How German residents reacted to Putin's article about the war

On the anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Vladimir Putin wrote an article dedicated to this sad date. The material was published by the German weekly Die Zeit, prompting numerous comments from readers.

The Russian president writes about the great tragedy that befell the peoples of Europe and the USSR in connection with the war unleashed by the Nazis, and pays tribute to the fighters, anti-fascists and leaders of the Resistance. Putin talks about the hopes placed in post-war Europe on peace, about proposals for integration and cooperation between the Soviet Union and European countries.

The head of the Russian Federation notes with regret that a different approach prevailed - the expansion of NATO, the movement of the western bloc to the east, support for the Ukrainian coup d'état in 2014. European and world security is once again under threat. The way out is in open cooperation between Europe and Russia, in the creation of a common space of cooperation from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and in equal relations.

How ordinary Germans reacted to Vladimir Putin's article:

Good words. But will they lead to concrete action? In the meantime, everyone is waiting for the "other side" to take the first step.

Harrzach asks.

The last part of the article is an honest offer from Russia. It would be great to create a joint security space from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It is well known that to judge the past based on today's realities. In the future, we need to understand each other's positions, and we have starting points for this.

- writes Schlaupilz optimistically.

People should talk to each other more often. NATO actually defines external political the limits of the use of force - why not offer Russia membership?

- asks a logical question aadam.

Be partners with Russia in what area? Economic? No interest, since corruption in Russia is too great, and investors are arbitrarily blocked by the state itself, being branded as a foreign agent. Political? Under Putin, Russia has become a dictatorship, critical journalism is suppressed by the state, oppositionists are imprisoned, and their organizations are banned. This is why I think this article only serves one purpose - domestic Russian propaganda.

- criticized namevergeben2.

Wow! Thank you Mr Putin for this article! As a person born after the war, I have long wanted Europe and Russia to find each other. Reading your lines, I believe it will work. When can specific discussions start and who can initiate them? No more war from Lisbon to Vladivostok, freedom, culture and respect for everyone is a great idea

- believes Herr Nadel.

It's nice that Mr. Putin talks about the mistakes of both sides. However, at the same time, he lists only the alleged mistakes of the West or the former USSR, forgetting about Russia's mistakes. As always, he calls the expansion of NATO to the east an aggression, keeping silent about the fact that the East Europeans wanted to become members of the Alliance precisely because of the aggressive actions of Moscow. So, Vladimir Vladimirovich, behind your beautiful words, I do not see any readiness for a real dialogue

- confident Deserteur 2.0.
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  1. 1536 Offline 1536
    1536 (Eugene) 23 June 2021 10: 13
    The Germans understood nothing and learned nothing. And they seem to have forgotten what happened 80 years ago. What happened in 1991 when the FRG swallowed up the German Democratic Republic, i.e. a member state of the UN, a member of the Warsaw Pact, CMEA, etc. was annexed. The Germans have forgotten who saved them from Nazism, who, after 1945, did not allow them to be destroyed as a people for all their atrocities committed against other peoples of Europe.
    Germans! It is we, Russians, every citizen of Russia, who can and should make claims to you about doing business with Germany, because your country is actually occupied by the United States and the FRG government is fulfilling someone else's will. On your territory are the bases of the American army and the nuclear weapons of this country, which are directed against Russia. We should be wary of the Germans who violate all conceivable norms of morality and family values, forgetting about the 10 Christian commandments. It is the Russians who should be afraid of strengthening the German army, its joint maneuvers with other NATO members. It is we who must be afraid that fascism may re-emerge in Germany by reading about the chants shouted by German soldiers. It is we who must protest to the Germans for the invasion of Ukraine, for all antics hostile to the Russians from the UN rostrum, to which Germany was invited thanks to the USSR and Russia, first of all. (Thank God that we managed to save Crimea from you and your "friends" in 2014!) We should be afraid that the Germans will attack Russia again some early summer morning and start killing everyone and robbing our churches, museums, archives.
    And when the Germans will understand this, when they will treat people in Russia the way they would like them to treat them, then there will be, perhaps, friendship / frandshaft, as was once sung in a song familiar to many.
    And now one can only regret the wasted time spent on all appeals to the Germans, because the Lord said: "Do not give holy things to dogs and do not throw your pearls before the pigs, so that they do not trample it under their feet and, turning, do not tear you to pieces." “The Bible Matt. 7: 6 "/ synodal translation, 1816-1862.
  2. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 23 June 2021 21: 32
    This is a sample. And it does not reflect the overall picture. On the whole, Germany could not be bought either by cheap minerals, in fact exclusively supplied only to her by Russia, or by the "forgetfulness" of the crimes of fascism and Bandera.

    They are again for their own! Only this time together with the Saxons and much bolder, albeit more cautious ... And much slower. Not "blitzkrieg" ... And certainly not bombs. At this stage ... and until ... not with bombs ...

    And a selection from a sea of ​​only three comments of peace-loving people, from a sea of ​​negativity ... this is complacency. Or masturbation. As you wish ... Although conclusions, by a drop of water, about the existence of oceans are also possible.

    But in our case, we have oceans of negativity, according to which it would be time to start drawing conclusions ...
  3. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 23 June 2021 21: 55
    Here, I found it, in confirmation ...:

    article ... by Bundestag deputy Sevim Dagdelen, who openly accused the German government of preparing for a new war with Russia ...