China started military expansion in different regions of the planet

The Chinese military presence in other countries has long been a sore point for Pentagon strategists and analysts. Contrary to popular belief, the People's Republic of China, which has a huge zone of political and economic influence, has practically no military bases.

The People's Liberation Army of China maintains an active military presence in a number of regions of the world, but it is sometimes represented by extremely modest forces - in this case there is no talk of any strategic military installations. The Chinese armed forces, for example, in Africa, are mostly represented by a few specialist UAV operators, military instructors and special operations forces.

However, it would be naive and extremely shortsighted to believe that this situation will not change in any way.

As the processes contribute to the expansion of China's sphere of influence and its expansion beyond its national borders, the republic's leadership increasingly declares that the PLA must ensure the protection of Chinese interests abroad. The prerequisites for this were long ago - back in 2004, a member of the Chinese Communist Party, Hu Jintao, announced for the first time that the army should take on "new historical missions."

Subsequently, China launched the Belt and Road Global Infrastructure Initiative. A project of this magnitude was reflected in a change in rhetoric in the discussions of Chinese political circles pondering over the question of what the best way could be to secure the growing investments of the republic in other parts of the world.

When Xi Jinping took office, the discussion about the need for foreign military bases changed radically.

Since at least 2019, in official documents and statements of the Ministry of Defense of the PRC, the military began to directly set the task of protecting the interests and investments of the People's Republic of China abroad, which openly declares that the PLA will develop "overseas logistics facilities."

China established its first official overseas military base in Djibouti. This happened in August 2017 - it is known that only at the initial stage of construction, Beijing spent approximately $ 590 million. This facility is under the jurisdiction of the PLA Navy: its central task is, firstly, to provide logistical support to Chinese forces in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, and secondly, to support peacekeeping, humanitarian and rescue operations in Africa.

The base is home to about 2000 PLA ​​troops, including hundreds of Marines who provide security for the facility. It is known that armored vehicles and light means of fire support are already based there - and combat helicopters and drones are expected soon.

Of course, since China established a naval base in East African Djibouti, analysts, strategists and simply inquisitive researchers have been trying to predict exactly where the republic's next overseas logistics facility will be built.

A 2020 special report by US military analysts lists a long list of countries that could become potential candidates for an expanded Chinese presence. The study says the People's Republic of China may consider states such as Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Seychelles, Tanzania, Angola, and even Tajikistan as locations for strategic strongholds. points of the PLA. According to the Americans, Beijing has already tried to create military installations in Namibia, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, and is also active in Cambodia.

China is looking for a place where it can replenish supplies and repair its warships. This will become a military advantage in the event of a potential conflict.

- said the head of the African Command (AFRICOM) USA Stephen Townsend.

However, the list does not stop there - in 2021, diplomatic contacts of the Chinese political leadership with countries such as Angola and South Africa were recorded. This seriously alarmed both the American military, including those of the highest rank, like the aforementioned AFRICOM General Stephen Townsend, as well as Admiral Craig Fuller (head of the US Southern Command) and General Frank Mackenzie (head of the US Central Command).

The highest military circles of the United States and allied European countries, acting as members of the anti-Chinese bloc, believe that the active growth of Chinese expansion is taking place not only in Asia and the Pacific Ocean. In turn, a galaxy of analysts argue that Beijing is aggressively promoting its economic influence in the states of Africa, South America and the Middle East, actively looking for places there for the deployment of military facilities.

The Chinese have beaten the United States in a number of African countries. Port construction, economic impact, infrastructure projects, numerous agreements and contracts greatly expand their influence. Beijing raises its stakes and relies heavily on Africa

- said the head of the African Command (AFRICOM) USA Stephen Townsend.

Especially strongly Western strategists fear the construction of military facilities of the PRC not on the east coast of Africa, but on the west. This will put them face to face with the prospect of confronting the Chinese naval forces not only in the Pacific, but also in the Atlantic. Moreover, West Africa is geographically less distant from North America, which threatens the American east coast.

All this is by no means empty assumptions - China has numerous economic interests on the west coast of Africa (especially fishing and oil production). Moreover, Beijing has also invested in and participated in the construction of a large commercial port in Cameroon, the infrastructure of which may well serve as a launching pad for a naval base or logistics center.

In any case, it is clear that Beijing's presence will only grow. Such measures will not only improve China's image in the international arena, but will also allow the PRC to further strengthen its influence in the world.
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  1. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
    aquarius580 16 May 2021 10: 14
    Actually, the globalist mafia (the real masters of the planet) has long been carrying out a plan to destroy the Western (white, Christian) civilization. The plan includes the decomposition of society through "multiculturalism", "tolerance", a decrease in the birth rate (propaganda of abortions, etc.), the spread of hard drugs, the importation of hordes of Muslims and Africans into the primordially Christian territories, inciting Christian peoples against each other, etc. etc. The most important point of this plan is the destruction of the United States as the leader of Western civilization, and the replacement of America with China. The transition of economic expansion to military expansion was just a matter of time: when it became impossible to hide that the goal of the program was not "economic development", but the seizure of world domination, the dragon clearly showed carefully grown teeth.
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 16 May 2021 12: 58
      - Yes ...
      - Personally, I have written many many many times (and for a very long time) and continue to write; that China is the Antichrist in the embodiment of a supposedly socialist state ... - which has as its goal to take over the world space and the entire planet Earth ...
      - It's time to discard all kinds of formulations and interpretations that have an economic interpretation and interpret this or that development of society; the growth of industry, scientific and technological progress, any cultural values, an increase in the standard of living, etc. and so on ... - All this is a thin fake gilded shell, under which the mask of this world Antichrist is hidden ... - This is the only way to associate all this China ... - And do not bother with bringing indicators and all sorts of coefficients, indices, graphs, tables, charts, etc., where the quantitative values ​​of China's industrial production and its potential rating in the world economy are given ... - That's all superfluous and leading many people (and many states) away from understanding ... - what a universal danger is approaching the whole world ... - leading away from the understanding that it is necessary to unite in order to stop this universal Evil ...
      - And this Antichrist has long had its very influential supporters in the United States and (especially) in Russia and around the world ... - But the Christian Churches remain silent ... - Catholic Europe and both Americas are silent; Orthodox Russia is silent ... - But the peoples of the whole Earth simply will not be in good luck when this Antichrist gains strength even more and begins to take over the whole world ...
      - Humanity is so careless that this problem does not bother it at all ... - everyone worries only about the price of oil, issues of global warming, issues of decarbonization, and so on and so on ...
      - And the fact that such a monstrous danger has arisen before the whole world for a long time ... - to this many peoples of the world simply continue to "close their eyes" ... - And China (this Antichrist) ... - does not sleep
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 16 May 2021 18: 49
    The PRC economy is the largest in the world, and the development potential exceeds the total potential of the United States and the EU combined, and this is even without ASEAN, CPTPP, VPTPP, RCEP, SCO, NSHP, EAEU, BRICS, other initiatives and agreements, and the SShasians want the armed forces of this countries remained at the level of the XNUMXth century?
    Maybe it's time for the Sshasovites to stop interfering in the internal affairs of other states and put together a Quad - an Asian analogue of NATO?
    The CCP does not set the task of forming an international, but for the PLA to support it and establish "democracy" in other states, and this is fundamentally different from the policy of the Sshasovites, whose armed forces took part in over 250 conflicts around the world, and how many people were killed by no one even did not count.
    The PRC is not the Russian Federation, and it responds immediately and adequately to Sshasov provocations, threats and blackmail, as has already happened more than once.
    The Sshasovites aim to prevent the PRC from entering the ocean trade routes and therefore create several lines of opposition, trying to lock up the Chinese fleet on the Okinawa-Taiwan-Singapore line; Japan-Philippines-Singapore and the third line - Alaska-Guam-Australia.
    It is not difficult to imagine how all the world's “democratic” media would take up arms if the PRC nevertheless began the construction of a canal in Nicaragua and the Kra Isthmus with the deployment of full-fledged military bases for their protection.
    The idle inventions of all kinds of analysts from the agitation industry are an element of agitation and confrontation with the PRC and shows from whom all this comes - from world imperialism and its leader - the United States.
    1. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
      aquarius580 17 May 2021 00: 46
      KPC performed in 2020-21. attempted raider seizure of Australia. A lot of officials were bribed; the state of Victoria, which subscribed to the "one belt, one road" de facto remained one step away from leaving the federation (even introduced visas for residents of other states). So China is the enemy of Western civilization
      1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 18 May 2021 01: 11
        Not very long ago I watched an Australian film on Tracker, how China conquered Australia. The planes were half-sky, the invaders were dark, the local residents were offended. Several girly boys have started a holy war ...
        1. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
          aquarius580 18 May 2021 01: 51
          No, it was in the plan, but only as a final step. Before that, they massively bought up assets: from strategic (ports, power lines ...) to the smallest thing (corrupt politicians, etc.) True, the authorities changed their minds in time, and when the aggression passed into an active phase (under the guise of "covid"), the Chinese plan was stopped. The Chinese initially act through economic expansion, corruption, everywhere they equip "Confucius institutions" (centers of ideological influence and propaganda), etc.
          1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
            Bulanov (Vladimir) 18 May 2021 09: 06
            And the Anglo-Saxons banned Russia from buying Opel, too, because of the global expansion of Russia?
            1. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
              aquarius580 18 May 2021 10: 51
              Have you even read the title of the topic? It's about China.
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 17 May 2021 11: 23
    Modern Western civilization is a political union of 1% of people who own transnational corporations and banks who own 99% of all world wealth, as UN Secretary General Anton Guterres spoke about when delivering a lecture in memory of Nelson Mandela. He especially focused on the exponentially growing abyss both between the people of Western civilization and between the golden billion and the rest of the world. Inequality is a characteristic feature of Western civilization, and Western civilization itself is becoming more and more aggressive and examples of this are over the top! Only force can be opposed to the aggression of Western civilization, it does not understand anything else.