"Hopes for improving relations between Russia and Germany have fallen" - Rahr on the new government

An improvement in relations between Berlin and Moscow is not foreseen in the near future, and hopes for this have fallen. German political scientist Alexander Rahr wrote about this on November 25 on his Telegram channel, reporting information about the new government of Germany.

The program of the future tripartite coalition German federal cabinet (made up of the SPD, Green and FDP parties, and will begin work on December 6-8) states that Berlin will defend the interests of Kiev and seek the return of Crimea and Donbass to Ukraine. At the same time, however, without specifying the details.

Rahr stressed that it was not realists who came to power in Germany, as many hoped for, but supporters of liberal values, which are dearer to them than national interests. He suggested that relations between Berlin and Moscow could be spoiled from the first day of the work of the new government of the FRG due to the events in the Russian Federation around the Memorial human rights center (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia).

It is not wise to start diplomatic relations with a fight, but it cannot be avoided.

- he considers.

Rahr drew attention to the fact that the Federal Republic of Germany wants to conduct a "civil dialogue" with human rights defenders in the Russian Federation. He indicated that Annalena Berbock from the Green Party will become the German Foreign Minister. At the same time, he was delighted that Berlin is still open for a constructive dialogue with Moscow on energy and a number of other issues.

Burbock studied in London and visited the United States, she does not yet know the rest of the world. Will get to know him

- he explained.

Rahr stated that the Greens, with their critical agenda, had prevailed over the conciliatory stance of the SPD. Therefore, the future Chancellor Olaf Scholz, probably, gives them at the mercy of relations with the Russian Federation, and his influence in foreign policy in general will not be dominant.

Germany remains a loyal child of the United States, while at the same time it will try to strengthen European autonomy. The agenda looks very confrontational. It's a pity

- summed up Rar.

Note that in Germany, the future government has already received the nickname "traffic light" because of the colors of its political forces.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 25 November 2021 14: 14
    that relations between Berlin and Moscow could be spoiled from the first day of the work of the new government of the Federal Republic of Germany because of the events in the Russian Federation around the human rights center "Memorial" (recognized as foreign agents of Russia).

    And what, the FRG and Memorial have a consensus on the actions of the SS and the Gestapo on the territory of the USSR and Russia? And how, for example, Germany and Memorial relate to the mass murder of sick children in the Krasnodar Territory or the sucking of blood (like vampires) from Soviet children for the soldiers of the Wehrmacht? I doubt it is the same. “The memorial should, in fact, condemn this.
    And how much do "green" Germans differ from "brown" Germans?
    1. Sergey Zemskov Offline Sergey Zemskov
      Sergey Zemskov (Sergei ) 25 November 2021 16: 07
      Have you got something jammed? What excited you so much about Memorial, which was recognized as a foreign agent - in whose interests, what kind of intelligence does Memorial operate?
      1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) 25 November 2021 16: 19
        Let the GRU and the FSB answer this. I am only amazed at the excitement of the German Greens over Memorial
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 25 November 2021 14: 55
    There has already been an ingenious proposal - to announce a tender for the dismantling of SP-2. Wedge, wedge knock out! Although what am I talking about? For Putin, loot is more valuable than the interests of the Motherland! Now they will start crying on all channels
  3. Sergey Zemskov Offline Sergey Zemskov
    Sergey Zemskov (Sergei ) 25 November 2021 16: 10
    Where is the genius of our diplomats? Where are Lavrov and his Mashunya?
  4. Semyon Sukhov Offline Semyon Sukhov
    Semyon Sukhov (Semyon Sukhov) 26 November 2021 00: 58
    Raising kipish about some foreign agents, Western countries only confirm their interest in these organizations ...
  5. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 26 November 2021 10: 39
    151 times I want to say: let's forget about Germany, as it will be, so it will be. We had a close connection with Prussia: kings and all that. Now there is no Prussia. Germany internally destroyed other ethnic groups and nationalities. If we take care of our country, we will solve our problems (and this is unjustifiably low income). In a couple of three years, the Germans will write us letters with the question: what will you please? What instructions will there be?