Where did the Italian sewage system come from on "Admiral Kuznetsov"

The history of our only at the moment and long-suffering heavy aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" reflected, perhaps, all the imaginable and inconceivable problems of the domestic fleet: initially not the most successful project, serious technical problems during subsequent operation, the loss of several aircraft not in battle during the "Syrian hike ”, the risk of going to the bottom in peacetime along with the floating dock, as well as the subsequent fire during restoration work. Now there are serious questions about how the repair of Russia's only light aircraft carrier is proceeding.

Probably, the main problems of "Admiral Kuznetsov" are explained by the fact that it was originally designed as a helicopter carrier, but later it was decided to make a full-fledged aircraft carrier out of it, capable of accepting not only helicopters and VTOL aircraft. At the same time, the TAVRK was to be positioned precisely as an aircraft-carrying cruiser in order to be able to pass the Turkish straits in accordance with the Montreux Convention. The situation was aggravated by the objectively insufficient experience of the pilots of the Russian carrier-based aviation and a number of technical problems of the very old ship itself. The combination of these factors can explain the not very impressive results of the Syrian campaign of "Admiral Kuznetsov".

Despite this, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is clearly not ready to abandon the last aircraft carrier in the Navy. TAVRK, capable of carrying up to 50 aircraft, can still perform certain combat missions, as well as serve as a training ship for carrier-based aviation pilots. As part of the modernization, new boilers should be installed on the heavy cruiser instead of the old problem ones and pumps, new flight systems and communication systems, as well as the sea version of the Pantsir air defense missile system. The main turbines of its power plant are also subject to repair. However, all this somehow went wrong.

In 2018, "Admiral Kuznetsov" almost went to the bottom not because of an anti-ship missile hit, but as a result of an accident with the PD-50 floating dock at a shipyard in Murmansk. The TAVRK was saved only thanks to the actions of the remaining crew on board, but a crane collapsed on its deck, making a hole in the surface of the hull. Unfortunately, the ordeal of the heavy cruiser did not end there. A year later, during the welding work on the aircraft carrier, there was a severe fire, the damage from which was estimated by the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) at $ 500 million. Because of this, the deadlines for the delivery of the TAVRK to the military were postponed until 2022.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of our last aircraft carrier. Last year, USC was forced to terminate the contract with the general contractor for the construction of a dry dock for the cruiser, JSC Investments. Engineering. Construction "(I.I.S.) with the following wording:

The financial condition of the company is unsatisfactory, they took an advance payment much more than they completed the work.

And in March 2021, on suspicion of embezzling funds allocated for the repair of the TAVRK, the general director of the 10th Order of the Red Banner of Labor Shipyard was arrested. The investigation charges the top manager of the Murmansk contractor enterprise with embezzlement of 45 million rubles. That's it. It's all?

No, not all, alas. Now questions arose about the components used in the restoration of the cruiser. The questions are far from idle, since foreign suppliers of equipment and components may in the future simply refuse to service and repair them. This is a big problem for domestic civilian shipbuilding, and for the military, such a situation is in principle unacceptable. In general, the process of import substitution in our country is really going on and is gaining momentum, but some of the foreign equipment is still trying to stuff on the Admiral Kuznetsov.

Thus, despite the presence of domestic counterparts, Italian-made wastewater treatment plants (EWTP) will be supplied to TAVRK. There are almost 2000 crew members on board; it is prohibited to drain into seawater without preliminary cleaning. Initially, the choice was made in favor of the Italian company Tecnicomar, but the Russian Vineta, based in the Leningrad region, protested. As a result, the customer made a very strange decision, putting both Russian and Italian installations on one ship at the same time. It is clear that this will only complicate the subsequent operation and create dependence on a foreign supplier. Well at least they did without Italian brushes.

Also puzzling is the choice in favor of the products of the Norwegian company Jotun Paints and its paintwork (LCP). More than 52 thousand liters of paint will be purchased from it without any tenders, and the requirements for using the products of this particular company are enshrined in the project documentation for the repair. What kind of miracle beauty is this, unparalleled? By the way, there are domestic analogues, which raises legitimate questions to the customer. At least it would be possible to hold an open tender and compare all the offers on the market.

Further, despite the fact that Russia has already been able to create its own analogues, the Admiral Kuznetsov's side boats will be powered by Caterpillar-3056 138 kW (188 hp) engines with a reverse gear. Perhaps these are high-quality power plants, but why create dependence on an American company with your own hands? Finally, for some reason, German-made sealing materials were used in the aerofinishers of a heavy cruiser, although several Russian enterprises can produce the corresponding products at once.
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  1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 6 May 2021 15: 20
    .... well, the cuts have not been canceled ... wink so they insert anything. On Soviet ships, too, a lot of things were not ours - we survived, and we will survive the Italian cleaning for feces.
  2. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 6 May 2021 16: 12
    For information. The word "cut", which has acquired a second meaning in modern Russian, is actually an exact semantic translation of the bourgeois "under table" ...
  3. alex5450 Offline alex5450
    alex5450 (Alex L) 6 May 2021 17: 13
    Probably they wanted the wastewater system to work, and not to be registered and the paint did not fall off. )
  4. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
    Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 6 May 2021 18: 22
    And what difference does it make to what system the latrine will be, the admiral is going somewhere to go, or to finish the repair? With a 100 percent probability, it will go to pieces!
  5. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 6 May 2021 19: 30
    Well, they just found the problem, but it would be easier to sprinkle common latrines from both sides for a hundred "seats", and you don't need to wash it off, and it will blow and dry with a sea breeze, and the "wiper" will stick to your face if you are curious.
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 6 May 2021 22: 27
      What? In the castle of Montreux, Byron is sung, just like that. Birdhouse on the wall overlooking the lake ...
  6. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) 6 May 2021 23: 07
    There are almost 2000 crew members on board; it is prohibited to drain into seawater without preliminary cleaning.

    Come on, it's forbidden in the database. There, the ship must be swept with booms, the cleaner ship must empty the tanks, and at sea, on the move, the fecal tanks were blown through and all the horseradish to a penny. Everybody does it.
  7. Hayer31 Offline Hayer31
    Hayer31 (Kashchei) 7 May 2021 09: 56
    As the great Classic said, every problem, "cut", etc. there is a surname and an address. Isn't it in the article? Who is the customer ?? Who signed ??
    1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
      Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 May 2021 22: 36
      This is sheer navalism!
      You can't ask that!
      I have to nod at the TV ...
  8. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) 8 May 2021 01: 38
    And sho you are indignant, sho you have no analogues!?))) Well, maybe you don't have at least something !?)))) For example, governors are thieves, people living in trailers, somewhere fattening advisers, traitors to Putin who dissuaded him from the project of New Russia !!!!!)) In general, do not despair that you have something amazing !!!!!)))))
  9. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) 8 May 2021 11: 02
    In general, the use of foreign components in the production of weapons and defense equipment is a widespread practice today, which ensures the high quality of the final product and its competitiveness in the market. The course towards import substitution, taken by the leadership of the Russian Federation for political reasons, inevitably leads to a further technological lag, which is increasing every day. The question is different - was it worth it to invest a lot of funds from the budget in the resuscitation of a deceased patient? request
  10. Wanderer039 Offline Wanderer039
    Wanderer039 8 May 2021 12: 48
    I think that the Italian plumbing comes from where the Eveko armored vehicles (in the Russian Federation Lynx) and tanks almost received from Italy ... From Smerdyukov and the Medvedev furniture maker company!
  11. Where did the Italian sewage system come from on the Admiral Kuznetsov?

    Well, the stump is clear - from a camel!
  12. iv.victor Offline iv.victor
    iv.victor (VICTOR) 8 July 2021 16: 00
    ... reflected, perhaps, all conceivable and inconceivable problems of the domestic fleet ...

    The problem with the domestic fleet is that it does not exist.