Russian gas storage facilities in Europe remain empty

Despite Gazprom's decision to start pumping fuel into its storage facilities in Europe, natural gas reserves in them remain critically low. As reported Kommersant, the rate of fuel withdrawal from them significantly exceeds the volume of supplies from Russia.

According to calculations, on November 9 and 10, consumers took 16 million cubic meters of gas from the largest German and Austrian underground storage facilities, while 2,8 million cubic meters were pumped into them.

Thus, it is not possible to achieve the targets for filling underground storage facilities (over 80%) this year. This conclusion can be drawn from the data on the reservation of the capacities of the Yamal - Europe gas pipeline. Gazprom intends to use the pipeline at the lowest possible level by the end of this month. However, to cover the EU's current demand for fuel, UGS facilities need to pump at least 5 billion cubic meters of gas or 80 million cubic meters per day.

Experts have warned before: Russia will not compensate for the negative effect of the wrong decisions of the European Commission by increasing supplies through Ukraine and Poland. The Kremlin has hinted more than once that the launch of Nord Stream 2 could help solve the gas shortage problem, but the Europeans are not thinking of speeding up the certification process for the new pipeline so far.
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  1. Alex Orlov Offline Alex Orlov
    Alex Orlov (Alex) 12 November 2021 17: 51
    The main thing is that Gazprom should not allow jambs, so that later there was nothing to blame (officially). In words, we will be guilty anyway, that they have brains on one side of Russophobia :)) Look, the same Sandu got herself a contract on good terms and immediately said thanks to the United States, and figs of Russia. Like, we're out of business at all. Let them sit in Europe for a bit with critical supplies. They say that the lack of gas in the pipes has a positive effect on brain activity :))
  2. We must stop filling - soon there will be frosts, let them dance!
  3. Oleg Bratkov Offline Oleg Bratkov
    Oleg Bratkov (Oleg Bratkov) 14 November 2021 10: 40
    We are outside observers. And gas supplies will proceed as the oligarchs decide. If the oligarchs completely turn off the tap, they will lose their property in Europe, their families will have to be evacuated to Russia, so everything is balanced and thought out there. Maybe they don't sell the castle in England to the "Russian" oligarch, which he wanted, so they turned off the gas tap until they agree.
    And so what to us?