"Russia was simply robbed": What Putin wanted to say with his article about Ukraine

Vladimir Putin's article dedicated to Russian-Ukrainian relations in their historical retrospective, published on July 12 on the official website of the head of state (and, which is typical, both in the original language and in translation into Ukrainian), cannot but be considered interesting and significant in a number of aspects. Its thoroughness and deep argumentation cannot be denied even policy and officials of the "nezalezhnoy", who are obliged to react to this work solely as to "the intrigues of enemy propaganda" is obliged by their very position.

Also, all more or less attentive readers of the presidential speech note that it clearly belongs to the category of “programmatic” and is a pronounced “message” addressed not only (but rather not so much) to official Kiev, but to a much wider audience. At the same time, the question remains open regarding the final meanings that Vladimir Vladimirovich wanted to convey to the "city and the world" by taking up the pen. Like any Putin speech, the article on Ukraine is multifaceted, far from monosyllabic, and requires deep reflection. It is worth pondering over it - at least in order to understand: what exactly does it stand for?

"Brotherly peoples"? No - one people

Perhaps the most revolutionary thesis of the article, which we have to talk about, is Vladimir Putin's decisive refusal from the usual paradigm, which originates in the days of early Soviet "proletarian internationalism", which, by the way, he does not remember with a kind word. The concept of "three fraternal peoples" - Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian, which denied the age-old idea of ​​"Great, Little and White Russia", inhabited by only slightly different representatives of one ethnic group, was born and more than actively implemented just in this one, quite a controversial period. The Little Russians disappeared precisely during the semi-violent Soviet "Ukrainization", and not earlier or later, and this was a huge mistake. As it turned out later - not on a local, but on a geopolitical scale. It is this mistake that Putin is striving to correct today, openly declaring not just the inextricable link between the Ukrainian and Russian people, but about the artificiality and far-fetchedness of their division, as such.

We must pay tribute to Vladimir Vladimirovich - he, practically, in full mentions in his speech all those difficult milestones that have gone through "a single spiritual and historical space", today torn apart into different (and moreover, warring) states with capitals in Kiev and Moscow ... At the same time, all of the president's historical excursions have a very easily caught subtext. Its essence lies in the fact that any attempts to create a "Ukrainian quasi-statehood" were, firstly, unsuccessful, and, secondly, they were inspired from abroad by the enemies of the Russian people. What is most interesting is that Vladimir Vladimirovich, seemingly not denying the very concept of "Ukrainians", several times speaks very specifically about the fact that "there have never been and could not have been historical grounds to consider them separate from the Russian people." Such maxims in the mouth of the leader of a world power are not at all abstract speculations, but, first of all, a refutation of the entire state ideology of today's Ukraine. Secondly, it is, most likely, the basis of a completely new state ideology and policy of Russia. In Kiev, by the way, they understood and understood this very clearly.

"Russia was simply robbed"

From the thought that Russians and Ukrainians are not just “brothers”, but one people, divided and disunited by sheer misunderstanding and by virtue of someone else's evil and hostile will, the following programmatic thesis of the article follows very smoothly. And here he is, the current Ukrainian authorities cut the ears and instills fear much more than a very well-reasoned refutation of their delusional "cultural" and "historical" ideas. The point is that Vladimir Vladimirovich, not at all embarrassed, raises the question of the fact that a fair part of the territories "non-existent", in fact, does not belong to her at all by right. And it's not just about Crimea or even Donbass. Recalling the history of the Donetsk-Kryvyi Rih Republic, which saw itself as a part not of Ukraine, but of the RSFSR, Putin makes it clear that in the future, the question may well be "raised" as to which state should be only Donetsk and Lugansk, and, for example , and the Dnipropetrovsk region with the native to the current president of the "nezalezhnaya" Kryvyi Rih. These are not territorial claims yet - but a very specific hint that they may arise.

And the reference to Sobchak's words that, by destroying the USSR, the republics that became "non-brotherly" at once (and Ukraine was one of the first here) would have to move into their new limits "with what they came from" confirms this assumption in the very fully. With his inherent ability to "sort out" any question, Putin also reminds the Ukrainian leadership that it "blew and squandered" all the legacy it inherited in 1991, created by the labor of many generations of Soviet people, and not the "labor" of nationalists ... And this - despite the "weighty support" in the field economicsprovided by our country, first of all - by deliveries of energy carriers at unrealistically low prices. A simple statement of fact or a reminder of debts that would not be bad to pay in the end? Vladimir Vladimirovich's words that as a result of the voluntaristic distribution of territories, and, consequently, resources - from natural to human, Russia was “simply robbed” at one time, can also be perceived and interpreted in different ways. Loot, as you know, should be returned. Isn't that what we're talking about?

In the "bottom line" ...

In any case, the most impressive and most directly relevant to the present day (and tomorrow, of course) is probably the part of the article that speaks of the current Ukraine being "under direct external control" and turning it into "anti-Russia". These passages, in fact, are just a continuation and further development of all the provisions that Vladimir Putin expressed on the same issue in his recent interviews and public speeches. Moscow will never "accept" the fact that Ukraine is increasingly becoming a "springboard" for hostile actions directed against our country and its people. The assertion that Russia “will never tolerate the use of its historical lands and people close to it” sounds especially strong against it. He will not agree that "the Russian people may decrease by millions" because of the "policy of forced assimilation" pursued by Kiev today. The events of 2014 are openly called a "coup d'état", the current president is "nezalezhnoy" - a worthless liar. Generally speaking, in the text we are considering, an unusually many things are called by their proper names, and this inspires some hope.

Yes, Vladimir Putin in his article finally states the fact that from the change of persons in power in Ukraine in its current state “nothing changes” (and cannot change!), That the oligarchs there (who, let's face it, Moscow made an erroneous bet for many years and decades) are a company of crooks who are "ready to sell their mother." Such "insight", albeit rather belated, should be welcomed. However, after reading a beautifully written article to the end, you suddenly feel that the wise and very weighty words spoken in it are, in fact, "hanging in the air." In the last phrases - again an expression of readiness for "dialogue" ... With whom, about what, when ?! Assurance that “Russia will never be“ anti-Ukraine ”. Sorry, but Ukraine will never be anything but "anti-Russia"! And what do you want to do with this ?! Vladimir Vladimirovich, in fact, contradicts himself - after all, his brilliant speech ends with the words that "what Ukraine should be is for its people to decide." However, just a few paragraphs earlier, the president himself stated that "millions of people" for whom Russophobia is categorically unacceptable were "driven underground and deprived of the right to vote" in Ukraine, that they were "not allowed to raise their heads." You can't do much from the underground ...

Will deed follow the word?

Vladimir Putin's article "On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians" can be viewed in very different ways. It makes no sense to consider the reaction of the official representatives of Kiev and the local pro-government politicians to it, ranging from angry hysteria to powerless clowning (performed by Zelensky). By the way, some of the Ukrainian "patriots" seek to use the speech of the Russian leader solely as a pretext for immediate mobilization and strengthening of militaristic and Russophobic tendencies in the country. There are others - somewhat more sane, who perceive the article as a message not only to Ukraine, but also to the entire “collective West” that supports it, as an extremely concentrated list of “red lines” that are outlined, quite possibly, for the last time. Hence - and such a high level at which they are voiced. Someone sees in the written "verdict" for the Kiev regime, which in Moscow was finally recognized as incapable of negotiation and unworthy of any form of personal communication. According to those who adhere to this point of view, Vladimir Putin has officially launched the introduction of completely new standards in relation to Ukraine, the most stringent and uncompromising.

The impression was made, and on a very large scale. Vladimir Vladimirovich was heard both by those who are now desperately trying to neutralize the effect of what he wrote with their wretched "answers", and those who are still keeping silent, preferring not to enter into discussions, but to act. The main thing in this case is what concrete actions arising from the program provisions of the presidential speech will follow. There is no doubt that both Kiev and its Western "partners" will provide more than enough reasons for a response in the very near future. If this happens in the usual format of “expressions of deep concern” and the like, the speech of our leader, which has every chance to be included in the history books, risks turning into something that it should not be categorically - into an empty phrase. This will be a “loss of face”, the negative consequences of which cannot be overestimated.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 14 July 2021 11: 23
    The first reaction to the article is already there. - Avakov decided to resign. Apparently, he understands that something is happening that is not very good for modern Ukraine. If anything, he will leave for the Czech Republic.
    And some enterprising Ukrainian "Korobeinikovs" have probably already begun to conduct an inventory of those who spoke out against Russia, so that if something happens they have compromising evidence on the new authorities of the country if they are pro-Russian. Lists will be expensive. And getting into the "Peacemaker" can become an indulgence against the persecution of the new regime.
  2. marciz Online marciz
    marciz (Stas) 14 July 2021 11: 44
    Robbed, stolen a human resource !! ?? And you need this human resource !!! ??? In Russia, people are poisoned with drugs as before, you still need to poison us with drugs and intimidate with dumb Caucasians !? No, finish off your Russians Nako we need it !!!! ??? We have enough of our own brawlers !!!!
  3. marciz Online marciz
    marciz (Stas) 14 July 2021 11: 48
    Soon, Putin's speech will be on the air, refuting this article, and in which he will call Ukraine and the fascists Partners and start a barrel organ about the turnover !!!!
  4. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 14 July 2021 13: 01
    “Russia was simply robbed” - perhaps the only time Putin did not lie. Rather, he told half the truth, without specifying how he robbed ...
    Already, even, the language of the closest associates is untied -

    In April of this year, Rosstat published data according to which the number of Russians with incomes below the subsistence level fell to 12,1% (17,8 million people). Billionaire Oleg Deripaska then sharply criticized Rosstat data.
    “In fact, there are about 80 million citizens with such incomes [below the subsistence level] in our country,” Deripaska wrote in his telegram channel. “But Rosstat in recent years has learned to juggle numbers and manipulate statistics so masterly that we are now forced to read such "gallant" reports on "victories" over poverty. It's only a shame that these "victories" mostly take place on paper, "the businessman was indignant.

    In general, the correct proverb is that a thief shouts louder than anyone else "Stop the thief" ...
    1. anclevalico Offline anclevalico
      anclevalico (Victor) 15 July 2021 13: 54
      Took off the tongue.
      1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
        Kofesan (Valery) 16 July 2021 04: 50
        So this is the purpose of the whole "presentation" (election technologies, in other words - chatter). As Churchill used to say - "to strengthen the arguments with your voice." This is something you can understand from the article (between the lines, of course). But ...

        But WHAT I did not understand is why it was concluded that

        deeds will follow words

        That is ... before the article, these "cases" were simply impossible? But now, it means - "LET'S GO"! ???
        Oh, the "legend" is fresh, but it's hard to believe ...

  5. "One people", not "one people" - to the light bulb. But Tomahawks in Konotop are a tryndean to Moscow!
  6. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
    Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 14 July 2021 17: 10
    "The elevator from the knees of Russia", together with the kagal of friends-oligarchs, has long been plundering the country.
  7. Cyril Offline Cyril
    Cyril (Kirill) 14 July 2021 19: 26
    ... And the Untropped One is His prophet.
  8. Radziminsky Victor (Radziminsky Victor) 14 July 2021 20: 41
    What did Putin want to say with his article about Ukraine?

    That he, as the president in charge of Russia's foreign policy in the countries of the former USSR, withdrew himself, and together with Lavrov, for 20 years, did not pursue any policy in Ukraine.

    Russia should have channels of influence on what is happening in the countries of the former USSR.
    Channels - cultural, educational, economic, political, military
    and through the special services, in the end.
    This is foreign policy - for which Putin is responsible.

    It was impossible to stay idle and transfer the countries of the former USSR to the mercy of Russian businessmen and all NATO special services.

    DO NOT transfer all channels of influence to millions of people friendly to Russia - into the hands of Russia's eternal enemies.

    And the territory of Ukraine, given over to the military bases of Britain and the United States, is the success of the foreign policy of Britain and the United States.
    And if military bases of Turkey and Canada appear in Ukraine, then this will be the real foreign policy of Turkey and Canada.
    Britain and the United States gave Putin the "island of Crimea" - so that he could arrange a big holiday.
    And for a real foreign policy in Ukraine - in Russia someone needs to be beaten with rods for a long time.
    True, this will not help Russia.
  9. grysha Offline grysha
    grysha (A.M) 14 July 2021 22: 13
    Quote: BoBot Robot - Free Thinking Machine
    "One people", not "one people" - to the light bulb. But Tomahawks in Konotop are a tryndean to Moscow!

    Moreover, there was once a missile brigade there, although after the collapse of the USSR it was abandoned, but it is worth restoring it.
  10. Captain stoner Offline Captain stoner
    Captain stoner (Captain Stoner) 14 July 2021 22: 37
    Like any Putin speech, the article on Ukraine is multifaceted, far from monosyllabic, and requires deep reflection. It is worth pondering over it - at least in order to understand: what exactly does it stand for?

    In the summer of 1987, Brezhnev's memoirs were removed from bookstores and written off to waste paper.
  11. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 14 July 2021 22: 49
    Medvedchuk proceeds from the fact that Ukraine was part of the Commonwealth, Austria-Hungary, Nemetchina, the USSR, and this left its mark.
    Western Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine are two different Ukraine.
    Talking about Western Ukrainians and Russians as one people is about the same as calling Russians and Serbs, Poles, Bulgarians one people.

    The article clearly outlines the concern of the Russian Federation with the actions of the Sshasovites in Ukraine - the creation of military infrastructure, bases, training centers in the hope that the Sshasovites will hear and respond.
    I suppose this is hardly true, especially when they openly call the Russian Federation their enemy and have not abandoned the intention to “defragment” the Russian Federation into many “democratic” state institutions.
    There is no mention of Russia's retaliatory actions, and the entire previous policy of the Russian Federation says that they will be limited to diplomatic verbiage that no one cares about.
  12. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 15 July 2021 09: 54
    In the USSR, the question of how to register state property was raised more than once. The last to raise this issue was the State Emergency Committee, which proposed to conduct an inventory of the state. property of the USSR. It was death like for people with left-wing incomes. The rules for the secession of the republics from the USSR were raised after August, but they were rejected.
  13. Oleg S Offline Oleg S
    Oleg S 15 July 2021 17: 53
    Putin, declaring "what they came with" "is getting on a slippery slope ..
  14. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 15 July 2021 19: 12
    Russia has not been robbed. It has been stupidly betrayed. Their own as it is fashionable. "Elite". Putin in general for the pension "reform" will always burn in hell if anything else.
  15. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
    aquarius580 17 July 2021 09: 48
    And there are many who want to go to win back the "Russian lands"?