"A prisoner without conscience." Will the West continue to bet on Navalny

Contrary to the feeling that many have felt that the story with the “Navalnoe Maidan”, which had been ineptly failed by the domestic “opposition”, could be put to an end, an unhealthy stir began again in the circles of the “comrades-in-arms” of this “revolutionary”. Ripples with loudly bursting bubbles in the form of promises to “sharply increase activity” and “expand the geography of protest demonstrations” almost to the whole of Russia again appeared on the surface of the rather shallow and seemingly calmed “swamp”.

FBK is going to "create new headquarters" and almost announces a general mobilization for those wishing to take part in new outrages. Are we waiting for a new "season" of the series "Navalny's freedom"? Let's try to figure out who, in this case, can become a director, and, most importantly, a producer of this action.

"I blinded a protest from what was ..."

Leonid Volkov, coordinating the activities of FBK in the regions. According to him, it is in these places that "the opposition has every chance to take away the mandates from the representatives of United Russia in the upcoming elections." Just as Volkov admitted, the "revolutionaries", being confident that "protest moods are very strong in Dagestan," are even aiming at Makhachkala. True, so far the “activists” trying to represent their interests there didn’t want to allocate even a barn for the “headquarters”, but somewhere they beat them altogether, but this, according to Volkov, does not matter ... At the same time, the optimistic attitude of the “regional coordinator” pretty much negates the fact that he has to search the Internet for the leaders of these very future “local cells”, urging everyone to “send their resumes” to join the “revolutionary” ranks, starting immediately from the position of local leaders of the “movement”.

This moment serves as a confirmation of the data on the considerable gaps made in these very ranks by the recent "protest actions" and the rather harsh reaction to them from the authorities. Others, as they say, are gone, and those are far away ... The same FBK lawyer Vladlen Los chose to prudently be one of the first to drive over the cordon. And this is not surprising - because of the presence of a certain professional training, he perfectly understands on what thin thread the organizers of the January riots are now "hanging". The majority of "prominent navalnats" today are listed, at least, under a couple of articles of the Administrative Code - calls for unauthorized mass actions, participation in them, and the like.

But then the case can smoothly move into the plane of criminal legislation - responsibility can arise for such unpleasant aspects of it as involvement of minors in illegal activities, incitement to riots, blocking of transport infrastructure and others. All of these, of course, are not "firing squad" articles. However, being matched to the appropriate "bouquet", they are quite capable of sending "revolutionaries" to the same bunk with their beloved "leader", which, of course, they absolutely do not want. Moreover, Navalny, building his own organizational structures along a rather rigid authoritarian vertical, “closed” to him personally, left his own movement without any bright leaders capable of replacing the retired head. Well, and, finally, the most important thing is that the obvious confusion and vacillation, coupled with confusion and despondency, observed in the ranks of the domestic "oppositionists" are primarily caused by the realization that the "great and terrible" West, whose support they so hoped for, is in reality will not come to the rescue. Absolutely decorative sanctions, which caused nothing but mocking laughter in the government offices of Moscow, and that's all ...

An extremely alarming moment for all of Navalny's supporters is also the fact that one of the most authoritative international human rights organizations, Amnesty International, has disowned him. On January 17, she was solemnly declared by her a "prisoner of conscience", but already on February 23, the "father of Russian democracy" was deprived of this high status. The reason, according to the official statement of AI representatives, is that the organization's lawyers “after analyzing the statements of this policy, made by him in the "two thousandth" years ", came to the conclusion: they are" on the verge of xenophobia and hate propaganda. " However, even considering Navalny a “prisoner without conscience,” Amnesty International continues to insist on his release. Nevertheless, in the eyes of the "world community" such "demotion" seriously lowers its position.

US State Department: "Now it will be different"

Be that as it may, if Mr. Volkov continues to talk about the opening of new "headquarters", then someone continues to finance the burned-out "revolutionaries", and quite generously. The tales of "support of ordinary Russians" are categorically unacceptable here: their attitude to Navalny, who was put behind bars, is best evidenced by a video that has become a viral video in Runet, in which a simple pensioner from Pokrov wishes this figure, excuse me, to "die". It was filmed, by the way, by the journalists of the "Present Time" project, that is, "Radio Freedom", so this is certainly not "a staging by the Kremlin propagandists." No, in the same video there are supporters of the "oppositionist", but they are in a clear minority. And these people will not go to the "barricades" either "for Navalny" or "against Putin." According to really thinking experts in the field of sociology and political science, in Russia today there is nothing close to resembling the notorious "revolutionary situation". "Turbulent" students and "giants of thought" from the "creative class", who always want adventure - this is, at most, a tenth of the country's population, "turn it over", fortunately, is completely incapable.

Again, according to experts, this winter the authorities coped well with the task of “extinguishing” the protest “wave” - in their actions they managed to combine sufficient toughness, which makes the rioters think, with the utmost accuracy, thanks to which neither the leaders of the “opposition”, neither the West received the long-awaited “sacred sacrifices” needed to expand and escalate the protests. According to the mind, the booth must be ended by admitting its complete and final defeat. However, in this case, what about the voracious "layer" of "professional protestors" we all know well, which has formed over the years around Navalny and his FBK? What do you order them to do?

Of course, there can be no question of all this public engaging in more or less creative work. Based on this, it can be assumed that the public, like Vladimir Ashurkov and Leonid Volkov, remaining “on the farm” in the same FBK will now strive to “straddle” any financial flows coming from the West “to support Russian democracy”. Judging by the fact that we are talking about "new headquarters", they are already getting something in this direction. Naturally, the question of who will take the post of "protest leader" is still open. Some are inclined to believe that Yulia Navalny's recent voyage to Germany was just a trip to the corresponding "casting". However, apparently, this lady did not pass the competitive selection. It is not surprising, if you recall her trick with "bring vodka" on the plane during the return of the "opposition" couple to Russia - after all, some minimum intellectual qualification is obligatory even for "revolutionaries". And the completely disastrous experience with the "president Sveta" also does not work in favor of this candidacy.

Apparently, those forces and structures in the West that cannot give up their intentions to “rock” the situation in our country during the parliamentary elections scheduled for this year will try to make do with what is at hand, despite the obvious flaw and failure available "opposition" cadres. They won't have time to grow new ones anyway ... Again, the “protest” structures operating in the country today, like the absolutely bankrupt FBK, are not at all interested in sharing the already pretty impoverished “feeding trough” with anyone else. There is Navalny, who is serving time in the role of a "symbol", there are they who are quite ready to enjoy life - now the only thing is for there to be "benefactors" who are ready to pay for this whole "banquet".

However, they have not gone anywhere. The recent speech by the new US Secretary of State Edward Blinken on the forthcoming changes in the foreign policy of the country he represents was, for the most part, devoted to the issue of "promoting democracy throughout the world." We must pay tribute to Blinken - he openly admitted that earlier this goal was achieved through "expensive military interventions" and "forceful overthrow" of "regimes" unwanted by Washington. According to the secretary of state, "this tactic", which was based on purely good intentions, "did not work", while causing significant damage to the very idea of ​​"promoting democracy", and from now on the United States decisively rejects it. Literally, Mr. Blinken said: "We will do it differently." At the same time, he, of course, clarified that the American state intends to "set an example by carrying out reforms, fighting corruption and suppressing injustice," but ... Do you believe even for a second that in reality everything will be exactly like this? Me neither. Rather, it can be assumed that the United States once again intends to wage an "invisible battle" with those who disagree with them with the help of its favorite and most powerful weapon - money. After all, the question of simply not getting involved in other people's internal affairs and stopping to impose its own "values" on everyone around is not posed by Washington in principle. Consequently, the fight against undesirable "regimes" will continue and Russia, let's be realists, is still on their list, if not in the first, then in one of the first places.

Whether the West, for lack of time, will use the "fifth column" currently operating in our country, or will begin to form a new one in parallel with this - it does not matter. To find the answer to this question in Russia there are appropriate bodies and, as they say, specially trained people. It is important to understand that the true roots of the "Russian protest" are far beyond the borders of our Motherland and will, alas, feed it for a very long time.
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 10 March 2021 10: 44
    And who will tell me who now needs the failed "president" of Venezuela Guaido, and exactly the same "president" of Belarus Tikhanovskaya? No-no, and with Navalny it’s the same, but .... Washington has already set him a completely different task - under the guise of its liberal, oppositional idiocy, to split the whole of Russia into small national fragments, and therefore they form their own, so-called "headquarters" in all cities and towns of our country. And yet, why no one takes into account his own words that by blood he is much more Ukrainian than Russian, and after all that says it all, they sheltered a hidden Bandera, of whom we have so many in Russia, and he is here and is headed by the future Ukronazi "Brandenburg 800", which at the beginning of the Second World War did a lot of terrible things in our country. I am already writing here for the umpteenth time that his place is not in a pre-trial detention center and educational "dispensaries" for some trifle under some naughty article, but he needs a life-long Kolyma for the threat of collapse and dismemberment of our state, and let the West hysterize this occasion.
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 10 March 2021 11: 08
    I don’t know what the West will bet on, the East will lay down to the West, and the "hero of the article" himself will be sewing a trunks for the next 2 years.
  3. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 10 March 2021 11: 09
    And yet, he is a great rogue.
    Tell me what is his name? ©
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 10 March 2021 12: 31
    He bets, he doesn't bet, he bets, he doesn't bet, he bets, he doesn't bet ... and now he's tired and uncertain: Will the West continue to bet on Navalny ...
    Although all this was of interest only to the media themselves ...
    You can be glad, the training manual has already been approved and completely different people suddenly began to denounce the same inmate ...

    State Oligarchs can sleep more peacefully ...
  5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 10 March 2021 18: 36
    Nearby is just the article: The State Duma has partially legalized corruption in Russia ...
  6. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 10 March 2021 21: 17
    The sanctions imposed over Navalny are not only useless and senseless, but also dangerous for the United States. They can undermine Washington's relationship with its allies.

    Germany, Italy and other states with close trade ties with Russia are not interested in economic sanctions against the Russian Federation
    - said the Atlantic Council.

    The conclusions reached by the analysts of the American center are a wake-up call for Alexei Navalny. A call to stop defending human rights in Russia may mean that the oppositionist will soon cease to be defended and even cut his funding. It was noted that the United States should first of all defend its interests, and not try to defend the Russian blogger.

    It is important to note that the Atlantic Council often reflects the direction of thought of the Democratic administration. That is why we can say that the support that the Russian opposition is counting on is not worth waiting for.

    Ukrainians, dissidents and oppositionists can roll their lips
  7. Dmitry D Offline Dmitry D
    Dmitry D (Dmitry Duyunov) 10 March 2021 23: 58
    I may be wrong, but in my opinion, this article smells like Solovievism.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  8. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
    aquarius580 20 March 2021 09: 25
    Behind the blogger Lyokhoy, who is crushing the box in the crimson zone, there is one of the Kremlin towers, which overestimated its strength. But, it's not about them (they are all Rothschild appointees; it will be necessary - they will be replaced by others).
    The fact is that any street protests are easily locked in the doors of parliament, if the protestors have their own legally registered and participating in elections party. If you want to shout, protest, present your program - no question, create a party in parliament, and speak there from the rostrum; why shout on the streets, substitute the cops?
    But if the opposition (good or bad - it does not matter) the entrance to the legal authorities is closed, or they are looked at as annoying lice, they will convene Maidans.