Ukraine sold millions of cubic meters of scarce gas to Moldova

Chisinau signed an agreement with the Ukrainian company Naftogaz for the purchase of 15 million cubic meters of scarce gas. The deal with Kiev was announced by the press service of the Agency for Public Property under the Moldovan government.

Moldova is currently experiencing a shortage of "blue fuel", the consumption of which exceeds its supply to the country. Due to the energy crisis in Moldova, a state of emergency was introduced on October 22.

"Operator of GTS of Ukraine" provided emergency assistance to Moldova in the amount of 15 million cubic meters. m in order to stabilize the pressure in the GTS of Moldova during the organization of additional purchases of gas by Moldovan colleagues

- it is told in the message of the company.

As early as September of this year, Chisinau's contract with the Russian "Gazprom" ended. Apparently, the agreement will not be extended, since the parties have not yet been able to agree on the gas price. The Russians insist on the cost of $ 790 per thousand cubic meters, while demanding payment of the debt from Moldovan partners in the amount of $ 700 million.

On Thursday, October 28, Moldovan President Maria Sandu announced during a briefing that negotiations with Gazprom are being delayed due to the Moldovan side's expectations of getting a better price for gas.

Thus, Chisinau is looking for alternative sources of fuel. According to the Agency, Naftogaz will sell the energy resources it needs to Moldova as part of the next round of a tender for gas supplies to the local company Energocom. Previous partners of the Moldovans were Polish PGNiG, Dutch Vitol and Swiss DXT Commodities.
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  1. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 29 October 2021 12: 12
    Chisinau signed an agreement with the Ukrainian company Naftogaz for the purchase of 15 million cubic meters of scarce gas.

    As far as I know, this is not buying and selling, but borrowing. The Moldovans will then have to return the same amount.

    And most importantly, at current temperatures, 15 million cubic meters of gas in Moldova will be enough for 5 (five) days.
  2. smersh chek Offline smersh chek
    smersh chek (smersh chek) 29 October 2021 13: 17
    Bandera themselves are sitting without gas, rather they took from the Poles
  3. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
    Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 30 October 2021 13: 47
    Old news. On October 29, the countries extended the gas supply contract for five years. So Moldova calmly put the squeeze on Gazprom.