The war in Donbass will begin soon

The Ukrainian authorities are preparing a military offensive in the Donbass. Kiev pulls a tank to the line of contact machinery, artillery, aviation and other forces. According to a number of officials, a large-scale war in the region will begin in the near future, and the Armed Forces plans to deal with the enemy with one powerful blow.

According to volunteers, shootings and mortar fire continue almost every day. Ukrainian troops fire, in particular, from heavy artillery installations, which is prohibited by the Minsk agreements. The other day in Kiev, another plane landed with wounded servicemen.

In the DPR, they talk about the strikes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the drones of the OSCE mission, so that they could not track the positions of the Ukrainian troops. So, in the border town of Avdeevka, there are electronic warfare complexes of the 305th separate battalion. The battery of the ACS "Akatsia" is located near the village of Zachatovka. Armored vehicles and manpower are being transferred from the entire country to these areas.

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a numerical advantage over the militia - 95 thousand soldiers against 34 thousand militias. However, the defenders have more military equipment: 650 versus 450 tanks from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 260 multiple launch rocket systems versus 230 from the Ukrainian army, as well as five hundred artillery pieces. All this allows the DLNR to hope to maintain strategic parity. In addition, the morale is much higher for the militia, whose fighters hope in the worst situation for support from Russia.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
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  1. Alexander Betonkin 20 March 2021 18: 44
    Hardly. Until the US gives the go-ahead, nothing will happen. And there is a mess.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
    Ulysses (Alexey) 20 March 2021 20: 26
    The war in Donbass will begin soon.

    In the near future this will start in Donbass:

    And on the roads, the columns of the ukrovermacht will simply burn

    260 multiple launch rocket systems against 230 from the Ukrainian army, as well as five hundred artillery pieces.
  4. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 20 March 2021 22: 11
    it looks like the spring aggravation not only at the grandfather of Bidon, the ukrovermacht will methodically shoot Donbass, and the Russian troops, according to Putin, will stand behind the backs of the residents of Donbass
  5. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
    Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 20 March 2021 22: 23
    Under the leadership of the Jewish elite of Ukraine and incited from both sides by the Jewish media, the Slavs continue to destroy each other
    1. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
      aquarius580 21 March 2021 00: 15
      Is this the Jewish elite? NSDC head Danilov (former Luhansk Boss)?
      Don't mention Zelensky; it's just a talking head.
  6. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 20 March 2021 23: 26
    A similar promise came out by the 15th.
    and in 19, and at 20m also got into a puddle.

    But anonymous itching. Give PR on the blood.
  7. Russia is weak, devastated by sanctions and torn by internal contradictions. She will not be able to provide any assistance to Donbass.
    1. Dmpv Offline Dmpv
      Dmpv (Dmitry Pavlov) 23 March 2021 14: 03
      to say such things in vain))) Russia is so weak that it will crack slightly on the head and will not seem a little))
    2. Valery Radevich Offline Valery Radevich
      Valery Radevich (Valery Radevich) 24 March 2021 22: 22
      The economy is torn to pieces.
  8. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
    aquarius580 21 March 2021 00: 14
    Ukraine does not need this war, because The "people's republics" are doing an excellent job of ruining the Russian budget.
    But, the regime on Bankova (not to be confused with the people of Ukraine!) Is really not very popular, and is already forced to isolate the regions of the country from each other by police measures, under the pretext of "covid quarantine". So they will easily become.
  9. Sergei Offline Sergei
    Sergei (Sergei) 22 March 2021 07: 51
    If something had been planned in the near future, the President, together with the Minister of Defense, would not have gone for a drive on all-terrain vehicles. They know better. Half of the army of ukrorabov knocks on Russia. Closer to summer, maybe. all fighters will have to buy when mobilizing, or they run around in caps and shorts. And if there is nothing to feed the army of alcoholics, then they will have a snack of mushrooms
  10. Nikolay Shadrin_2 (Nikolay Shadrin) 22 March 2021 12: 26
    It is unclear how the Armed Forces of Ukraine fires at the positions of the LPNR, when the order has long been given to suppress the enemy's firepower in such cases. Or can they not suppress or again there is no order? What's the matter ?
  11. Praskovya Offline Praskovya
    Praskovya (Praskovya) 22 March 2021 22: 46
    Can not wait. And then somehow boring news from Ukraine. Maybe the Donetsk people this time will not listen to Putin, but will reach Kiev.
  12. Vladimir Novikov_3 (Vladimir Novikov) 23 March 2021 12: 16
    They are hooting and pretending to be strong, they want to instill panic and fear in Dombassa. It's time to hold a referendum like in Crimea and end these childish pranks.
    1. Dmpv Offline Dmpv
      Dmpv (Dmitry Pavlov) 23 March 2021 14: 02
      Donbass alone will not be enough now. Zelensky was clearly told that if you stick your head around, then the statehood of Ukraine will come to an end
  13. Dmpv Offline Dmpv
    Dmpv (Dmitry Pavlov) 23 March 2021 14: 00
    Zelensky, like Hitler, wants a lightning victory. And it will be the same as the Nazis run to Kiev. At the most crucial moment, the soldiers of Ukraine will take the side of Donbass, deploying all their weapons to Kiev. They will not be cowards and traitors, they will become heroes who stopped the war. In any case, of course, Russia will intervene one way or another, passports with Russian citizenship are not just issued))
  14. Ilya Aksenov Offline Ilya Aksenov
    Ilya Aksenov (Ilya Aksenov) 24 March 2021 11: 40
    During the first two days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to break the resistance of the DPR and LPR, and over the next week, Russian troops will reach Lviv and Ukraine, as a state will not, because Russia will protect Russian citizens, wherever and however you want.
    For everything from ten days to two weeks.
    Well, and then sanctions, howls and hysterics of the EU and the US, but none of them will dare to take military action.
    Nord Stream 2 will be frozen until next winter, when frosts hit. And then they will tearfully ask to complete it, and it seems that the United States will fall apart into separate states by the end of this year.
    All Ukrainian nationalists are hanged on poles by neighbors in the house, along the entrance and down the street during the first days even before the arrival of the Russian army, as in their time all traitors and enemies were hanged in Odessa.
    At the first transitional stage, power in Ukraine will be transferred to the opposition headed by Medvedchuk, and then elections and referendums will be held on joining Russia in the regions of Ukraine.
  15. Pavel_2 Offline Pavel_2
    Pavel_2 (Julius Sintsov) 25 March 2021 23: 43
    There will be no attacks. Not only Ukraine is commanded, otherwise oil and gas from the Russian Federation was not driven to Bendera