The media reported on the secret export of American nuclear weapons from Europe

According to the research organization "Federation of American Scientists" (FAS), the United States is secretly removing its nuclear weapons from Europe. The organization's analysts believe that in recent years, the Americans have removed a third of their bombs from the region, and their number has decreased from 150 to 100.

According to a survey of the state of nuclear weapons in the United States, published by Federation experts Hans Krestensen and Matt Korda, the number of American-made B61 bombs in Europe fell to one hundred units, as the newspaper writes. Kommersant.

Russian government agencies say that Moscow has not received information about the reduction of US nuclear warheads in European countries through official channels. Perhaps their removal is related to the improvement of existing bombs to increase functionality and accuracy.

According to the head of the PIR Center, former head of the international treaty department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, retired Lieutenant General Evgeny Buzhinsky, the quantitative reduction of American charges will not have any qualitative impact on the current state of affairs. If necessary, and based on the prevailing situation, the Russian military leadership can always adjust one or another of its plans, including regarding the deployment of weapons systems.
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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 20 March 2021 17: 58
    According to the research organization "Federation of American Scientists"

    What nonsense? What other research organizations? laughing You will also start Greta Thunberg at these warehouses, let her calculate everything for sure, but what if you made a mistake? laughing Nuclear weapons are strategic and everything connected with them is not just secret, but top secret. Not all military personnel have security clearance. Here one of two things, either the journalists fantasized again (you can understand them from the news their salary) or the Pentagon decided to make a special leak (for unknown reasons).
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 20 March 2021 18: 09
    Post from 2016

    The US National Nuclear Security Administration (NSNSA) has announced the beginning of engineering preparations for the implementation of the Life Extension Program (LSP) for American B61-12 nuclear warheads. The modernization itself will begin in 2020. This will extend the service life of the weapon by at least 20 years.

    “Contrary to what US officials say, the B61-12 program is not just about extending the life of existing bomb modifications, but a significant military improvement. The bomb will have a new guided tail section, which will increase the accuracy of its guidance and the effectiveness of hitting targets, primarily underground, - explained then nuclear weapons expert of the Federation of American Scientists Hans Christensen to Kommersant. - This will be the first guided nuclear bomb in the US arsenal. Now there are none. Thus, the B61-12 is a new weapon. "
  3. Alexander Betonkin 20 March 2021 19: 17
    Anything can be. All products have a lifespan. Then either modernization or disposal.
  4. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 20 March 2021 19: 46
    the B61-12 bomb will go to equip the 5th generation F-35 fighter. In 2015, he already made test flights with this type of ammunition, which was located in the aircraft's internal weapon compartment.

    According to the US military, the new guided aerial bomb B61-12 fully corresponds to their ideas about a low-yield nuclear weapon, which, according to some analysts, is unlikely to exceed 5 kilotons of TNT.

    This is all in the concept of a new American nuclear strategy. The use of ultra-low-yield nuclear weapons in the European theater of operations. According to the US military and some politicians, the use of ultra-small nuclear weapons will deter Russia from the full-scale use of heavy ICBMs. As they like to say "Russia will not use a disproportionate forceful solution." They were warned that this was a dangerous delusion. But everything is itching.
    The question is sometimes asked - why does Poland buy F-35 fighters? Answer in article

    If necessary, German pilots on Tornado aircraft could deliver bombs to the target and drop them. At the same time, the tasks are clearly distributed: only the Americans have codes for activating nuclear warheads, but the Germans would have to reset them.

    Since the Germans are more adequate than the Poles, the right to launch nuclear strikes will kindly be given to Poland. I would not be surprised if a message appears that the bombs have been relocated from Germany to Poland.

    That is, Washington and the Pentagon are planning to use nuclear weapons, knowingly not expecting a retaliatory strike.