Russia took away the superiority in the field of electronic warfare from the United States

The Pentagon has lost its dominance over Russia in the electromagnetic spectrum. This was announced yesterday by Joseph Kirschbaum, Director of Defense Potential and Management at the US Audit Office.

It is worth noting that for several decades in the field of electronic warfare, we were in the position of catching up. Even during the Korean War, it became clear about the serious superiority of the Americans in this industry. The sights with a radio range finder installed on the F-84 Saber provided an effective range of 2400 meters, while the ASP-3 sights installed on the MiG-15 and MiG-17 made it possible to effectively “reach” the enemy at a maximum distance of only 100 meters.

During the Vietnam War, the United States successfully used the AGM-45 anti-radar missile, and during the Iraqi Operation Desert Storm, the Americans completely suppressed the enemy's communication channels and early warning air defense stations by helicopters and electronic warfare ground stations a day before the attack.

All this time, the USSR was trying to catch up with the Pentagon, but the leadership in the field of electronic warfare was firmly held by the Americans.

The situation changed only in 2017, when, during exercises in Belarus, our electronic warfare not only "blinded" a simulated enemy, but also interfered with two strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force in the skies over Poland. However, then the Pentagon did not draw the necessary conclusions, but in vain.

It is worth noting that Russia did not focus only on the quality of its equipment and began to increase its quantity and tactical variety. In recent years alone, dozens of new systems have passed state tests.
Moreover, our complexes "Krasukha-4" and "Moscow-1", capable of effectively operating within a radius of up to 400 km, are transferring the capabilities of radar warfare from the operational to the strategic level.

The Pentagon recognizes the high efficiency and superiority of our modern equipment. At the same time, the United States does not yet know how to regain lost ground.

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  1. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) April 11 2021 12: 58
    In the photo, by the way, the satellite communication station R-441LM.
  2. Roman Offline Roman
    Roman (Roman) April 11 2021 15: 42
    Satellite station R-441LM is intended for the organization of anti-jamming satellite communications !!! If Russia were purely hypothetically superior to the United States in electronic warfare, it would use this strategic superiority in the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. I consider it a real reason to test this system in real time and in real combat. However, the fact remains: Russia currently does not have any effective electronic warfare system to rely on and rely on in connection with the suppression of attacking enemy drones.
  3. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) April 12 2021 18: 51
    These stations have been used in combat units for a long time. And not only these. With such statements, you are seven years late, or maybe a little more. And then you there in Česká republik as in a cellar, of course, know better what Russia has and what does not. Great creative success.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 17 2021 23: 27
    All bullshit. They have been talking about electronic warfare for 10 years already. And how it is there in real life is not clear.
    The Jews used successfully against the Syrians, but ours, alas, did not.

    But about the return line - displaying the battlefield in real time, and which is on F, on Abrams, etc., they only hinted at Armata. And she's not there yet.
  5. Morgan Offline Morgan
    Morgan (Miron) 8 May 2021 14: 17
    Russia took away the superiority in the field of electronic warfare from the United States

    - a bold statement, I wonder where? Probably another military "expert" made such an important conclusion by comparing the performance characteristics posted on the Internet, maybe he personally tested the equipment? Although there is nothing to be surprised at, Armata is the best tank in the world and I don't care that they are not there, but in a conditional, simulated battle, she defeated all the tanks of the world, as well as the Su57.
    1. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 15 May 2021 19: 22
      Quote: Morgan
      - a bold statement, I wonder where?

      Maybe you also need a key to the apartment where the blueprints are?
      But seriously, watch the video!