Minsk cut off supplies of the most demanded brand of gasoline to Kiev

As part of a protest against the actions of Minsk on an emergency landing of a Ryanair plane and the arrest of opposition leader and editor-in-chief of the telegram channel Nexta Roman Protasevich, Ukraine announced that from midnight on May 29, it would stop air traffic with Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko made a decision on economic retaliatory measures.

According to the director of the Consulting Group Ai-95, Sergei Kuyun, Belarus has banned the transportation of the most popular brand of gasoline to Ukraine - Ai-95.

The worst decision that Belarusians could make in the current situation is to close the supply of A-95 gasoline to Ukraine, where their product has 50% of the market

- noted Kuyun on his Facebook page.

According to the director, negotiations between the Ukrainian and Belarusian sides continue. Sergei Kuyun clarified that now it is necessary to find 50 thousand tons of gasoline - perhaps the fuel will have to be delivered by sea.

The actions of the Belarusian authorities were dictated by the sanctions measures announced by Ukraine and other European countries in response to the actions of the security forces of the Republic of Belarus at the Minsk airport. The President of Belarus announced the imposition of reciprocal tradeeconomic distinctions in relation to European "partners".
  • Used photos: paulbr75 / pixabay.com
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  1. Ivan Nikolsky Offline Ivan Nikolsky
    Ivan Nikolsky (Ivan Nikolsky) 28 May 2021 15: 35
    Lukashenka did it right, let the "square" scratch itself ...
  2. greenchelman Offline greenchelman
    greenchelman (Grigory Tarasenko) 28 May 2021 18: 40
    from midnight on May 29 stops

    - from May 26.
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 28 May 2021 23: 53
    I doubt that this is a retaliatory measure. At first I thought so too, then I read it ... it's just not profitable to supply it, the margin is not satisfied.

    The Ukrainian government has introduced state regulation of prices for gasoline and diesel fuel by setting maximum trade markups to the average cost of petroleum products for the period of quarantine in the country.
    The surcharge for gasoline cannot exceed UAH 5 / liter (USD 0,18), and for diesel fuel - UAH 7 / liter (USD 0,25).

  4. nehoroshih48 Offline nehoroshih48
    nehoroshih48 (alex) 29 May 2021 19: 30
    well done "dad" - also close the solarium for them.
  5. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 29 May 2021 19: 39
    Dear Gregory and Dmitry!
    Nobody ever copies or reads links on forums ... drinks