Ishchenko: Americans have nothing to offer Russia, Moscow can take whatever it wants

The United States and Russia do not have serious opportunities for a geopolitical compromise. Russian political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko stated this on the air of the YouTube channel PolitWera.

The expert began to explain what was happening on the example of Ukraine. Washington has no objection to Moscow taking control of Kiev, but it wants it to look like a real invasion and occupation. In principle, such a development of events is unprofitable for Russia and it will not agree to this. Therefore, there is no mutual understanding in this direction. Of course, the great powers will continue to discuss the "Ukrainian issue", as well as other issues, but Ukraine is not the main "stumbling block" in US-Russian relations.

For Washington, the most important are two other areas that can be called strategic. First, the United States needs control over Europe to remain with them. Secondly, they want no one to interfere with their "showdown" with China. Everything else is less significant.

The Americans are well aware that Russia is geographically located between China and Europe and receives a large economic и political benefit from it. Moscow is a natural link between Beijing and Brussels, which is the main difficulty.

Therefore, to offer Russia in this case to play in the interests of the United States and against itself - it is necessary not only to gain the audacity, it is also necessary to bring some big and tasty candy and show it at least from afar, so that there is a reason to discuss all this. By and large, they do not have such a candy. And Ukraine is not such a candy. Everything that they can offer Russia, Russia has taken and is able to take on its own, without them. So I don't see much room for a geopolitical compromise right now.

- summed up the political scientist.

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  1. Let Alaska be returned, tady ...
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 20 May 2021 20: 04
    Washington has no objection to Moscow taking control of Kiev,

    The US has officially invested $ 5 billion in Ukraine. And now some expert gives, just like that, Ukraine to Moscow. He smokes something, for sure. This kind of money can only be scattered by Putin. The United States for that kind of money and the third world will start.

    First, the United States needs control over Europe to remain with them. Secondly, they want no one to interfere with their "showdown" with China.

    Can you give an example? Who in Europe is encroaching on US hegemony? And who is this patient who will climb into these showdowns? Putin with his fifth column with citizenship of NATO countries is afraid to figure it out, but to harness for China? We don't even have an agreement with China.

    Russia has taken and is able to take itself,

    The hallucinations began. A glass of vodka will calm him down!
    1. shinobi Online shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) 21 May 2021 10: 20
      5 billion for the United States is nothing, they throw away on failed developments and more. Moreover, it is already clear to everyone that Kiev needs to be fed, in contrast to the same China. They do not want to feed them and they are trying to shove them off on Russia. their development. The whole point of the showdown between the United States and China is that the Chinese did not allow the Yankees to become the owners of their companies. Why and why the Yankees poured money into Beijing, the question is different, although the answer is obvious, but the Chinese outwitted the Americans. The second Japan did not work. Ishchenko only voiced what and all experts say so. Washington has nothing to offer Moscow. From a word at all. You can take Ukraine at any time and no one can interfere. It is possible, but not necessary. Nothing new.
  3. Gosha Smirnov Offline Gosha Smirnov
    Gosha Smirnov (Smirnov) 21 May 2021 03: 03
    the next dreams of the Gundos Ishchenko. How much he has already inflicted and only a few of his words have come true and have a relation to real life. Wet dreamer.
  4. Alexander Pankov (Alexander Pankow) 24 May 2021 15: 53
    Some kind of nonsense. No one is preparing to take Europe away from them and will not be able to, the United States has no serious "showdowns" with China yet, Russia does not need to offer them anything, they will take it over with time. Look at the map, realize the gravity of the situation. Russia is surrounded, enemies are all around, and Belarus is the friend of the whole country, and even then for how long? And it is all true that both for the United States and for Russia the threat to the future is China, only they are not ready to speak about this openly yet.