Rolls-Royce develops the world's largest aircraft engine

Rolls-Royce has begun developing a new aircraft power plant. A turbofan engine called UltraFan should replace the Rolls-Royce Trent. The latter has been in operation for over 30 years and is installed on the aircraft of Airbus (A330, A340 and A380), as well as Boeing (777 and 787 Dreamliner).

According to company representatives, the new unit will produce technological revolution in the field of passenger air transportation. Firstly, due to the economy, the engine resource will increase by a quarter. Second, UltraFan will run on gas in line with Rolls-Royce's commitment to zero greenhouse gas emissions from its products by 2030, making it one of the greenest engines in the world.

Another design feature is its size. The new UltraFan will be the largest turbofan gas turbine engine ever. The diameter of its propellers will be 3,35 meters.

At the same time, the weight of the unit will decrease by 680 kg compared to the Trent. This result will be achieved through the use of ceramic matrix composite parts, titanium carbide blades, as well as thoughtful modern design.

Rolls-Royce plans to assemble the first experienced UltraFan by the end of this year. Engineers equipped the new engine with "advanced" software and a large number of sensors, which will accurately predict its performance during operation.
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  2. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) April 5 2021 12: 32
    Developed? When will it be real? In the Russian Federation, drooling is already a river. Steal, Lick. But THERE, what they said they DO, in contrast to Russia. Well this is necessary !!! And You We! Will do it in 2025mmmm, or even further in 27mmm we will do it. Do it. But Really !! Chatting is not harmful, the muscles of the tongue develop.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) April 5 2021 13: 55
      Did you yourself understand why you are so happy around? Not a single characteristic was named. Some slogans like: "For everything good, against everything bad."
      In fact (you don't seem to be in the know, as always) Rolls-Royce Trent is not an engine, but a line of engines. In the old version - from 24 tons to 42 tons of thrust. Which one they want to collect is unknown. What will be the characteristics - no one knows.
      That is, they act as a catch-up. With a lag of several years.
      Our PD engines have been flying for a long time. PD 14 at the beginning of February was certified by ICAO with the possibility of installation on aircraft carrying out international flights without restrictions.
      The engine parameters are the best in the West today. And efficiency and noise and environmental friendliness. Whether Rolls-Royce UltraFan will be able to at least catch up with PD is an open question. For they have no numbers. Even theoretical. And we have the real characteristics of real-life engines.
      Line from PD-8 to PD-35. Covers all the future needs of aviation. Ours and not only.
      1. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
        Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) April 5 2021 14: 44
        And among the Piston farmers, the cargo cult is held in high esteem.
        To be proud of someone else's genitals, this is already in their subconsciousness.
        In view of their own petty and worthlessness.
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 5 2021 13: 10
    Rolls-Royce has begun developing a new aircraft power plant.

    That's when they begin to test, then the countdown can begin. And so, the "muscles of the tongue" develop.
    1. Alexey Sergeev Offline Alexey Sergeev
      Alexey Sergeev (Alexey Sergeev) April 6 2021 05: 04
      What about engines on the same A-380?
      Or a Boeing 777?
      They have been serially produced for a long time, they have a thrust of 34/33 tons.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 5 2021 13: 35
    And recently there was an article about our "new" 4-engine passenger Ile ....
  5. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) April 5 2021 13: 56
    UltraFan will run on gas in line with Rolls-Royce's commitment to zero greenhouse gas emissions from its products by 2030, making it one of the greenest engines in the world.

    How interesting good It turns out that gas engines are environmentally friendly and with them you can reduce greenhouse emissions to zero. belay But what about the elves' plans to tax every ton of oil and gas? So they plan to use the engine only until 2030, or will it stop emitting carbon dioxide during operation by that time?
    Now we transfer the situation to the sinful earth. What is it, cars, diesel locomotives, ships using gas as fuel are quite environmentally friendly? But what about the hysteria about the immediate switch to electric cars, wind turbines and solar panels?

    As for the engine itself, it is great if it is assembled before the new year, and most likely next year, in any case, we will not know the details earlier. Russian developers will be able to compare its characteristics with the PD-35. It is still clear that the diameter of the English one is 3,35 m, the Russian one is 3,1 m. We will see what they get at the output, Russian developers will be able to compare and possibly make adjustments to improve the characteristics of their engine.
    I decided to see what kind of Trent engine it is, there are several modifications of them Trent 500, Trent 700, Trent 800, Trent 900, Trent 1000. Curious facts are written about the latter in the bourgeois Wikipedia.
    Cases of destruction of the heat-insulating coating of turbine blades caused by

    high sulfur content in the atmosphere due to polluting industries in large cities in the Asia-Pacific region

    So that's it, no more, no less. English engines are too gentle for the smog of Asian metropolises.
    If I understood correctly, problems were found on 62% of the engines. Microcracks formed on the blades, as a result, the engine life was reduced, work began on improvement, it was supposed to use new materials. In 2020, it was planned to make 10 aircraft with modernized engines. But something went wrong.

    After evaluating the design of the high pressure turbine for early 2020, the redesigned Trent 1000 TEN HP blade was not as durable as expected and its implementation was delayed until the first half of 2021, the last required modification.

    Apparently, the British engineers did not manage to solve the problem or they realized the futility of modernization, as a result, a new engine is being developed.
    How new it is is still a mystery, if they could not fix the problem on the old engine, then the ability to develop a new engine in a year raises serious doubts, they worked with cracked blades for 2 years and did nothing .. I have three options:
    1) The development of a new engine has been going on for a long time.
    2) The engine is actually not new, but a modification of the same Trent and this is a "rebranding" because it is fantastic to develop the engine in a year. work on "fixing the deficiencies" will be announced as a new engine.
    3) In a year we will not see any new engine, the dates will be shifted to the right.
    Well, in my opinion, the British engine builders have a problem, at least in this "weight category". Messrs. Journalists learn to make positive news from reporting problems and failures. laughing This is a good example.
  6. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 5 2021 14: 22
    Secondly, UltraFan will run on gas

    In addition to passengers, will there be a huge bottle of liquefied gas on the plane? It is interesting to fly on a gas cylinder. I remember the Germans flew on the Hindenburg Zeppelin ...
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) April 6 2021 09: 35
      but did not bother with the identification of corpses laughing