How Yeltsin almost drunk fled to the US Embassy

The events of the tragic August 1991, when a liberal coup was carried out under the guise of the suppression of the “putsch of the State Emergency Committee”, affected the whole future history of the country. One of the key figures, as you know, in those days was Boris Yeltsin, whom the opponents of the USSR consider almost a hero for the collapse of the Soviet Union, and for how "spectacularly" he climbed onto the tank, using it as a platform. But there were other people who became eyewitnesses to the not heroic behavior of Boris Nikolaevich.

One of them was the ex-vice president of Russia, aviation general Alexander Rutskoi. In an interview with the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, he shared the details of those August events. Rutskoi himself did a lot to bring Yeltsin to the helm of the state. Years later, he repents of this and expresses his deepest regrets - he said that “he succumbed to frank and impudent deception”

According to the testimony policy, in those days, Yeltsin not only went into a deep three-day binge, but also tried to escape from the barricades at the White House to the US Embassy. Yes, and after the victory, noted Rutskoi, Yeltsin left to "plump."

At the same time, the former vice president is not inclined to revise his then attitude to the members of the Emergency Committee. When asked by the newspaper’s correspondent which camp he would belong to now, Rutskoi replied that he would not be on the side of the GKChPistov, since he believes that their behavior was a “game” that could lead to the storming of the building of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR and the battle in the center of the capital . Moreover, in his opinion, these people at one time brought Mikhail Gorbachev to power.

By the way, speaking of Gorbachev, Rutskoi said that no one had isolated him - he simply escaped before signing the new Union Treaty. If that agreement were signed, then Gorbachev would not have been welcomed in the West now.

Former supporter (and then opponent) Yeltsin believes that the latter’s role in the victory over the State Emergency Committee was minimal. Everything was done by other people.

What victory would they celebrate if, at best, they were on the bunk, if Dunaev and Primakov and I had not brought Gorbachev to Moscow ?! I was not at this feast: the "grateful" Yeltsin simply forgot who organized the defense and led it, who did not let him get disgraced and fled to the American embassy, ​​who, at the risk of his life, brought Gorbachev to Moscow

- Rutskoi told bitterly.

He takes the blame for the collapse of the USSR, claiming that the vice-president of the RSFSR was not involved in the management of the entire Soviet Union. He would like to redirect this question to Gorbachev, as well as to the signatories of the Bialowieza Agreements (the then presidents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich).

He emphasized that none of this traitorous cohort had been punished, and undeservedly much attention was paid to Yeltsin’s memory:

The entire cohort of traitors is now alive, and not bad. Yeltsin died - his memory was immortalized by naming libraries, streets, a giant monument was built, the center of Yeltsin in Yekaterinburg

When Yeltsin went to sign the Bialowieza Agreements, Rutskoy accompanied him to Minsk, as Boris Nikolaevich claimed that he was going to sign an agreement on economic cooperation. After that, significant disagreements began between the politicians.

Upon Yeltsin’s arrival, I expressed everything to him that I think about this. He wrote a letter of resignation of the vice president. Yeltsin did not give a move

- he said.

In previous years, another leading politician of those years, the former speaker of the Supreme Council of Russia Ruslan Khasbulatov, spoke about Yeltsin’s non-heroic behavior at the White House. Like Rutskoi, he was also disappointed in Yeltsin’s politics. Subsequently, these disagreements led to the shooting of the building of the Supreme Council and its defenders, and Rutskoi and Khasbulatov, along with several other political figures, ended up in Lefortovo. This was Yeltsin's gratitude for the then support.
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  1. den-protector Offline den-protector
    den-protector (Black cat) 20 August 2018 14: 40
    In general, the shifters from the top of the CPSU, the Komsomol, the KGB of the USSR in pursuit of a golden calf merged a great country, deceiving the people, and then did not share power and loot. People from this cohort are still in power in Russia at all levels up to the municipality. They teach the people how to tighten their belts in front of an external threat and sanctions, and do not deny themselves anything, they build centers and monuments like the wrestlers with the Soviet totalitarian regime.
  2. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 20 August 2018 14: 57
    Such scum as the one under discussion had to be crushed right away, without taking them out of the hospital. This must be done, ditch a country like the USSR, sell it and drink it along with the people, break the lives of hundreds of millions of people, dropping them into a miserable existence. ..I somewhere 25 years ago, it was a sinful thing to think that what an unfortunate Naina is, that her husband is an alcoholic, and leads such a country, and it looks like it turns out, according to her, that the years of Yeltsin's "rule" of Russia were for Russia and its people with bright days ... What kind of brains does this old horse need to have to say this to the Russians, those who barely survived all that Yeltsin ten-year mess-lawlessness, and 17 million Russian people generally died prematurely, it’s necessary to get so far away from the people to carry such an ooh ... she ... you, Naina, gather your whole ... family, go to some Siberian skete, and there, day and night, pray for his sins, and your whole family, although this is not forgiven either here or THERE. With sincere hatred for you, Valentin Gusyatin.