Daily Mail Readers Reacted to Putin's Red Lines Speech

Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail commented on the article about the message of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly sounded on the eve. The text notes that the head of state has unequivocally warned unnamed external enemies about the "red lines" that Russia is now setting itself.

Also mentioned was the protest actions of supporters of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny, which took place on the same day in various cities of Russia.

Comments are presented selectively. All opinions belong only to their authors.

Putin blinked. As Deutsche Welle reports, troops are being withdrawn to their usual deployment locations.

- Patrick rejoices.

Let's start a war and destroy the Russian army once and for all, and then the exhausted people of Russia can rise up and take control of the country.

- offers British reader W.Brit. It is not clear whether in this case there is a mockery or the user is seriously considering such a possibility.

It's funny to see how Russia Today calls Navalny's protests "unauthorized." By promoting the idea that someone should only protest with the permission of Mr Putin!

- sneers zebra17.

Obviously, Putin is about to invade Ukraine. Why else would he be concentrating so many weapons on the border? People who think this is just a show of power are like Neville Chamberlain.

- suggested Peter Kirsten.

All of Russia has marched against Putin, so he can't wait to start a war to avoid a revolution

Tinsl chimed in.

NATO could easily wipe Russia off the face of the earth - Putin just loves posturing

- writes ewaf88.

Russia is sinking as long as Putin remains at the helm. Putin needs to distract himself from his problems in order to help the Russian people, otherwise it will end badly for him

- believes T80T80.

How America would feel if Mexico became an ally of Russia. It is NATO that is the aggressor here. Russian troops are in their own country, so what's wrong with that?

- Reader01 responded.

Where do these chamber pot warmongers come from? He loves to show us his macho photos on horseback and topless. In fact, he is only a person who physically poses no greater threat than a goldfish. But, like many before him and now, he has the ability to subjugate an entire nation to his will. If only we could rid humanity of these dangerous people, our sleep would be much safer.

- believes the Briton tom1410.
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  1. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
    goncharov.62 (Andrei) April 23 2021 10: 29
    Funny and wretched ... Ugh on you.
  2. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) April 23 2021 10: 51
    NATO could easily wipe Russia off the face of the earth

    - What have not been erased until now - you save geeks on diapers ?!
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 23 2021 11: 22
    And so for 20 years, there is even nothing to boast of. Shame, not the president!
    1. Igor Igorevich Semirechensky April 24 2021 08: 19

      Perhaps you do not know all of them by sight, but you saw all of them at Bolotnaya, “marches of dissent”, “marches of peace” ... These people and thousands of their supporters back in the early nineties built the economic and political system in which we are now we live ... If we talk about the main trend in the policy of the Russian Federation in the last 15 years, then it is precisely in this - in the fact that everything is done very slowly, emphasized within the framework of democratic procedures, never at once and not in bulk - everyone understands what is going on the obvious liberation of Russia from the iron grip of "civilized humanity" ... man after man, slowly and imperceptibly handing over to those who support the president, certain state functions (ONF!). So that everyone in the West, and even among those of our liberals who are smarter, understood everything, but they could not be accused of anything serious ... And screaming, accusing, issuing sanctions is as much as necessary ... Of course, I want to immediately and a piece, but not into a fairy tale, but into the global Euro-American economy with their own policies

      (lenskiy2008, Novorus.info), right?
  4. Igor Igorevich Semirechensky April 24 2021 08: 20
    Be careful not to wake up the Russian! You do not know how his awakening will end for you. You can trample him in the mud, mix with shit, taunt, humiliate, despise, insult. And at that moment, when it seems to you that you have defeated the Russian, destroyed, defamed for ever and ever, erased into powder - suddenly something extraordinary, amazing for you will happen. He will come to your house. Tiredly sits down on a chair, puts the machine gun on his knees and looks into his eyes. It will stink of gunpowder, blood, death, and it will be in your house. The Russian will only ask you one question: "What is the strength, brother?" It is at this moment that you will regret 1000 times that you are not a brother to the Russian. Because he will forgive his brother, but never the enemy. The French remember. The Germans know. Russian lives by justice. Western layman - with deceitful briefings and crafty press conferences. As long as justice is alive in his heart, the Russian will rise from the mud, from the darkness, from hell. And you can't do anything about it. Because the Russians themselves cannot do anything about it for more than one thousand years.

    (S.V. Klimkovich, Belarus)
    1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
      steelmaker April 27 2021 09: 31
      And everyone knows that. Therefore, the policy has changed. It is only the blind who cannot see.

      “It's amazing,” said Vladimir Putin. - Anything is written there. And about the second front ... only about the Battle of Stalingrad, nothing is said. I don't even want to comment.

      Well, who is to blame for what is not written? Shame, not the president!
  5. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk April 24 2021 11: 22
    Damn, what's their news? You read - any resident of Russia in felt boots, with a can of stew and a bottle of vodka sits on a "poplar" and waits for him to be sent to fight democracy. Well, this is a complete PPC.
    1. Dear sofa expert. April 25 2021 00: 53
      Well, this is a complete PPC.

      Yes, but what did you want? The guys there are brainwashed as it should.

      And so ... from the outside you read something like that, and you really think that in England, some idiots live.
  6. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk April 24 2021 11: 29
    England and Scotland, Greece and Turkey are friends. Lithuania and Belarus, Abkhazia and Georgia are also friends. Is democracy everywhere, except for Belarus?