Ishchenko told why the United States is in a hurry to unleash a war between Russia and Ukraine

The United States is frankly unhappy with the fact that the tense situation on the Polish-Belarusian border caused by the migration crisis is gradually "dissolving" and returning to normal. Consequently, it will not lead to a war between Warsaw and Minsk and the involvement of NATO and Russia in the conflict. Therefore, Washington turned its attention to Ukraine, rushing to unleash an armed conflict between Moscow and Kiev. Political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko writes about this in his article on "".

Actually, focusing on the cold weather, which supposedly should become the trigger of the Russian-Ukrainian war, explains the reasons for American nervousness.

- notes the author.

He is sure that Ukraine, if "some kind of force majeure" does not happen, will pass the heating season, albeit with difficulty, despite many problems in its energy system. Economy and the population has seriously declined, so the previous volumes of energy are not needed.

Why do Americans panic? After all, they perfectly understand that now is not 1941 ... Then in the USSR there was only one highway with a hard (gravel) surface. <...> That is, muddy roads are clearly not the factor that delays the hypothetical Russian invasion

- he draws attention.

The United States is well aware of the "anti-Zelenic oligarchic consensus" that has developed in Ukraine. They also know that it is unrealistic to change the power only through the efforts of the media, since widespread discontent of the population is needed. Therefore, local oligarchs who want to change President Volodymyr Zelensky need a crisis, and winter is the right time. Washington understands that Zelensky has one chance to maintain power - to start a "controlled war" with the Russian Federation. Then he will be supported by the United States and against internal opposition. After which Zelensky will have the opportunity to repress his political enemies, accusing them of betraying the country and collusion with the Russian Federation.

On the other hand, if Zelensky is swept away, then, as not only we, but also our overseas "friends and partners" understand, the oligarchic pack has very little chance of maintaining the unity of power, holding new legitimate elections, not starting a war of all with everyone and not ending up into a humanitarian disaster

- he said.

The Americans think that Moscow will use the humanitarian catastrophe as an excuse to "invade" Ukraine in order to solve its "immediate" tasks. For example, to put a loyal government in Kiev, force Ukraine to abandon its claims to Crimea, integrate Donbass into the Russian Federation within the regions, create a corridor to Crimea and even to the PMR. But the expert is not sure that Russia will want to take on such a burden.

The main consequences of this war should be: the destruction of economic relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation, as well as tying up Moscow's resources in the East European direction, so that the United States and its allies can come to grips with Beijing alone. Thus, while Russia is busy, the West will defeat China. It is for 100% implementation of this strategy that Washington organizes information provocations, and also pushes Kiev to war, the author summed up.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 23 November 2021 13: 36
    Maidan is a good reason for the military to come to power. The question is, who will this military support?
    It is quite possible that General Budanov, having weighed all the pros and cons, may go over to the side of Russia. Something in his face gives reason to think so ...
    1. greenchelman Offline greenchelman
      greenchelman (Grigory Tarasenko) 23 November 2021 13: 44
      This Budanov?
      1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) 23 November 2021 14: 03
        Probably exactly Cyril!

        On April 4, 2019, an unsuccessful attempt was made on Budanov's life in Kiev. Then a Chevrolet Evanda car was blown up on Akademik Williams Street, under which a mine was placed.

        But think, who made an attempt on his life and who warned him? It is possible that after that he began to think about his future more thoroughly. How does the West handle waste material? Skripal, Berezovsky ...
        Who warned Erdogan? Not a Russian friend either ...
    2. BMP-2 Offline BMP-2
      BMP-2 (Vladimir V.) 23 November 2021 16: 13
      There is no need to wait for social activity from the military: in Ukraine it is now the most weak-willed and not decisive category of the population ...
    3. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
      aquarius580 24 November 2021 11: 00
      Don't fantasize. In Ukraine, there are enough constitutional mechanisms to remove the current regime from power.
      1. Offline (Irina Gorskova) 24 November 2021 17: 37
        You decided to make it laugh? Especially about the "constitutional mechanisms in Ukraine"
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 23 November 2021 20: 05
    while Russia is busy, the West will defeat China.

    Russia will be busy with the war in Europe, and the West will defeat China ...
    I haven't laughed like that for a long time ...
  3. Radar62 Offline Radar62
    Radar62 (Novel) 24 November 2021 07: 32
    Somehow so-so thesis that the United States is going to smash China. And that Russia is harnessing for China (if it is not distracted) in a region far from it is also not a plausible opinion. Ishchenko was too smart for something.
  4. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
    aquarius580 24 November 2021 10: 59
    Zelenskiy cannot organize any war, simply because the army does not obey him. The army has its own Commander-in-Chief.
    1. Sergej1972 Offline Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 (Sergei) 24 November 2021 15: 53
      The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is subordinate to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - the President of Ukraine.
  5. Offline (Irina Gorskova) 24 November 2021 17: 35
    And I have the impression that Poland has taken on a familiar role here. As once upon a time in 38-39. And the United States does not care who climbs first * to the last. "At this time, they do not earn sickly. While the whole of Europe is freezing, Ukraine, in the face of comedians in power, are just puppets. They cannot even express their opinion, but repeat what they say "elders" overseas.
  6. Russophile Offline Russophile
    Russophile (Igor) 24 November 2021 17: 44
    Not, as a person, I respect him. I especially liked the way he sneered at the kakeli, the kakel over the kakeli, which could be nicer. That's just with predictions and conclusions, what will not do, all by.
    But, again, these are his thoughts and he expresses them as best he can and now not so often. And the vogue Kolya Gritsay, who is fed on this site, takes in quantity. There are many articles, few thoughts, none of our own.
  7. FrankyStein Offline FrankyStein
    FrankyStein (FrankyStein) 24 November 2021 21: 22
    Will the West defeat China? How? For what reason, why? And what does Russia have to do with it?
  8. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
    Indifferent 25 November 2021 01: 35
    All wrong. The State Department does not really care about the political situation in Ukraine. The USA needs a war because they themselves are in a severe crisis. Just in winter, they themselves expect, if not a default (real), then a collapse of the markets for sure. So you need to divert attention by war. Or maybe make money on it by postponing the collapse and other byaki. And Ukraine is just a trifle for them. They need a big war, and it is in Europe. Ukraine is a match.