How the USSR prevented "Armageddon" in the war with Japan in August 1945

On each regular anniversary of the defeat of Imperial Japan, which marked the end of World War II, from various foreign sources (and sometimes, alas - from some domestic), there are arguments that the USSR, entering the war with "did not touch it" before time, the country of the Rising Sun, acted "dishonestly", "wrong", or even completely "mean". It is understandable when such fabrications are voiced by the Japanese, trying to prove that the Soviet troops did not seem to play any role in their defeat, and Stalin "attacked" the innocent poor people in order to "chop off the Kuril Islands" and other "primordially Japanese territories."

Here everything is natural - "whoever hurts what, he talks about it." But when our "liberals" repeat something similar, it becomes simply a shame. How much is it necessary not only not to love your own Motherland, but also not to know its history in order to assent to the most perfect nonsense. Well, perhaps it is worth remembering once again how "harmless" were for our country, and for the rest of the world, the samurai from Tokyo, raving about world domination. And also to figure out why the Red Army actually inflicted a crushing blow on them in 1945, putting an end to the crazy and deadly plans of the Japanese military.

Plague and pestilence for "Russian gaijins"

A significant contribution to the exposure of attempts to present the events of August 1945 in a completely distorted light was made, in particular, by the recent publication by the FSB of Russia within the framework of the project "Without a statute of limitations" of unique archival materials shedding additional light on many aspects of those distant days that were under the veil for a long time. the strictest secrecy. No, nothing fundamentally new seems to have sounded - the guilt of the military and political leadership of militaristic Japan in preparing for biological warfare and the production of appropriate weapons was proved absolutely irrefutably even during the famous Khabarovsk trial of 1949, in which war criminals from Kwantung Army. The world has long learned not just terrifying, but literally chilling details of the sinister activities of its special units "Detachment 731" and "Detachment 100", whose crimes, at least, are not inferior to the atrocities of the Nazi executioners, if not surpass them. However, new documents released to the public - such as the original interrogation protocols of the Japanese "biological front fighters", their diaries and similar evidence, bring considerable clarity to the question of who exactly in Tokyo were intended to turn the strictest 1925 Geneva Conventions against. means of mass destruction. Yes, the main enemy for the Land of the Rising Sun was undoubtedly the Americans. However, this in no way means that the samurai had any kind of friendly and good neighborly feelings towards the Soviet Union. In fact, everything was completely different.

Yes, Japan, despite all the urges, demands and promises of the Third Reich, did not dare to open a "second front" against the Red Army in the Far East. But the point here was not at all in the Soviet-Japanese Pact of Neutrality, signed in the Kremlin on April 19, 1941. The samurai wanted to spit on this pact and were quite seriously preparing for an attack on the USSR both before and after its conclusion. The strategic plan of the offensive, which was supposed to begin in August-September 1941 and end about six months later, with the Japanese troops reaching Baikal, which was called "Kantogun tokushu enshu" (Special maneuvers of the Kwantung Army), was not only developed by the General Staff, but was also fully embodied in life. A secret mobilization was launched in the country, the Japanese transferred dozens of divisions to our borders, creating a military grouping of 850 thousand people aimed at the USSR in Manchuria and Korea. Moreover, Tokyo has already mapped out plans for managing our Far Eastern and Siberian lands, which, after their seizure, were to become territories of the "sphere of prosperity of the Great East Asia", the center of which, as you might guess, would be in Tokyo. Proud samurai behaved like jackals or vultures - they waited for the Wehrmacht to finally inflict a final defeat on the Red Army in order to pounce on an extremely weakened country. At the same time, they were deterred from an immediate attack in those days when the Nazi military machine seemed to have flown freely to the East, only a clear realization of the fact that their army was not at all like the Red Army. The sides hurt, very sensitively crushed during the conflicts on Lake Khasan and the Khalkhin-Gol River, and did not leave the feeling that the situation of 1905 with the Soviet Union would not repeat itself. It was these considerations that pushed Tokyo to truly diabolical decisions.

Armageddon hastily

The main military problem of the Japanese, who since ancient times considered themselves, like their German allies, the "superior race", has always been that there were few of them. Not that very little, but in comparison with the main potential opponents - the Chinese, Russians, Americans, the population of the Land of the Rising Sun looked somehow undignified. The same was true for the ratio of all other resources. One "samurai spirit", especially in the age of tanks and combat aircraft, will not win a war. Especially if it is being conducted against almost half of the world. Okay, semi-feudal backward China, but the USA, USSR, Great Britain immeasurably surpassed Japan in terms of military-technical development. It is not surprising that, again, like their demoniac like-minded "Aryans", the samurai desperately dreamed of some kind of "wunderwaffe", a miracle weapon that could not only equalize the chances in an initially hopeless struggle, but bring victory in it. However, what could it be? Nuclear bombs, the ghost of which was about to materialize? Well, no - dug ... sorry, the level of scientific and technological development did not come out. Chemical warfare agents? The First World War too clearly showed their dubious effectiveness and a lot of shortcomings. In addition, in all the countries participating in it, in the 20s and 30s, preparations for chemical warfare were conducted not only at the level of the armies, but also, so to speak, "among the broad popular masses." One Soviet Osoaviakhim was worth something. Again, not that. Now it is unlikely that it will be possible to establish for certain whether the idea of ​​conducting biological warfare was submitted to the imperial elite of Japan, who were preparing to take over the world, by the humble doctor Shiro Ishii, or whether he was simply chosen to implement it. One way or another, this name is worth remembering.

Originally connecting his medical career with the military service, Ishii was a man undoubtedly talented. True, his abilities were of the kind about which it is customary to speak of "evil genius". Having a real "fad" on all kinds of bacteria and microbes, the doctor in uniform very quickly realized how destructive the consequences of the massive use of this "trifle" against the enemy - both his army and, above all, the rear - could be. Disciplined, the thoughts reported to the higher authorities were received not only favorably, but with genuine delight - Ishii was immediately sent on a long trip abroad to get acquainted with all the possible amount of "advanced experience" in the development, creation and use of biological weapons. Upon his return, he headed a special research institute, naturally deeply classified, and then, in 1932, the infamous "detachment 731", which he commanded from the moment of its creation until 1942, later going up the same line.

From all this, an absolutely unambiguous conclusion can be made - the Japanese high command made a bet on biological weapons in the late 20s and early 30s (by the way, even before the Nazis came to power in Germany). And since then, with true Japanese perseverance and determination, they followed a terrifying plan, which, if fully implemented, would have claimed the lives of tens, if not hundreds of millions of people. However, a considerable number of them were destroyed by the samurai with the help of biological weapons. And it’s not only about the victims of the ominous special forces, estimated, according to various sources, in the figure from 3-4 to 10-odd thousand. Against the USSR, the Japanese tried to use it back in 1939, pouring biological poison into the Khalkhin-Gol River, from the banks of which they were kicked out with a bang by the Red Army.

Enough for all mankind!

This is exactly what one of the members of "Detachment 731" once said, speaking of the combat potential of the "superweapon" created and already prepared for use by his colleagues. Bragging? Exaggerated? Alas, in no way. After many years of research and experiments, which were carried out on living people, invariably ending in their painful death, the same Shiro Ishii settled on infections of typhus, anthrax, cholera, and plague as the most effective and promising for military use. Moreover, the last infection from the mentioned ones was put at the forefront. They planned to deliver strikes in three main ways - by carrying out sabotage directly on enemy territory, spraying biomaterials from aircraft and delivering massive strikes with bombs with special biological "stuffing". Again, the third method was the most "advanced". A saboteur can be caught or neutralized before the mission is completed, a deadly "cloud" can be dispersed by the wind, but bombs are a completely different matter. Special ceramic ammunition "loaded" with fleas, ticks or plague-carrying rats was also the development of Dr. Ishii. Bursting fifty to a hundred meters above the ground, they practically guaranteed to disperse the carriers of the deadly disease, which was especially effective when attacking large populated areas. Such "plague bombs" the Japanese have repeatedly used in China, and over the course of several years. The number of victims of biological warfare among the local residents could not be counted either during the war years or afterwards. According to Chinese experts, they are "very large" and amount to at least hundreds of thousands of people.

Were the samurai going to use this weapon against the USSR? Absolutely yes. There are several irrefutable proofs of this. First, these are the words of Kato Tsunenori, a former member of the 731 unit, who in 1948 told stern investigators from the NKVD that “it was planned to use the same biological materials against the Soviet Union as against the United States and China - plague and anthrax "And not" any other ". The second (and most terrible) proof is that at least 30% of the "experimental" brutally tortured in the torture "laboratories" of the "detachment 731" were Russian. Our compatriot emigrants were caught in China and even secretly kidnapped on the territory of the USSR. What for? The goal was to find out the effect of deadly bacteria on their organisms. What else is there to prove ?! The order of a sharp increase in the amount of biological rubbish produced was given by the command of the Kwantung Army to the heads of the corresponding special forces back in 1944, and at the same time, active reconnaissance of our territory was launched, the purpose of which was to select targets for large-scale sabotage and air strikes with the help of biological weapons. Tokyo simply left Moscow no choice. I am sure that his fate was finally decided at the moment when the first reports of all these preparations lay on Stalin's table. All the conversations that are being conducted today in the United States (and in Japan, which is also typical) regarding the fact that the country's resistance "was broken by the horrific fate of Hiroshima and Nagasaki" are pure lies. No one in there even thought to surrender - even after the atomic bombings! If the Americans landed directly on the Japanese Islands, the emperor, the government and the military command would have evacuated to Manchuria and continued the war there with renewed vigor.

But the stars and stripes "winners" would have expected a very unpleasant surprise. We are talking about a detachment of monstrous submarines of the I-400 series, each of which, in fact, was a submarine aircraft carrier. It was already being prepared for a throw in the direction of the US coast, which was going to be bombed just by "products" of Dr. Ishii with "fillers" from carriers of plague and anthrax. What kind of a global pandemic could cause these, and others, similar actions of agonizing samurai, do not even want to think. It is quite possible that a natural end of the world threatened humanity. All these horrific plans were ruined by the swift advance of the Red Army. "Detachment 731" ceased its activities and existence just because of him. Its members hastily burned documents, their own "laboratories" and "production workshops" for the manufacture of bioweapons, tried to destroy evidence and fled wherever already under the roar of our "thirty-fours" passing through the "inaccessible" Gobi and Khingan. The plans of Shiro Ishii and his patrons were thwarted. They simply did not have time ... So the Soviet Union saved humanity from another catastrophe.
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  1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 5 September 2021 10: 27
    After the war, both Japan and Germany with its satellites were incredibly lucky. They did not take revenge. As, for example, they did not take revenge on Bandera in Ukraine. Or, let's say - to the Czechs. First of all, by the decision of the USSR, headed by Stalin.
    Their population. Their territories. The very fact of defeat is like a punishment. They were "forgiven".
    This is understandable. Everyone is tired of the war and the huge sacrifices. The truth now more and more comes to mind:

    Do not do good, do not get evil
    1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
      Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 5 September 2021 11: 44
      Pure delirium! ALL war crimes criminals were punished and prosecuted after the war! Nobody forgave ANYONE, was not going to forgive and forget! The USSR fulfilled its allied duty towards the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition! And criminals, no matter what nationality, should be punished for their crimes, ALWAYS !!! For me personally, only one moment is incomprehensible - WHAT is the relation to the GREAT VICTORY in the war of 1939-1945 have the activists who are attached in 2000 to "ravaging Russia in the past and present," scribblers "and who sympathize with them with admiration savoring those HORRORs suffered by the population USSR for the period 1917-1945? In my opinion, this is what is happening in our time - causing MORE FRIENDLY damage, even than the one that was done in 1917-1990, this damage is happening in the minds of people! In the past, the people BELIEVED that after hard times will come, they CANNOT fail to come IMPROVEMENT in their lives! Now no one expects this! It is from this that they are looking for external enemies, although these enemies are INSIDE the country, it is they who inflict INCREDIBLE DAMAGE to the whole of Russia and its population!
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 5 September 2021 12: 51
        Apart from Germany, no one answered. How is Hungary punished? Romania? Slovakia? What fright did they attack us with? The Hungarians, along with the Finns, left the Germans behind in cruelty towards the local population.
        Poland, protected by the USSR, went down in history as the winner of Hitler, a victim of Nazism. And everyone is trying not to remember that the first unauthorized armed territorial seizures in Europe were made by Poland. She became the first aggressor in the unleashed WWII. I mean the Teshin region. Her capture in 1938. was not sanctioned by the Munich agreements. And this is not to mention the seizures in 1919 - 1920. territories of Germany, Lithuania, Western Ukraine and Western Belarus.
        The Czechs regularly riveted high-quality weapons to Hitler from 1939 to April 1945.
        They were covered by Comrade. Stalin, it seems, they are now their own. Comrade Stalin was always distinguished by his excessive humanism and a belief in an abstract person that was not based on anything.
        And for those who have doubts, I advise you to read about how the British treated Greece during the civil war of 1946-1949. The Greeks themselves freed themselves from the Germans. The trouble is that the anti-Hitler movement was communist through and through. Therefore, the WB brought to power in Greece the collaborators who served Hitler during WWII. Work was in progress on urban development of artillery, aviation, tanks.
        This, I understand, is humanism.
        The current liberals will also be gradually removed from power, but they will not be severely punished. In order not to aggravate the situation.
        1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
          Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 5 September 2021 17: 06
          And the countries of the social camp is not the answer? The USSR lost a lot during World War II, but lost 2 times more in the 100th century, and now the countries formed during the collapse of the Soviet empire are losing! Currently, there is propaganda - how great life was before, but someone just GREAT!
          1. boriz Offline boriz
            boriz (boriz) 5 September 2021 18: 31
            The countries formed during the collapse of the USSR are a separate issue. I'm talking about those who fought against the USSR on the side of Hitler.
            Hungary had nothing. Romania changed its shoes on time and unexpectedly became the winner of Hitler. King Mihai even received the Order of Victory on a par with Stalin.
            Finland, at least, lost some of its territories. But then she was given the most favored nation treatment in trade with the USSR, and she rolled like cheese in butter.
            About Slovakia, no one remembered that she had declared war on the USSR and sent a corps to the Eastern Front.
            Bulgarians are, as always, "brothers", although they have declared war on the USSR. True, they refused to send troops to the eastern front, but they sent them to the Balkans, freeing the Germans. And they sank one of our submarines.
            Only Germany actually answered. And in vain. The rest of the people starving, immediately after the war, the USSR helped, than it could and could not. However, the East Germans were also helped and reparations were taken from them very moderately.
            1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
              Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 7 September 2021 11: 26
              How, in your understanding, should these countries answer? Take on the maintenance of the country of the former USSR?
              1. boriz Offline boriz
                boriz (boriz) 7 September 2021 13: 19
                How did Germany respond? Moreover, in both zones. Our equipment was taken out ruthlessly, by whole factories. The same Moskvich was made at an exported plant. In the early 1980s, I saw with my own eyes in the tool shop a bed milling machine from Germany, made in 1942. There was a nameplate, quite readable. An acquaintance of mine who worked there said that the gears of the gearbox were made of PCB and worked in an oil bath. They have been since 1942. so no one changed. They opened it somehow, just for prophylaxis, to see what was going on there. They looked, widening their eyes, and closed. And they never opened it again. It works, so what else do you need?
                They took out scientists, designers for atomic, rocket and other projects. Desires, especially, did not ask. True, they paid very well.
                In the western zones, the robbery was tougher.

                Take on the maintenance of the country of the former USSR?

                Why the former (former), he was then quite real.
                To some extent, yes. It was necessary to export more labor. There was no one to work, all the men either died or had not yet been demobilized. My father only in 1952. demobilized, served in Germany. There were huge masses of troops. Have you read about Churchill's plan "The Unthinkable"? Hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of troops stood and waited. And they were fed / armed not by our new "brothers", but by the USSR.
                And my mother told me what hunger was (they ate young shoots of horsetail, rhizomes of rape).
                I am short, and she is on my shoulder. Was. So her in the winter of 1946. (16 years old) was driven to logging. The country was being built, there were urgent defense programs. Well, the grandmother managed to "make" her a certificate in the village council (there were no passports, the village) and sent her to her older brother in Leningrad (or maybe he came for her, I don't know), he served there. Not everyone had such an opportunity. How long would she have lived after that?
                Our people were driven to the war in Germany, so why were we ashamed?
                It was necessary to take away the labor force and let them go nuts, you bastards. So no, political correctness was blunt ...
                1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
                  Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 7 September 2021 18: 13
                  Was your mother driven to logging by ours or the Germans?
                  1. boriz Offline boriz
                    boriz (boriz) 7 September 2021 20: 39
                    Ours, yes, instead of driving the Germans there.
                    1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
                      Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 7 September 2021 22: 09
                      Well, and the Germans, moreover, did not understand the flight of your thoughts?
                      1. boriz Offline boriz
                        boriz (boriz) 7 September 2021 22: 20
                        Lousy it flies with you.
                        To survive, the country had to drive to work those who were at hand.
                        In 1946. There was no one to work, I already wrote why. The Germans and their allies are to blame, they attacked. Plus, they also drove our citizens into the war to work in Germany, since the men fought against us.
                        Is it clear yet?
                        So it was necessary to act in a mirror-like manner, to drive the Germans here to replace those killed and those who were forced to remain in Europe, to insure against the attack of our former allies and those Germans whom the Americans and British did not disarm, but conducted combat training with them for an attack on our occupation zone.
                        The captured Germans were clearly not enough to restore everything that they destroyed and work in the countryside, to feed the country and the army.
                        Drive all adults of any gender to work hard.
                        Our country was governed, in 1947. they canceled the cards, and after a year or two the famine was not even close. Then it was possible to send them back.
                        And not to strain the people, who have already strained themselves.
                        So affordable?
                      2. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
                        Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 8 September 2021 15: 31
                        German prisoners of war worked in the USSR after the war for a very long time. Sooner or later they left, but the people who lived on the territory of the USSR remained, figuratively speaking, SLAVES! So where do the countries that took part on the side of Germany and Italy have to do with it?
    2. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
      Kofesan (Valery) 5 September 2021 20: 59
      You are unfamiliar with history.
      It is from there (from the 50s and the return of Bandera from the camps, and even with the cash with which they bought huts, cattle ...) the main roots of the current Nazism in Ukraine grow. They felt sorry for them.
      In Czechoslovakia, more than half a million Wehrmacht soldiers who returned and were NOT convicted escaped with a slight fright. And remembering how well they were paid in the factories, with the ardent support of England together, the civilian "forgiven" soldiers raised "an uprising in 68 years.
      Japan, having suffered only two cities and the loss of colonies, was released into the arms of the United States.
      Norway, Holland, Sweden, Northern France, Hungary, Romania ... all came out almost dry from "cooperation" with Hitler. And Germany? Is its post-war years comparable with an absolutely traditional, historical axiom - "woe to the vanquished" ???
      Yes, what to talk to you about?
      Delirium is what I generally answer to your comment ... I don't see any sense in responding to the slander and shouts of the shaken authority-luminary "reporter". Zero.
      1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
        Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 7 September 2021 11: 41
        So don’t answer, I don’t understand which side is the current generation to the Second World War, what was it that fought, restored the economy? Over the past more than 75 years after the war, it is mediocre ... lo conquered and created by past generations, and now they remembered the "debts".
    3. guleg Offline guleg
      guleg 6 September 2021 14: 39
      Quote: Alexander K_2
      ALL war crimes criminals were punished and prosecuted after the war!

      What are you talking about? Not even all Nazi war criminals were punished. Some escaped, some were not found (or they were “looking for” that they did not want to find), some were taken out by former allies, some were acquitted (!) At the tribunal. Some of them received scanty terms.

      As for the Japanese "scientists", the situation is even worse. Most of the employees of the Japanese bacteriological detachments who committed atrocities against civilians during World War II escaped responsibility by simply ... hiding in the United States. Our former allies generously distributed indulgences to those who might be of use to them. Only 12 (!) People appeared before the court at the Khabarovsk trial - out of tens and hundreds of criminals.
      1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
        Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 7 September 2021 11: 46
        If you think that someone owes something to your generation, get up from the sofa and prove it! - work and create, and do not look for "debtors" to whom the present has no touch!
  2. Xuli (o) Tebenado 5 September 2021 11: 51
    both Japan and Germany with its satellites are incredibly lucky.

    I do not know how the satellites are there, but in Germany they carried out denazification and independently punished their main war criminals.
    In Japan, nothing of the kind was close, and even Japanese fanatical biologists continued to live in peace after the war. This is what is still the reason for the hatred of the Japanese on the part of the Chinese, Koreans and residents of other territories occupied by them.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 5 September 2021 12: 36
      Yeah ...
      Koreans and Chinese are unlikely to soon forget the thousands of girls who were forcibly taken to the brothels of Japan.
      I heard that the Japanese apologized for this. Well, like, we won't be like this anymore.
      This hardly suited the Koreans (both countries) and the Chinese.
  • Xuli (o) Tebenado 5 September 2021 11: 45
    and for the rest of the world samurai from Tokyo, raving about world domination ...

    In general, I did not discover anything new for myself, but the author did make one "historical discovery".
  • Emmanuil Mayakovsky 5 September 2021 13: 55
    Armageddon was staged by the Americans for the Japs! And quite successfully, what does the USSR have to do with it? Despite the fact that during the surrender of Japan, they managed to snatch off the Kuril Islands, thanks to the Americans?
    1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
      Kofesan (Valery) 5 September 2021 21: 09
      By wiping Heroshima and Nagasaki from their faces, the Americans greatly frightened the Japanese. But the main power of the millionth Kwantung army was defeated by the USSR in a few months. It was this short period of the collapse of the best part of the Japanese Armed Forces and the very fact of a complete defeat, without the hope of a counterattack and revenge, that did not just "frighten" Japan. Then it became clear to the samurai "That's it! It's the end!"
      And Hiroshima was a kind of "icing on the cake." And the 200 contingent, soldiers scattered across the islands, engaged in skirmishes with the Americans, did not make the difference in the war.
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 7 September 2021 16: 00
        The Japanese simply did not pay attention to the loss of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now we know this about the atomic bomb. And then no one warned the Japanese. Therefore, two more burned cities did not attract their attention in any way. The number of victims (one-time) is usual, far from being a record one. They burned many more cities with carpet bombing (wood and paper buildings), with more casualties, with greater damage to the country's defense.
        1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
          Kofesan (Valery) 7 September 2021 17: 42
          The very fact - yes, I agree. There was no crisis. But Japan knew about nuclear weapons since it was developing them itself. And the subsequent American threats, deliberately cruel, indicated that the Americans knew about the Emperor's "calm" attitude to the bombing ...:

          We are now ready to destroy, even faster and more completely than before, all Japanese land-based production facilities in any city. We will destroy their docks, factories and their communications. Let there be no misunderstanding - we will completely destroy Japan's ability to wage war.

          Harry Truman

          Maintaining peace in our relations with the Soviet Union is an indispensable condition for the continuation of the war.

          Torashiro Kawabe, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Imperial Japanese Army, at a meeting of the Supreme Council in June 1945.

          But the decisive factor was, of course, the entry of the USSR into the war, and the crisis finally came in all its magnitude on August 9th. As I say, this led to the surrender. What's wrong?
          And the fact that the Japanese did not show that it mattered is known to more modern historians. They tried not to show it. They even gathered a council 3 days after that.
          The fact that the bombs did not have the slightest effect is an outdated point of view ...