Withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border - a victory or a defeat for Russia?

The statement of the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu on the withdrawal of troops, all this time in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Ukraine, allowed many in this country to breathe a sigh of relief: "Foo, you got through!" If from today those who were previously concentrated on the western borders of Russia really begin to return to their points of permanent deployment, then, you see, in a very short time, Ukrainian "patriots" will start shouting at the top of their lungs about their own "victory over the aggressor."

However, today from Kiev on this occasion, statements are being distributed, causing, at least, bewilderment. It seems that Moscow will try to present another goodwill gesture as its "defeat". Well, how should what is happening in reality be regarded?

"No time for war"

Recently, strenuously trying to support itself and the citizens of "nezalezhnaya" in a cheerful mood by ranting about the "unrealistic nature of a large-scale invasion", official Kiev began to promote this idea with exactly the same ardor and enthusiasm with which earlier its representatives at all corners screamed about "Russian aggression." ", Which allegedly lasts from 2014 to the present day. And suddenly - as cut off. The rhetoric has become, if not peaceful, then at least not in the least belligerent. If the owner of the funniest post in Ukraine (no, not the president!) Of the “Minister for the Temporarily Occupied Territories” Alexei Reznikov, who had never been noticed in pacifism before, began to tell right and left that “there will be no war with Russia and should be ", then everything is definitely serious. Pan Reznikov publicly "sent" his compatriots to work on their private plots and hallow the Easter cakes, and generally "engage in a peaceful life", assuring them that "now is not the time for war."

Generally speaking, from the point of view of a normal person, there is never a time for her, but in this case a “minister”, as is often the case with Ukrainian politicians, accidentally let it slip. The fact is that the sharp exacerbation of the confrontation in the Donbass and the real prospect of a full-scale military clash between Kiev and Moscow almost finished off the already breathing the economy "Nezalezhnoy". The national currency has given a sharp "tilt" towards the next reduction in price, threatening to indulge in another whistle of hyperinflation. One of the reasons for this was the massive buying up of the dollar by non-resident companies that were already preparing to flee the country, which was getting involved in a suicidal conflict.

Moreover, all the initiatives of the Ukrainian authorities have stalled on the spot, which is now striving, such an impression, to a single goal - to sell everything that is still fit for sale and may be of any value to buyers. First of all, foreign. Ukraine even intended to put up its largest state-owned bank, Privatbank, for auction, according to the head of its National Bank, Kirill Shevchenko. But who will invest even a broken cent in transactions with the state, which may well not be on the map tomorrow? That is why people in Kiev are so happy about the "de-escalation" - it will be possible to do a little bit more until everything finally fails. However, in his Twitter post dedicated to the withdrawal of Russian troops from the borders of his country, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, of course, did not write anything like that. But he did not fail to warmly thank the "international partners" for their invaluable "support". Thus, he seems to be hinting that Moscow "backed down" precisely "under pressure from the international community." That is, there is, as it were, a victory of Ukraine and "all progressive humanity" over "evil Mordor".

It is difficult to say for whom in reality such primitive messages can be designed - except perhaps for a local audience with an extremely peculiar perception of reality. The fact that all the attempts of the "collective West" to force Russia to change its tough position regarding the actions of the Ukrainian side in the Donbass ended in nothing can be seen with the naked eye. And what specific actions in this case can we talk about? About Joe Biden's call to Vladimir Putin? So after it, after it, the reverse gear, away from the coast of the Crimea, was given by American ships, not Russian ones! What else? The traditional babble of Monsieur Borrell, who spoke a la cat Leopold with calls to "live in harmony", that is, to remove our troops away from the "nezalezhnoy" dear to his heart? Ridiculous, gentlemen. That's just funny.

"The goals have been fully achieved ..."

Well, there were, of course, and more attempts. Polish President Andrzej Duda said loudly that his country "will not allow Russia to invade Ukraine." Moreover, he undertook "to form a single decisive Euro-Atlantic position on this issue." Apparently, it worked best with Latvia - the local Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevichs, having decided, probably, to outperform Zelensky himself in the comic genre, threatened Moscow with "tough sectoral sanctions." Moreover, what is typical - on behalf of the entire European Union, for which, of course, no one authorized it. So this is who, it turns out, Putin and Shoigu were scared of! If we put aside the jokes and jokes of some politicians, we will have to admit that Russia began to withdraw its troops solely because its leadership decided so - and for no other reason. It was said that this will happen only when Kiev will moderate its warlike ardor - and that is what happened. As soon as the Armed Forces on the line of contact began to actively dig in and, in general, to carry out exclusively measures aimed at preparing for defense - and the head of the domestic defense department (albeit not immediately), but announced that "the set goals have been fully achieved" and the soldiers can be returned to the barracks , and combat machinery - to the parks.

It is these words that are key in Sergei Shoigu's statement about the end of large-scale exercises held as part of a sudden check of the combat readiness of the troops of the Western and Southern military districts of Russia. Yes, the minister officially clarified, of course, that he had in mind exclusively the "readiness to reliably ensure the security of Russia" expressed by his subordinates during this event. This is understandable - Sergei Kuzhugetovich will not openly say something like: "Well, guys - they put their brains on, they didn't let them do trouble, now we can go home!"

And what can I say, if this is understandable. And here's another, extremely important detail - talks about the withdrawal of troops began literally the next day after Vladimir Putin delivered his annual message to the Federal Assembly. But it was in this speech that he more than lucidly explained to the most stupid about the "red lines" and the prospects "to regret as they have never regretted." In fact, the Russian army is not leaving - it is only taking a couple of steps back, showing our country's disinterest in escalation. And this is done after the necessary moral and psychological effect has already been fully achieved. Kiev was shown that, by and large, an end to its games in the "de-occupation of Donbass", and not only to them, can be put literally at any moment. Everything will happen, according to the famous movie hero, "neatly, but strongly."

Moreover, even the most optimistic about "Western partners" from the "nezalezhnoy" got more than a substantive lesson about how many divisions, squadrons and navies of NATO will rush to their aid if they do finish with matches. All conferences of generals and politicians of the North Atlantic Alliance devoted to "discussing the aggravation of the situation near the borders of Ukraine", talks about some kind of "high readiness" and similar empty events and words of the Kremlin have not been impressive for a long time and in the slightest degree. The only demarche, at least somehow similar to real military support, was suppressed by a few words of Vladimir Vladimirovich in a telephone conversation, after which the command of the US Navy remembered that the captains of his two destroyers had urgent business, either in the Mediterranean Sea, or in some other friend, but definitely not in Black. Nobody's coming guys! This is now perfectly clear.

Well, that's all on this? But no! By and large, a new, very tough round of "education" of Kiev is just beginning. It is not without reason that while the Defense Ministry was talking about curtailing the border exercises, the Russian Foreign Ministry presented Ukraine with a number of claims regarding the actions of its armed formations in the Donbass. This is, first of all, about the continuation of shelling, including the use of weapons strictly prohibited by the Minsk Agreements, as well as about other actions that, in the opinion of the Russian Foreign Ministry, are signs of attempts to continue military escalation.

An even more characteristic moment is the statement of Vladimir Putin, who finally deigned to respond to the invitation of Vladimir Zelensky "to meet in the Donbass." The President quite reasonably replied that in order to talk "about the problems of this region", the Ukrainian leader should communicate with the leaders of the DPR and LPR. But if suddenly he has a desire “to do something to restore relations with Russia damaged by the fault of the Ukrainian leadership,” well, in Moscow, so be it, they will accept it. In fact, Vladimir Vladimirovich, in his usual diplomatic and mocking manner, invited Zelensky to confess to the Kremlin - before it is too late. However, apparently, they heard the words of the head of our state not in Kiev, but in Donetsk and Lugansk. The heads of the local republics Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik simultaneously turned to Zelensky with a proposal to meet "on the line of contact." At the same time, Pushilin also advised the Ukrainian president "to stop hiding in the bushes away from the front line."

In Kiev, it was not Zelensky himself who responded to this call (in the bushes he is obviously more familiar and more comfortable), but Alexey Arestovich, representing Ukraine in the TCG at the talks in Minsk. He said that he would never conduct any negotiations with representatives of the Republics of Ukraine and under no circumstances. That, in fact, is all that you need to know about the real desire of the authorities of the "nezalezhnoy" to end this war ... The fact that today our troops are moving away from its borders is, of course, in no way a defeat for Russia. But not a victory either. Let's just say, a temporary tactical success. Really still to come.
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  1. the crest was blown away, blown away like a punctured ball!
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 23 2021 11: 19
    Everything is in the style of Putin. Unilateral concessions, goodwill. In return, he demanded nothing: neither to stop the shelling, nor water for Crimea, nor the lifting of any sanctions. Moreover, he agreed to meet with this clown, who did not give a damn about all the agreements. Now the United States will calmly build its bases and continue to calmly shit on us! The next move, the ambassador will be returned back to the United States. Shame !!!!
    1. Dust Offline Dust
      Dust (Sergei) April 23 2021 15: 14
      In Ukraine, the Americans began building four military bases. One naval base of the Americans will be located near Odessa, two bases in Ukraine itself, the fourth is being built for the armed forces of Ukraine for the provision of territories! In Russia, this topic is not raised at all, as if it does not concern us! Probably worried about our state of mind. When the bases are built, there will be a question about their protection! This is how Patriots will appear on our border .... And who told you that medium-range nuclear-armed missiles will not appear afterwards? ... And what about kind Putin? He will tell you that he is fighting terrorists in Syria ..... In general, everything goes to the point that in the near future Russia will live with a "gun to his temple"
      1. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
        Astronaut (San Sanych) April 25 2021 03: 37
        Do you want to fight in the forefront? Or just pat your tongue?
        1. Dust Offline Dust
          Dust (Sergei) April 30 2021 06: 04
          So what I wanted to say !?)
    2. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
      Kofesan (Valery) April 24 2021 08: 30
      Literally just now, the Foreign Ministry, represented by Zakharova, announced the pulling of Ukrainian weapons to the line of contact. This is're coming out, a response to "the return of Russian troops to their places of deployment." One could also understand Putin if, after the "withdrawal of troops", in response to the incessant shelling, "peace enforcement" began. But he is the flesh and blood of the comprador oligarchy, so there is no reason to expect him to depart from the paradigm of personal well-being. "After me, even a flood ...", but for now, the difference between Yeltsin and the current one is not visible, and now it will not be visible. Is that not pissing on wheels ...
  3. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) April 23 2021 11: 33
    A few days ago it happened to me to watch an interview with General LG Ivashov on the Den channel. The interview was entirely devoted to the tension on the Russian-Ukrainian border. I am not at all a like-minded general and a constant viewer of this channel, rather my views can be characterized as completely opposite, however, it is difficult to disagree with Ivashov's position on the issue of the Russian-Ukrainian aggravation. He correctly noted that in the event of an open armed conflict between two neighboring states, Russia inevitably loses, if its military manages to win a convincing victory on the battlefield, then the image of an aggressive brutal aggressor will finally stick to the Russian Federation and this will completely turn it into a rogue country, if the AFU can to provide a worthy rebuff to the Russian troops, then the prestige of Russia as a militarily strong state will be irreparably damaged, and its prestige in the international arena will be significantly reduced. It seems that the Russian leaders also understand this, so from the very beginning they had no intentions to start military operations against the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the forces of the Russian army, we witnessed a demonstration of force, which, however, did not frighten anyone. This venture with the transfer of troops was ill-considered and completely senseless, about the funds spent in vain on it, one can say for sure - money down the drain.
    1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
      Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) April 23 2021 11: 37
      It is high time for Ivashov to take off his shoulder straps and go graze sheep, he had put a bunch of them in his pants a dozen years ago. This one has long been not only a general, but not even a man ...
    2. DimerVladimer Offline DimerVladimer
      DimerVladimer (Dmitry Vladimirovich) April 23 2021 12: 13
      Quote: Bindyuzhnik
      did not frighten anyone. This venture with the transfer of troops was ill-considered and completely senseless, about the funds spent in vain on it, one can say for sure - money down the drain.

      I agree with everything except the last one: a demonstration of force in the form of the advancement of military units to the border is cheaper and bloodless than a war. The case when the demonstration of decisiveness to support Donbass radically changes the moods of not only Ukrainian puppets who are out of touch with reality, but also the "puppeteers".
      The hysteria with the deployment of troops of constant readiness to the border is just an indicator that no one was ready to stand up for the "bad boy".
      The "lad" was enough to understand that if they start beating him, he will have to solve this problem alone ...
  4. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) April 23 2021 11: 46
    The national currency has given a sharp "tilt" towards the next reduction in price, threatening to indulge in another whistle of hyperinflation.

    Another one?
    I would like to remind you that as of 01.01.2021/26,07/27,39 the hryvnia exchange rate is XNUMX, now it is XNUMX.

    About Joe Biden's call to Vladimir Putin? So after it, after it, the reverse gear, away from the coast of the Crimea, was given by American ships, not Russian ones!

    Well yes. What's wrong. After the conversation, the Americans did not send their two destroyers, and the Russian Federation is withdrawing its troops to their permanent bases. Prepare for talks between Biden and Putin, making mutual concessions.

    As soon as the Armed Forces on the line of contact began to actively dig in and, in general, carry out exclusively measures aimed at preparing for defense - the head of the domestic defense department (albeit not immediately), but announced that "the set goals have been fully achieved" and the soldiers can be returned to the barracks. and military equipment - to the parks

    Hmm, so Ukraine did not withdraw its units?

    But it was in this speech that he more than lucidly explained to the most stupid about the "red lines" and the prospects "to regret as they have never regretted."

    He has been conducting these lines every year since 2007.
  5. tatiana korzhenko (tatiana korzhenko) April 23 2021 11: 57
    In general, as I understand it, the commentator is deeply frustrated because of the war that never happened, because he seemed to have already imagined how the Armed Forces of Ukraine were attacking the DPR / LPR, Russia, in response, was seizing Ukraine with a victorious march and everyone was wasted.
  6. Denis Arkhipov Offline Denis Arkhipov
    Denis Arkhipov (Denis Arkhipov) April 23 2021 13: 40
    To meet Pushilin and Pasechnik means to recognize the republics. Kiev will never agree to this.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) April 23 2021 20: 11
      and with whom did the Minsk Ukrainians sign?
  7. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 23 2021 14: 01
    Yes, to spite the author, Ukraine did not come to the war again. And how they looked forward to the blood, how they looked forward to ...
  8. Denis Malygin Offline Denis Malygin
    Denis Malygin (Denis Malygin) April 23 2021 15: 21
    Troops are withdrawn only in the Crimea, and that is an insignificant part. Everything else is in position.
  9. Skirts Offline Skirts
    Skirts (Andrei) April 23 2021 19: 29
    Victory, but not complete. They did not squeeze the maximum out of the situation. It was necessary to press more, send diplomats, cut off the pipe in connection with the accident, ... and through the mouth of Zhirinovsky (or other unofficial ones) demand the independence of Donbass. You just look and agree to autonomy, to begin with.
  10. Heroes Heroes Offline Heroes Heroes
    Heroes Heroes (Sergei) April 23 2021 19: 35
    What defeat, from whom? From these little babies?
  11. Radziminsky Victor (Radziminsky Victor) April 23 2021 23: 21
    Volkonsky said - MANEUVERS, - well, that means maneuvers.
    We will wait until there are 15-20 million Ukrainians left and divide it with the USA
    Ukraine in half.
    But the US military bases will interfere a little, - oh well,
    we will ask them to move to the north of Ukraine.
    They are in the north ... - we are in the south ... and ... - and friendly MANEUVERS.
    (Almost like in Syria.)
    2014 - Russia will remember for a long time with bewilderment.
  12. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) April 24 2021 03: 42
    Initially, it was clear, all the sane were talking about this, that there would be no war. All these maneuvers and body movements of the army were a sign for NATO and Joe's grandfather. They understood the hint. Then there will be bargaining. Most likely because of African assets and the European market. And in this bargaining. Ukraine is not in the business. Her problems are no longer interesting to Uncle Joe.
    1. shiva Offline shiva
      shiva (Ivan) April 24 2021 20: 06
      I agree. Polite people in Crimea appeared quickly and no one could imagine and track their appearance. While in Kiev the golden armchairs were being pulled out after the expulsion of Yanukovych, hop - and in the Crimea all the military capable units were blocked and quietly and peacefully persuaded to surrender. the Americans did not even have time to make an analyst, let alone make any recommendations to the helmsman.
      Now - it was just necessary to show the colonizers of Square that there would be no parade with flowers and girls on tanks. There will be blood and billions of wasted money. Moreover, blood is possible and the American military, if they are under fire. To fight with the forces of the ukrov, the Baltic states, holding back to the last Russian bear - this is always welcome. Throwing all sorts of nishtyaki to partisans like javelins - the toad strangles, but okay, on loans. Pumped up dill with weapons and inspiration for war - do not indulge in the most. And suddenly - as many times in the last 7 years - the Russians again did not come to the war. They took it, turned around and left. NATO generals, like little children, cry from resentment. Six-legged brothers from Square screaming for victory ...
      But for us, 500 km is not a hook - all the parts that have been tested in advancing to the indicated positions, with even greater zeal to return when necessary and where necessary, if the partners misunderstand our retreat ...
      Remember ... our tactical technique is when we retreat, we go forward ... - is it like Rasteryaev?
  13. Sergey-54 Offline Sergey-54
    Sergey-54 (Sergei) April 24 2021 07: 55
    Shoigu showed the United States and NATO, Ukraine was not here and next, with what speed it will transfer troops to the western border of Russia. US and NATO crap, exhaled and laundered. They never dreamed of it.
  14. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) April 24 2021 20: 39
    Made the wind and merged, spending the money of the Russians !!! This is tactics !!!! ???)))
    1. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
      Ulysses (Alexey) April 24 2021 22: 11
      Made the wind and merged, spending the money of the Russians !!! This is tactics !!!! ???)))

      Kiev everything that can still crawl, grunt, urinate exclusively by willpower moved. yes

      And no one has merged anywhere.
      If only in your sick imagination.
    2. shinobi Offline shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) April 26 2021 04: 39
      Do you want blood so much, stupid person? Russia has been at war with equipment for a long time, and does not fill up with corpses as you really want. It is not necessary to follow the army exercises, but to where and how many strike aircraft moved under the sly. And it is where it was planned to stand ... Even the Pentagon strategists noted this. And now, in case of anything, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have large targets in their positions. It will take a few minutes from the moment of take-off to strike. Actually, the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this scenario is only a pretext, a passing bonus, the true goal has not changed for 60 years, and will not change for 40 years.
      1. Marciz Offline Marciz
        Marciz (Stas) April 27 2021 03: 07
        And you don't want to target 4 NPPs with "smart people" !?
        1. shinobi Offline shinobi
          shinobi (Yuri) April 28 2021 03: 08
          DLBov Ukrainian heard enough?
          1. Marciz Offline Marciz
            Marciz (Stas) April 29 2021 04: 45
            Sleep over Ukraine and rejoice !?
  15. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 29 2021 18: 20
    Withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border - a victory or a defeat for Russia?

    Demonstration of possibilities.