Uzbekistan “recaptured” Russian nuclear power plant from Kazakhstan

Over the past decade and a half, relations between Russia and Uzbekistan have not developed in the best way. The Central Asian state first left the CSTO, then allowed the US military to use their airfields on the way to Afghanistan. Economic cooperation between Moscow and Tashkent was also curtailed.

Not the last role in this was played by the pro-Western position of the previous president of the country, Islam Karimov, who kept his multi-billion dollar fortune in banks in the USA, Great Britain and Switzerland. If he had gone against them, he would have immediately lost his money. But the power in the republic changed and its current president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, began to look towards Russia.

The first step in strengthening economic ties between the two countries was Tashkent’s decision to build the first nuclear power plant. It will be created by Russian Rosatom under the same project as the Belarusian NPP. With its help, Uzbekistan will not only cover the shortage of electricity, but will be able to export it to neighboring Kazakhstan, which also lacks Kilowatts.

In this regard, it is important to note that Russia at one time proposed Astana to build a nuclear power plant, but it refused, it seems, under pressure from Washington.

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  1. Baha Offline Baha
    Baha 30 November 2018 22: 10
    good It’s good that they are building nuclear plants, if only there was safety first. I’m for a peaceful atom.
    The development of the industry will give a lot of development to related industries and, incidentally, the medical atom, which will help a lot of citizens of Uzbekistan and the world. Good luck and of course the speedy inclusion of this facility.