five cookies like Jesus did not go anywhere else .. Pride ... But now she became completely bad ... I completely lost touch with reality ...
  25. Shaman Offline Shaman
    Shaman (Shaman) 4 December 2021 21: 05
    My aunt has lost it.