“Crimea is Russia”. How Lukashenko destroyed Zelensky's authority with one phrase

So it happened. The President of Belarus recognized Crimea as Russian. This time - without any reservations, equivocations and wagging, which pretty much devalued the previous similar statements, which left an ambivalent feeling and a rather unpleasant aftertaste. Moreover, Alexander Grigorievich announced his own visit to the peninsula - naturally, in the company of Vladimir Putin, while carefully emphasizing that he is eager to go there with every fiber of his soul. The motives that prompted Father, who had long and carefully “dodged” this act, to finally take the decisive step that the Kremlin was so expected of him - this is only one side of the issue.

No less interesting are the consequences of recognition, primarily in the context of relations between Minsk and Kiev. Lukashenko not only put an end to the rather strange practice of "sitting on two chairs" that lasted for years, but, one might say, delivered a real "nuclear blow" to the authority of his current Ukrainian colleague, Volodymyr Zelensky. Of course, he himself made every effort to find himself in a completely desperate situation. However, the act of Alexander Grigorievich is simply a check and mate for the president-clown, and not only in the foreign policy "party", but, first of all, in the game that he started in his country.

"What more confession to you ?!"

It is well known that the question of the ownership of Crimea is for all true “Ukrainian patriots” an alpha and omega, a yardstick, a real fetish in ideological, political, and all other aspects. The harassment of many public people with precisely this requirement: "clearly and unambiguously name whose peninsula", which invariably took place at the level of the most stupid and fanatical interrogators of the Inquisition, has already generated a lot of the most unpleasant and even shameful situations for Kiev. Happened, you know, that they even answered with obscenities ... However, representatives of the "creative intelligentsia" or popular singers are one thing. The head of state, all the more so, directly adjacent to the "nezalezhnaya" - is completely different. Moreover, to assert that the current statement of Alexander Grigorievich, made by him in the course of the interview that the president gave in Minsk to Dmitry Kiselev, sounded like a bolt from the blue, would be fundamentally wrong.

The first "bells", more than alarming for Kiev, followed in early November this year. Then Old Man, in his original and distinctive manner, made a whole show, starting to "complain" by video link to the members of the Supreme State Council of Russia and Belarus that "Putin is not taking him to Crimea." And he is so eager! So he asked the Russian president to take a look at Sevastopol with at least one eye! At the same time, something else was also sounded, which in the "nezalezhnoy" (led by some reasonable people, and not a gang of clowns), would certainly have to listen in the most attentive way. Lukashenko said unequivocally that “he cannot get to Crimea through Ukraine,” since she “closed her sky for Belarus”. And there, after all, both "property" and "there are other problems" ...

Truly, if there is a joke to someone about a person who is beaten on the head with a stick, and he is interested in this: "Where are they knocking ?!" attached at 100%, then this is for Vladimir Zelensky and his entourage. It is not a fact that any reaction on their part to this more than transparent hint could correct something, but Lukashenka's words in Kiev were neither understood nor heard. But the very fact of congratulating the Crimeans on the Day of National Unity, with which the Belarusian leader spoke at the same time, was more than eloquent. It is not surprising that literally a couple of days after this word that Crimea “is a part of Russia based on the real state of affairs” came from the usually super-cautious head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Makei. Well, and finally, in his yesterday's speech, Alexander Grigorievich finally “dotted the i”, recognizing Crimea as Russian “both de facto and de jure”, while confirming that it acquired its current status “as a result of the referendum ". Moreover, he added that in itself his official visit to the same Sevastopol would draw the final line under the talk about “recognition”: “What more do you want? Oil oil, as they say in Russia ?! "

At the same time, the Belarusian leader clarified that "for him and Vladimir Putin, such a question does not exist at all." Well, Old Man was a little late, speaking after Venezuela with Cuba and Sudan with Afghanistan, but here it is certainly better late than never. And the main thing, of course, is that none of the countries that previously officially recognized the Russian identity of the peninsula (in addition to those listed above, it is also Nicaragua, Palestine, North Korea and Syria) plays that role in the current affairs and concerns of our country in the Western direction. that Belarus.

Stretching for Kiev: Between Zrada and Energy Collapse

I must say that Alexander Lukashenko chose the moment for his demarche simply brilliant. There is not and cannot be the slightest doubt that the materials of Vladimir Zelensky's shameful press conference held on November 26 were reported to him in the most detailed way. The same one where the president-clown, straining into natural hysteria and other things completely unworthy of the "first person" of the state, "announced" a "coup d'etat" that must surely happen in Ukraine on December 1. 2nd - maximum. At the same time, “specific participants” were named for that ominous set that was preparing a “forceful” removal from power of Zelensky and the company, which did not cause anything but laughter in Ukrainian society and politicians. Also, the "head of state" did not fail to blurt out (sorry, another definition is inappropriate here) that his country "has been in a state of war with Russia for eight years," thereby weighed out one of his most outstanding absurdities, which has long since lost count.

The general impression that he created with such unsuccessful communication with representatives of the mass media (with a fair part of whom he managed to quarrel in the process, like a bazaar trader), boils down to the fact that this character intends to hold power at any cost and without disdaining any methods. And now - such a blow! Judge for yourself - today Ukraine is teetering on the brink of a complete energy collapse, inevitably leading to the collapse of both its entire infrastructure and industry, solely thanks to the saving supplies of electricity from Belarus. In the literal sense - by the grace and providence of Alexander Grigorievich. The very one that yesterday proclaimed Crimea to be Russian to the whole world ...

Zelensky has already sounded (and continues to sound) on this occasion extremely harsh accusations of "creating energy dependence", "cooperation with the dictatorial regime" and other similar things, in the politically marginal jargon of "nezalezhnoy" called the nasty word "zrada" ... This topic has already been promoted by everyone who could - from the dry-dry Petro Poroshenko to the Old Testament Yulia Tymoshenko, who considers herself a great specialist in energy matters. Lukashenko's demarche turns Zelenskiy into a target a little more efficiently than if someone had painted concentric circles and a fat red bull's-eye all over his back. This is a fiasco!

A situation from which there is no way out, by definition. If the comedian acts in the spirit of those “patriotic” values ​​and paradigms that he has been declaring so vigorously lately, cold, darkness and chaos will cover Ukraine. To understand the seriousness of the situation, I will allow myself to cite a few specific figures: on November 29, the import of electricity from Belarus was raised by Kiev to a record volume of up to 900 MWh, which was a two-fold increase in comparison with the previous week. The next day, another 600 MWh was delivered. At the same time, at the same ill-fated press conference, Zelensky personally admitted that without these supplies, Ukraine would go nuts - “it may not be enough for some city” and stated that “there’s no other way”. However, all this was BEFORE Oleksandr Grigorievich's statement, which automatically turns him into an "enemy of Ukraine", and, so to speak, "of the highest category." There is no doubt at all that the entire "patriotic" gang with foam flying out of their jaws will demand that Zelensky break off diplomatic relations with Minsk, expel an ambassador, impose sanctions and similar insane and suicidal steps.

The Ukrainian president cannot but react to what Lukashenka did. For him, this will mean not just a complete and final collapse, but an unequivocal political suicide. The fulfillment of the ultimatum that he will undoubtedly receive from the "patriots" will mark suicide economic... All "coups" and "conspiracies" are, of course, the fruit of a sick fantasy and a reflection of the exorbitant presumptuous comedian. However, the fact that he got sick of worse than bitter radish for both the “tops” and the “bottom” is a fact. The West (first of all, represented by the United States) will definitely not support and save it. Presumably, even the British will not send the promised paratroopers for evacuation. In principle, the fall of a man who has found himself in the presidential chair by misunderstanding has long been just a matter of time. Now, very much like that, this time has come. With just one move, Alexander Lukashenko inflicted irreparable damage to Zelensky much more than all the Pandora and Wagnergate Dossiers put together. And, by the way, about the story with the Wagnerites ...

I remember that after it, smart people warned: Lukashenka would not forget and forgive such a vile "setup". Variants of reckoning, which awaits Kiev, were drawn very different, up to frankly insane (like a military invasion). As it turned out, Alexander Grigorievich is able to demonstrate truly aerobatics in the preparation of a dish, which, as you know, should be served cold. By the way, in Ukraine, the voices of those who completely and completely blame for his recognition of Crimea as Russian are already being heard in full force on Zelensky and his entourage. "It was necessary to interfere more in the internal affairs of Belarus!" We are waiting for similar actions from China and Kazakhstan! " - such comments are already being heard. Or else there will be. Well, we look forward to the continuation with great interest and impatience.
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  1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
    gunnerminer (gunner miner) 1 December 2021 10: 40
    Lukashenko abstained from legally recognizing Crimea; he is the same clown as Zelensky.
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 1 December 2021 20: 46
      Lukashenko abstained from legally recognizing Crimea; he is the same clown as Zelensky.

      - Alas ...
      - But personally, I would not be at all surprised if a campaign suddenly starts from the side of our guarantor and from Lukashenka's side - a campaign to ... to protect Zelensky ...
      -Yes - precisely to protect Zelensky ... or - at least to reduce the "discontent" as much as possible, which can "radically fall" on Zelensky's head ...
      - Neither our guarantor nor Lukashenko needs Zelensky's "head" ...
      - After all, this is such a "mutually acute precedent"; that if such a "fatal misfortune" happened to Zelensky, then ... - a "chain reaction" may occur ... - And at the same time, the heads of the heads (sorry for the tautology) of the states "neighboring" with Ukraine may be hit ... - so that ... -And someone else's example - it is "very contagious" ...
      - My plus ...
      1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
        gunnerminer (gunner miner) 1 December 2021 23: 08
        Yes, Lukashenka’s riches in vector is great. It will be personally beneficial to him, he will throw the Russian military out. And in less than a year, he almost surrendered the Russian special forces to the Ukrainian government.
  2. Mihail55 Offline Mihail55
    Mihail55 (Michael) 1 December 2021 11: 48
    At least some benefit. One nation fled to different "apartments" ... and like a swan, cancer and pike! To the delight of the enemies! How relevant now is the classic "The Lay of Igor's Shelf"!
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 2 December 2021 00: 25
    Crimea is Russia and it does not matter who recognizes there and who does not.
    Alexander Grigorievich won 6 years of courage, he probably rehearsed his speech.
    I made up my mind, I said. What has changed?
  4. Boris tsikinovsky (Boris Tsikinovsky) 2 December 2021 01: 15
    First, we create problems, then we heroically solve them. Everyone nods to Yeltsin, although many who are now living actively took decisions on the collapse of the USSR. Nobody asks the question, how did it happen that the republic, tied to us by language, culture, religion, industrial and many other ties, suddenly turned out to be a foreign border overnight? Where did our vaunted special services and our diplomats look? There was no time, everyone rushed to fill their pockets. Now we have what we have. But these goats, who allowed such a situation, had to be judged. Crimea has always belonged to Russia, this is a fact, but the fact that in our power (whether it be the Duma, ministers, heads of head departments and other little people) are often not those who are supposed to be in power, this is also a fact. From this and all we have problems.