Will the Ukrainians themselves be able to free the country from pro-Western puppets?

When we talk about the future of Ukraine, usually the conversation boils down to the fact that the Ukrainians themselves must decide their own destiny. Say, it's time to realize that your choice was wrong in 2014, to rise up, throw off the "evil power" and drive out the invaders, like Minin and Pozharsky, and then completely bring Independent back into the bosom of the "Russian world", as Bogdan once did. Khmelnitsky. Well, we, of course, will scold them a little, but then we will definitely forgive and accept them back. How justified are such expectations in general, and how can popular uprisings actually end?

A huge problem is that the certainly great historical deeds of Minin, Pozharsky and Khmelnitsky are currently not being interpreted quite correctly. So, it is customary in our country that the Time of Troubles ended because the common Russian people got tired, united, took axes and pitchforks in their hands and went to drive out the invaders from Moscow. And, naturally, he achieved success in this. Let us say right away that everything was somewhat different, and it is very unpromising to rely solely on the people's initiative, which will return Nezalezhnaya to us on a silver platter. Let's try to somehow transfer those events to modern Ukrainian realities and see what can come of it.

Yourself all by yourself

So, we proceed from the assumption that the citizens of Ukraine realized that their choice in 2014 was a big mistake, they can no longer live under the rule of oligarchs and want to return to Russia. Suppose that there is an optimal situation for some mass demonstrations: an energy crisis, winter, unemployment, the inability of the population to pay bills, and so on. Consider two basic options for the development of further events.

№ 1. Peaceful protest... Suppose that Ukrainians decide to oppose the current authorities with a demand for changes: the departure of the current president and government, fair elections, a referendum on the restructuring of the state, and other wonderful initiatives. How can thousands and even millions of people coordinate their actions? Well, for example, through instant messengers and other social networks, unless, of course, they are blocked. Let's say the activists have chosen the path of peaceful protest. Tens, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Ukrainians took to the streets with their slogans. So, what is next?

If the authorities don't want to leave? If they look at what is happening, and then give an order to law enforcement agencies to disperse the protesters, and arrest their leaders? We have before us the so-called "Belarusian scenario", when the opposition could not achieve anything peacefully. In fact, this is how the Maidan could have ended ingloriously in 2014, if President Yanukovych had fulfilled his official duties.

№ 2. Armed protest... For example, the opponents of the current regime looked at the events in neighboring Belarus and concluded that attempts to shame the authorities alone cannot be done. Consequently, they need to somehow organize themselves into underground cells on a territorial basis, arm themselves, coordinate their actions. An old anecdote immediately comes to mind, about the fact that two Ukrainians are a partisan detachment, and three Ukrainians are a partisan detachment with a traitor. How quickly do you think the SBU and the Right Sector (an extremist organization banned in the Russian Federation) will become aware of such underground activities? The activists will be taken into the development and either immediately accepted, without even allowing them to speak, or they will wait, allowing them to speak, in order to then be demonstratively harshly defeated.

Let's assume that the events follow the second option. Somehow, the underground received weapons and began active actions to seize power on the ground. What's next? You are sure that the performances will take place all over the country at once, or the matter will be limited to some regions. Well, for example, Odessa. People came out and got up from the sofas. What's next? To proclaim another People's Republic and invite Putin to come? Well, the DPR and LPR have been asking the Kremlin for recognition for the seventh year, being in a blockade and under constant shelling. And even if Putin decides to help, what will it look like? Russia does not have a common border with the Odessa region. Will we have to send an open air force? Then we will receive new sanctions, and Germany will block the work of Nord Stream 2, as promised. Kiev will not stand on ceremony, but will introduce the ATO regime and send the Armed Forces of Ukraine to suppress. Without direct military support from Russia, such an independent action will end in a military defeat and a trial of the activists.

It turns out that it is naive to hope that the Ukrainians will free themselves from the occupation of the Russophobic pro-Western regime, to put it mildly. But what was it really like?

How it was

Let's try to tell the events of the end of the Time of Troubles in a simple and modern language.

First and foremost: no ordinary people rose up, did not unite and did not go with axes and pitchforks to free the Kremlin from foreigners. In the commercial Nizhny Novgorod, the local merchants, whose financial interests were suffering from the ongoing mess, decided to try to restore order on their own. For this, Kuzma Minin, an anti-crisis manager, was appointed from among them. He received the broadest authority to raise funds. What exactly means and why? And then, that the professional military should fight, and not men with pitchforks and axes. It was they who went to liberate Moscow from the invaders, and they did it not for an idea, but for a fee, and a very high one. The main and undoubted merit of Minin was that he was able to organize the collection of funds to pay for the services of "military experts", their armament and supply of the campaign.

Second: to legalize this enterprise and its results, a noble, well-born person was needed at the head. It was Prince Pozharsky, who did not agree the first time, because he wanted to make sure that the matter was serious. A hereditary aristocrat was needed, because no one would negotiate anything with merchants and peasants. Let's not forget that the time of the action is the Middle Ages.

Third: a program of action was needed after the expulsion of the invaders. The idea was to put a young man from a noble, but far from the first in importance, family to reign, so that “adult uncles” could “rule” the country themselves behind his back.

And it turned out, because there were all the components of success: a clear plan of action "from and to", funding, professional armed people and competent command.

You can also see how Bohdan Khmelnitsky returned Ukraine to Russia. Note that at his disposal were initially armed, trained and organized people, Cossacks. At the initial stage, there was a powerful ally - the Crimean Khanate, and the enemy in the person of Poland did not have the opportunity to immediately suppress the uprising. Also, the Cossacks had options for where to go: either to the Turks, who are authoritative and strong, but are far away, which is very beneficial for self-government, or to Moscow, which also did not immediately dare to accept them. It turns out that there were all the ingredients for success, including military capabilities, the presence of an ally and some options for the future. Note, when the Poles were able to get down to business in earnest, they again regained the Right-Bank Ukraine for a long time.

And which of the following is present in modern Ukraine?

How can it be

In fact, there is something. There is the DPR and LPR, which, on the one hand, are the strongest anti-advertising for everyone who, hypothetically, would like to proclaim independence in other regions of Ukraine. On the other hand, with all these disadvantages, Donetsk and Lugansk have their own armed forces, which can receive supplies and reinforcements as needed. Since Moscow did not recognize the independence of the republics, they are de jure considered the territory of Independence. Theoretically, the "campaign to Kiev" can start from the Donbass.

Another question is that they will be opposed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but there are options here as well. If the Russian special services were active among the Ukrainian officers, they would have a chance to attract part of the command staff to their side. As a result, the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the right time could refuse to fight with their people, take neutrality and de facto be split from within. So, "Bogdan Khmelnitsky-2", and at the same time the new "Minin and Pozharsky" could be some Ukrainian general and middle-class politician who will lead the combined forces in the "campaign against Kiev." As a gratitude, they could subsequently receive some "buns", such as a large sum of money, a house on the Black Sea and state protection.

It is even more important to provide a certain image of the future for Ukraine. What exactly will happen if pro-Russian forces come to power? Cancellation of the Euro-association or revision of its conditions? Joining the Customs Union and the Eurasian Union? Will the old industrial ties be restored, and then what to do with import substitution? Will there be any persecution of those who participated in anti-Russian activities, or will everyone be forgiven for joy? What will Ukraine be like, federal or confederate? What will be the further position of Kiev on Crimea? Will a Russian military base (s) be located in Ukraine as a guarantor that there will not be another coup later, or will it be entrusted to the Donbass militia forces, etc.? There are many questions to which you need to know the answers in advance before inciting people to any open speeches.

To summarize: it is simply pointless to expect ordinary Ukrainians to overthrow and expel pro-Western puppets themselves. This is possible only as a result of consistent and purposeful work at the state level with appropriate planning, funding and organization. We will not sit out anything good by simply sitting in exactly one place.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 6 October 2021 15: 40
    Will the Ukrainians themselves be able to free the country from pro-Western puppets?

    - The author described everything in a rather "schematic-detailed" and rightly ... - You can also add that the Cossacks could act as "not supporters of liberation from the Polish intervention" ... - They were guided by far from "patriotic feelings" ... - they were only interested in profit ...
    - This was later ... - all together "were registered as patriots" ... - But it was "then" ...

    - And today ... - as for the fact that "the Ukrainians themselves will suddenly begin to liberate Ukraine from pro-Western puppets," then ... - of course - no !!!
    - Many Ukrainians support the current government; but they consider her "not clever and cunning enough" ... - otherwise, in general, everyone would be - just "a mountain for the present power" .;
    - Many Ukrainians have a rather negative attitude towards Russia and towards Russians in general ... and support the policy of the United States and Western Europe against Russia .;
    - Many Russians voluntarily "went over to Ukrainians" and now literally "climb out of their skin" to prove that they are "wicked Ukrainian lads" ..;
    - And the worst thing is that the Ukrainian youth (the overwhelming majority) is simply hostile to both Russia and the Russians (and there are enough of them who will voluntarily go to fight against Russia and against the Russians) ...;
    - Yes, and among the Ukrainian youth there are a lot of those who support "Novo Bandera" and consider all the villains who served in German units and in UNA-UNSO during the Second World War as heroes ...
    - Well, so ... - and the current Ukrainian government just meets all the "needs" of the current Ukrainian population ... - all the actions of the authorities correspond to all the "tastes" of these "current Ukrainians" ... - And then what are these "today's Ukrainians" will suddenly themselves go to overthrow the "current government" ...
    - Well, of course, there is discontent - with the rise in prices (tariffs for housing and communal services and utilities, etc. ...; price for gas, price for gasoline and fuels and lubricants, etc.); but all this will never lead to "global general indignation" ...
    - In addition to all this ... - the Ukrainians themselves know perfectly well that ... what ... what ... - well, remove Zelensky and put a "new" one ... - and nothing will change ... - Or maybe more and it will be worse ... - Ukraine - there is Ukraine ...
    - My plus to the author ...
    1. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
      goncharov.62 (Andrei) 6 October 2021 17: 18
      Plus to the above - Russia also trades with them and pursues an affectionate policy. If so it can be called a Policy ...
  2. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
    DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 6 October 2021 15: 50
    These so-called. Ukrainians will not do anything or anyone. The people are rotten, in fact they are the descendants of policemen and traitors. Yes, there are still many worthy people left in Ukraine. They have a direct road to immigration, which is what happens. Some in Europa, some in Russia, some in Canada. And about all equally. In fact, in Ukraine in 20 years there will be about 20-25 mil. raguli (we can even less), this amount will be just enough to gobble up (but not enough) what will remain from the so-called. economy of ukraine, like worms, something like this, without any success in this very so-called. economy, just gobble up and gobble up. The rest will disperse and will engage in "longing for this ridna Ukraine" on the forums, but they will rarely come. What to do there? The American gentlemen, of course, will give this ukrobidl a pittance, as without it. So that as far as they can, these "responsible" or as it calls itself Somo-svidomye so-called. Ukrainians periodically whined about Crimea and did harm to Muscovites. And that too! Russia? FIG knows! Under the current regime, no one will do anything. What for? Interest is dumb. One people? Yeah ... compote in their mouth. Cherry. Maybe, of course, that in the future ... but maybe not. But in this very regime - definitely not. Well, if Russia does not care. Then who needs it all. In short, everything later, everything later ... Uh, but in general America will not help these ukram ... and the world is not with them. And NATO and the EU will not take these fools in harem pants, no, no ...
  3. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 6 October 2021 16: 26
    Ukrainian society is no longer unitary. The East wants friendly relations with Russia and European integration reforms in Ukraine. The West also wants European integration, but believes that Russia is hindering this. All are united by hatred of the current government and the poor. Many people understand that the Ukrainian economy will not start without Russia. The result is a split. It is possible to glue it together somehow - dialogue with Russia, improving relations + European integration reforms, but will this be done? Building relations against the background of Crimea and Donbass is not an easy task, such a president will be called a traitor. It seems that Ukraine simply cannot exist within its current borders.
    1. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
      DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 6 October 2021 16: 37
      Very well said. Only in Ukraine there is no society. In its classical sense. There is no economy in Ukraine. In its classical sense. In Ukraine now ... here such a word is asked ... well, I think everyone understands what ... Yes, about understanding - those who understand what is happening in Ukraine - left or in the process. Such a society will remain in Ukraine that ... in general, true horses.
      1. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
        goncharov.62 (Andrei) 6 October 2021 17: 23
        Walk-Pole, in our opinion. But this is still a long way off. The Americans need it in such a role - a chain, angry hungry dog ​​... But sooner or later the chain will rust and break. That's when the fun begins.
    2. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
      goncharov.62 (Andrei) 6 October 2021 17: 20
      And it shouldn't, by and large. "Right to us, left to them, and the rest to the Chinese" ... (free retelling of Vysotsky)
  4. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
    Volkonsky (Vladimir) 6 October 2021 18: 48
    It’s funny for me to read about the Ukrainian people, which are so bad, they’re lying on the stove, they’re not happy with everything, but they don’t want and cannot change anything (this is according to the comments), believe me, your Russian people are exactly the same, because we are one whole (relatively the heirs of the policemen - this is a comrade finally cannibalized, all the heirs of the policemen live right now in Canada and Washington, there are about 2 million of them in Canada). The author, however, quite correctly understands the situation in Ukraine, here I completely agree with him. Moreover, I will say that right now there are all the conditions for the Russian Federation to finally intervene and put an edge on all this. It is this winter, when Europe will collapse without Russian gas, no one there will even say that it has exceeded its powers. The winter will be very fierce, there are only 70 yards of gas in the UGS Euros, without deliveries through the Russian pipe to Europe "pipe". The United States is now also not up to us - China is more worried about them. It's time to put things in order, it is already clear that Zelya has come for a long time, the scum himself will not leave. We must expel. To zero Ukraine, give the western region to the Poles, let them deal with this genetic garbage themselves, Transcarpathia and Bukovina can be left to themselves - neither the Slovaks, nor the Hungarians, nor the Romanians should be returned. The issue with Crimea will then disappear by itself. Anyway, the topic of Ukraine will be closed. Do not worry about import substitution - take only what you need - Nikolaev Shipbuilding, Motor Sich, Antonov, KhAZ, Turboatom, Yuzhmash, Nikolaev NPKG Zorya-Mashproekt, all GOKs, metallurgical plants, petrochemistry, nuclear power plants and thermal power plants (mines are not for you needed - them under the knife). The rest of the enterprises in Ukraine no longer exist - they themselves were killed during these 7 years. And then Russia will heal, Zorya-Mashproekt alone will solve all its problems with gas turbine engines, and Nikolaev Shipbuilding will help the author resolve issues with aircraft carriers (although I am not a supporter of this idea). All that is needed is the will of the Kremlin, but it is not. Alas and ah!
    1. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
      DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 7 October 2021 03: 01
      You do not need to laugh, but to subtract your Ukrainian nonsense (unrealistic). How is it in Ukrainian - to disperse everyone, sell these, Russia will help, and we, the so-called. Ukrainians will panuwati. And the most interesting thing is the quote: "Only the will of the Kremlin is needed, but it is not." Those. Ukraine has already settled down and is waiting for AhreSor to enter it ... but it is not included !!! Tse zrada or confusion that is there in your avian dialect is added in such cases. No, no, no. Under the other will fall (more precisely, already), Well, straight classic!
      Well, what to take from these common fools?) So they will jump and on their knees their dirty, yellow-topped rags to some ambassadors (it doesn't matter which one, who uses it), and then the hapak in a circle fit-and-fit and start singing pityingly embracing cherries. .... ugh you ...

      Are Bandera members in Canada? And who is in Ukraine? Just lads with torches, circus performers or what?
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 7 October 2021 19: 50
        you, uncle, are no different from our Banderaites, such a nationalist only with the opposite sign. Remember - we are one people, Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians. And we live in one state! And so it will be.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. The comment was deleted.
  5. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 6 October 2021 18: 55
    For a coup d'etat, there must be prerequisites, which are not present in Ukraine today.
    1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 7 October 2021 07: 00
      A coup can be arranged even for the New Year, if you start preparing it now. If desired.
      1. Georgy Soloviev Offline Georgy Soloviev
        Georgy Soloviev (Georgy Soloviev) 8 October 2021 14: 58
        As long as a useless vegetable sits in the Kremlin, thinking only about his cunning ass, there will be no desire to stage a coup in principle. And the vegetable, as you know, is going to rule forever. And until a strong and wise politician who cares about the country and not about his pocket comes to power in Russia, nothing will change. And all the credit for what Ukraine has become belongs to only one person - Putin.
        1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
          Marzhecki (Sergei) 12 October 2021 08: 55
          I will not argue with this sad
  6. Xuli (o) Tebenado 6 October 2021 19: 01
    back to the bosom of the "Russian world", as Bogdan Khmelnitsky once did.

    I did not read further.
    In the 17th century, there was no "Russian world" at all, and the Ukrainians themselves are Russians who lived on the outskirts.
  7. Alexander Pankov (Alexander Pankow) 6 October 2021 21: 58
    Nothing like this will happen, neither the first nor the second, this is all a continuation of the traditional Russian stubbornness to consider the right-bank Ukrainians as Russians. They are not Russian at all, and for a long time. Kievan Rus ended a long time ago, and with it the common history, is it really incomprehensible? And think about why they need Russians and Russia? They have more in common with their neighbors to the west, to Austria-Hungary. The United States and NATO will settle down there in any case, while Russia will pant, but will put up with it, and the United States does not give a damn about Putin's "red lines". Prepare for a big war with Ukraine as a platform.
    1. LeeSeeTsin Offline LeeSeeTsin
      LeeSeeTsin (Stas) 6 October 2021 23: 46
      Kievan Rus ended a long time ago

      And there was no Kievan Rus. This expression arose in the 17th century to separate the history of the Russian state centered in Kiev from the history of the Russian state centered in Moscow. There was ONE RUSSIAN STATE, which is still being crushed. The next step is the branch of the Far East. Then Siberia. And further down the list of territories. Not surprised? No?
      1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) 7 October 2021 10: 25
        And there was no Kievan Rus.

        Quite right, otherwise you can reach - Novgorod Rus, Muscovite Rus, Petersburg Rus ...
      2. Xuli (o) Tebenado 7 October 2021 20: 25
        There was ONE RUSSIAN STATE,

        The Russian state began to take shape around Moscow in the 15th century. And before that there was a confederation of Russian principalities.
  8. LeeSeeTsin Offline LeeSeeTsin
    LeeSeeTsin (Stas) 6 October 2021 23: 31
    ... to rely solely on the people's initiative, which will return us Square on a silver platter, is very unpromising

    The author is reasoning quite realistically. During the "independence" since 1991, something completely different has grown there.
    generation. Raised to "thank God I'm not a Muscovite." And in 2014, we are frankly pr @ wed @ Ukraine through diplomacy, intelligence, and cultural relations. And no one will return to us. Like Finland or Poland at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. By the way, we fought successfully (or not) with both. And with Ukraine, too. Not for that it (Ukraine) is supplied with weapons and incited against Russia.
    So, we are waiting ... for the development of good-neighborly relations.
    1. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 7 October 2021 00: 25
      We will not go to war with Ukraine, I really hope so. It is possible that she will have to be freed from people who impose on her, Ukraine, an alien way of life.

      Well, the term "Kievan Rus" came into the use of Russian historians in the nineteenth century to designate a period of our history. Something like this.

    2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 7 October 2021 10: 26
      And no one will return to us. Like Finland or Poland at the beginning of the XNUMXth century.

      The GDR also left the FRG a lot, but then they returned.
  9. alexey alexeyev Offline alexey alexeyev
    alexey alexeyev (Alexey Alekseev) 7 October 2021 06: 40
    Yes, never ... The pans are too tightly pulled over their heads (or whatever replaces them there). Only defeat in the war and the total defeat of the country can return the Durkains to reality. Let's recall Hitler's Germany ... And then Minin's methods when collecting the militia in the current situation unlikely to work. In order to financially support the militia, Minin "handed over people to bargaining" i.e. engaged in slave trade. Against this background, the contribution of merchants to the liberation of the country is minuscule. Do you think that the current oligarchs are better? Decent? For whom the war is and for whom the war is a mother. The principle for all times .. request
  10. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 7 October 2021 06: 54
    Quote: Xuli (o) Tebenado
    back to the bosom of the "Russian world", as Bogdan Khmelnitsky once did.

    I did not read further.
    In the 17th century, there was no "Russian world" at all, and the Ukrainians themselves are Russians who lived on the outskirts.

    Don't juggle. I have provided the wording that people use in discussions.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  11. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 7 October 2021 23: 32
    When we talk about the future of Ukraine, usually the conversation boils down to the fact that the Ukrainians themselves must decide their own destiny.

    Ukraine has no future. In a sense, there is no positive future as a state or even autonomy.
    1. Unacceptable decline in living standards.
    2. Fragmentation.
    3. Gradual accession of fragments to other states. There are different options here.
    A more detailed presentation is not a comment format.
  12. andrey f. Offline andrey f.
    andrey f. (andrey fuchs) 8 October 2021 00: 57
    Author! I always read your articles with pleasure, but this is complete nonsense! No amount of money will make a person of Russian mentality go to his death! Do not make the truth out of your fabrications! Complete minus !!!
    1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 8 October 2021 05: 57
      This is how I proved that no one will go to death. Have you read the article at all?
  13. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 8 October 2021 14: 04
    Quote: andrey f.
    No amount of money will make a person of Russian mentality go to his death!

    By the way, what are the Russians doing as part of the Wagner PMC?
  14. Kuznetsov Offline Kuznetsov
    Kuznetsov (Kuznetsov Alexander) 9 October 2021 09: 24
    What is good that the author fantasizes a little, but describes the real state of affairs. But the situation is even worse in some respects. The widespread Ukrainians were bred by the method of social Darwinism, in other words, the genocide of those who disagree. They are covered in blood, and like any bandits tied in blood, they will scream with foam at the mouth about ceeuropeism, and kill those who disagree. By the method of artificial selection, they were brought out like this. Therefore, people also have the Takholm syndrome, the more disgusting people are, the more they attract many. True, the other side of this process is moronization, which was also the goal of white people: pseudo-Ukrainians who bred this breed. The Nazis set a goal to destroy 80%, to make those who remained their slaves, to bring their education to the level of knowledge of arithmetic to 10, language, and the ability to sign. Everything is moving clearly in this direction.
  15. tulip Offline tulip
    tulip 13 October 2021 18: 32
    The most important thing that the author and commentators have forgotten is that Ukraine has NO BORDERS UNTIL))) Russia has every right to revise those borders within the USSR that Ukraine and others have inherited and will be right under all international laws. The so-called territorial integrity of Ukraine is supported by the West politically - but this cannot be proved in any international court, therefore Ukraine does not sue in connection with the so-called annexation of Crimea, but only submits it in private claims. After the Maidan in 2014, Yatsenyuk tried to carry out a unilateral demarcation of the border with Russia - but even the West pulled him back. So the Big Treaty between Russia and Ukraine seems to have been signed, but it has no international significance since it has not been completed.
    Therefore, here Russia has all the trump cards in its hands, and why it does not use them is a big question. And you are all about the militia, uprisings, rallies))) Everything is much simpler
  16. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 31 December 2021 20: 25
    What motivation can they have to change power and direction to the West? Ukraine is a small country, it simply cannot exist independently, there is no history of its own, no state traditions. We believe that our market is too small for sustainable existence and development, and even more so. The European market is 3 times larger than ours, and accordingly there are more opportunities for development. I'm not talking about money, which is twenty times more there. This is a sad picture. What is the way out of the situation? It is known: a sharp increase in the welfare of the people of the Russian Federation, and then, on conditions that suit us, a common market with the EU. Are there any other options?
  17. Praskovya Offline Praskovya
    Praskovya (Praskovya) 18 January 2022 12: 55
    We cannot free Russia from pro-Western puppets. I'm talking about those whose children, families, loot, property, real estate, there, in the West. We have plenty of those in power. And we are learning a foreign country.