Spiegel: Dispute between Moscow and Berlin over Navalny case escalates

Passions around the situation with the convicted leader of the Russian non-systemic opposition, Alexei Navalny, do not subside. Representatives of Russia, according to Spiegel, are accusing the German side of helping Navalny with his anti-Putin film.

On February 16, Russian Ambassador Sergei Nechaev addressed the German Foreign Ministry criticizing Berlin for the fact that Navalny had the opportunity to shoot his video only with the support of the FRG authorities. In particular, after treatment at the Charite clinic, Navalny went to Dresden to photograph the house in which Vladimir Putin once worked - the trip could take place only after obtaining permission from the relevant German authorities. In addition, the German authorities provided the oppositionist with the Stasi documentation he needed for filming.

In Navalny's film, the Russian president is shown as the owner of a luxurious palace and a corrupt official distributing privileges to a close circle of people. Not surprisingly, the Russian authorities are outraged by the YouTube movie, and the controversy between Moscow and Berlin over the Navalny case is escalating.

According to Spiegel, Russia's accusations against Germany have no legal basis. So, during the blogger's trip to Dresden, he was accompanied by police, but they did not assist in filming the film and only ensured Navalny's safety.

As for the use of Stasi documents on Vladimir Putin's stay in Germany, they are available to researchers, and no special exclusive permission is required to read them.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the FRG parliament accuse the Russian authorities of "deliberate torture" of the oppositionist who is on a hunger strike. According to the speaker of the Green party, Manuel Sarrazin, Berlin should not "turn a blind eye to how the Putin regime is putting Navalny in danger again."
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 12 2021 13: 32
    After the FRG annexed a UN member, the GDR, it should generally be silent about Russia.
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) April 12 2021 14: 08
    To be honest, we got it with this prisoner.
    Der Spiegel for soap, Merkel retired, sick in the Kolyma.
    1. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
      begemot20091 (begemot20091) April 12 2021 22: 11
      Nice post! Facebook twice blocked the account of VGTRK journalist Andrei Medvedev for his post on speaking in the Bundestag. The text is excellent and in a very good way Russian, so it deserves to be read.
  3. Albert Offline Albert
    Albert (Wanderer) April 12 2021 15: 02
    Doesn't ask for bread) Let him sit))
  4. Dimy4 Offline Dimy4
    Dimy4 (Dmitriy) April 12 2021 15: 16
    accuse the Russian authorities of "targeted torture"

    Nails have already been ripped out, next in line are "Spanish boots".
  5. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper April 12 2021 15: 30
    I am surprised that Berlin and its American masters are still "playing" with their "bat card" - to the disgrace of the "overused" Mr. Induced, after all, it is already clear that this is not a "joker" at all ?! winked
    What kind of "torture and mockery of the Russian oppositionist", if the fraudulent "tortured" in the colony, during the day, during working hours, does not work and imposingly walks and walks "hand in trousers", back and forth along
    exemplary elite (in our division and even in the "parquet room", near Kiev, during the Soviet KVO, there were no such chic barracks!) barracks, picking up the "chifiryok" from a cup on the move and mockingly sucking out ... "in front of the guards, completely forgetting that the other day he complained about his alleged" completely unable to walk because of aching legs "?!
    This spoiled "barchuk" even takes turns on duty and cleaning in the common living room, the "inmates" cannot persuade him, flatly refuses, loves others to clean up after him ?!
    Looking from Zakordonia-it is Impelled over everyone mocks, and not "over him"!
    P.S. The film, because of which the "fuss" did not look, I had enough of numerous descriptions, both from Lyokhin's supporters and opponents, I saw only individual shots and schemes, I see no reason to waste time on this stupid "goebbelsuch" a handicraft designed for a very "lohtorat" (which, in the likeness of their own "world co-workers" and the example of "good-for-nothing grandchildren", the Westerners consider the entire post-Soviet Russian population))), it is not the first and not the last in the "cold" war Fashington and the USA versus Moscow and Russia.