Josep Borrell's visit to Moscow - the surrender of Europe or the declaration of war?

"Shame", "catastrophe", "humiliation" ... Believe it or not, but in this way, and amicably and in one voice, assesses the trip to our country of the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and policy the security of Josep Borrell the absolute majority of the Western media, as well as a number of his fellow diplomats and politicians from the EU countries.

Why would they have come to such categorical and impartial conclusions for one of the leading European officials, and what could actually signify his obviously not asked Moscow business trip? Let's try to figure it out.

How Borrell became a "tool of Kremlin propaganda"

To tell the truth, I have not remembered such a unanimous and such harsh condemnation by the Western media, politicians, and the expert community of any of the “friends” (and not even the last category) for a long time. It's just some kind of darkness ... “This visit is a real disaster! Borrell confessed to the Russians that the EU has not yet taken a single step towards approving new sanctions against Russia over the Navalny case ... "- the European version of Politico seethes with indignation. Most of all, its authors were offended by the fact that "the former head of the Spanish Foreign Ministry stood with a grin and silently listened as Lavrov, in his closing speech, called the EU an" unreliable partner. " Obviously, in the opinion of journalists, Mr. Borel had to make terrible faces at that moment in order to express his protest against the statements of the head of our diplomacy.

"The words of the EU representative about his displeasure with the arrest of Navalny were" lost "in the shadow of Lavrov's assertive response, who dared to reiterate his doubts about the West's conclusions regarding the poisoning of the oppositionist with military nerve gas, voiced personally by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin!" - in this place, Politico's "righteous anger" is in full swing. Well, yes, our Sergey Viktorovich is so ... Assertive, you know. And he doesn't break his hat in front of the chancellors - especially when they deign to talk nonsense. The British publication Spectator is no less categorical in its assessment of the voyage of the chief euro diplomat. Speaking on its pages, Mark Galeotti, positioned as "an expert on Russia and Eastern Europe", calls this trip not just "a triumph for the Russians", but also "a master class of all the worst in EU diplomacy." In his opinion, "The Kremlin has received another reason to prove that it is impossible to intimidate it and that it will not change its policy because of the sanctions." Well, actually, they could have guessed earlier, and not shove everything onto poor Borrel ...

The main meaning of the accusations against the head of European diplomacy comes down, first of all, to the fact that he "did not even try to meet with Alexei Navalny, his wife, or at least with someone from the FBK representatives." He did not "conduct a detailed conversation with the forces that stand for democracy in the country." Interestingly, those who in all seriousness blame Borrell for this really consider Russia a place where any visiting EU official can just go and “chat about life” with an inmate convicted of fraud and being in the place of serving his sentence ( which, as you know, is a regime object)? Or hand out cookies to his accomplices, wiping away their tears and everything else with a blue handkerchief with gold stars? Some have already tried to learn something similar - now they are packing their bags. And rightly so! The sooner it comes that our country has got rid of the semi-colonial status and does not intend to return to that, the better.

By the way, for the fact that he visited Russia exactly when the naughty would-be diplomats from Poland, Germany and Sweden are expelled from it, Borrel in the West is also burned in the most merciless manner. How could he ?! Ours are beaten! It’s very interesting, what would have happened if the employees of the Russian embassies were “lit up” in the forefront of, say, “yellow vests” or those who stormed the Capitol? What is typical (and, in general, quite predictable), with the most angry phillipics against their seemingly senior comrade, representatives of the foreign ministries of those countries who, in truth, would be better off keeping quiet altogether, speak out. For example, the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, and now a member of the European Parliament Sandra Kalniete said that "without ever mentioning Crimea and holding press conferences with Lavrov while Navalny is languishing in prison," Josep Borrell "gave a slap in the face to everyone who is fighting for democracy ”and, moreover,“ has turned into an instrument of Kremlin propaganda ”.

Is the European Union going to kiss Russia or bite it more painfully?

No less categorical is Eva-Maria Liimets, the Estonian Foreign Minister, whose indignation has no limits at all: how dare Borrell “congratulate Russia on the Sputnik V vaccine? How did he turn his tongue "to criticize the United States" in Lavrov's company? Why did he not “come out publicly with a clear condemnation of the Kremlin’s aggression in Donbass, the annexation of Crimea and the torpedoing of the“ Minsk agreements ”? And, most importantly, why the European diplomat "did not declare in Moscow that Estonia in the EU demands the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions" ?! Obviously, according to Ms. Liimets, with these terrible words, Sergei Lavrov would have fainted ... This is not cured, gentlemen. Alas, this is no longer cured. I could give a dozen more similar characteristics and assessments, but in conclusion I will limit myself to just one. The British Telegraph not only called Borrell's trip "humiliating", but also allowed itself to quote the local political veteran, former leader of the Conservative Party and one of the "fathers" of Brexit, Ian Duncan Smith, who considers it "an example of how the EU kisses Russia. from the back ”. This is subtle English humor, obviously ...

Be that as it may, but Mr. Borel nevertheless tried to show what in Smith's homeland they call "wit on the stairs", but in our country they call swinging fists after a fight. In any case, the ritual laying of a bouquet at the place of Boris Nemtsov's death, undertaken by him, looked exactly like this. However, later, finding himself in the familiar and homely Brussels atmosphere, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy began ardently to argue that he, one might say, struggled to communicate with the Russians in the spirit of "principled diplomacy." And he went to Moscow solely to "check the mood of the Russian authorities" and "collect information before the March EU summit, which will discuss policy towards Russia." Straight Stirlitz ...

But in general, in Moscow, Borrell, as follows from his branchy ... sorry - a detailed commentary posted on the official website of the European Union, behaved like a real fellow! And he “demanded to release Navalny immediately,” and called for an investigation of his “poisoning” in the most categorical way, but of course! Because of this, his "conversation with Mr. Lavrov at times reached a high level of tension." Well, maybe. We, however, did not notice anything of the kind, and in the West, which is typical, no one saw or heard this either. However, Borrell claims that he made all possible demarches during the visit - and demanded that Sergei Lavrov fully implement the Minsk agreements, and did not forget to repeat the meaningless mantra about Crimea, and interceded for the colleagues expelled from the country, trying to prove that they “neither in which they did not go beyond the diplomatic status ”. And he even “put it on display” to the Russian Foreign Minister for “the deterioration of the human rights situation in the country and the deliberate attempts of its authorities to drown out the critical voices and voices of non-governmental organizations and representatives of civil society”.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot - "to respect the democratic choice of the people of Belarus" and to stop supporting the "terrible dictator" Lukashenko, he also demanded from Moscow. How bold! However, as already mentioned, if something like this happened, then somewhere deep on the sidelines of the meeting, far from prying eyes and the numerous lenses of journalists who recorded completely different things at the final press conference of Borrel and Lavrov. However, let it all remain on the conscience of the head of European diplomacy himself.

Another thing is more important for us. Namely - Borrell's words: "relations between Russia and the European Union are currently at their lowest level in a very long time." And also the main conclusion he made from his voyage. It consists in the fact that without announcing the arrival of such a distinguished guest from Brussels on the arrival of such a distinguished guest from Brussels, pardoning Navalny with all the "bulk" without exception, arranging instead an "aggressive press conference", which took place against the background of the expulsion of Western diplomats who lost their shores, Moscow " gave up the opportunity to make the dialogue with the EU more constructive. " Now, if you please see, he is “forced to think about the consequences” ... The European official also came to one more conclusion: “Moscow, seeing an existential threat in democratic values, is moving further and further from Europe”.

As you know, on February 22, Borrell is to hold an enlarged meeting of the heads of the diplomatic departments of the EU countries under the chairmanship of the EU, at which, as he himself said, "a special discussion of relations with Russia will be held." And, "yes, sanctions may well be on the agenda this time," the High Representative wrote in his speech. At the same time, they can be introduced “not directly for the persecution of Navalny,” but within the framework of some “newly approved sanctions regime for violation of human rights”. Obviously, this is the place where we should all get scared. However, the final decisions one way or another will be taken during the March EU summit. Nevertheless, we see that the gentlemen from Brussels, most likely, are not going to kiss our country, but are trying on how to bite it more painfully.

Josep Borrell, out of breath, calls on Europe to "act together and decisively" - against our country, of course. And even "take some risks for a safer world." Well, well ... "United Europe" has tried to do something like this more than once - either in 1812 or in 1941. Good lord, you laid flowers on the wrong graves. And then, probably, they would be careful not to scatter with such words.
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  1. Jarilo Offline Jarilo
    Jarilo (Sergei) 8 February 2021 11: 57
    The sanctions are initiated by the United States, and the losses from the sanctions are borne by Europe and Russia - with one shot of two birds with one stone. Normal strategy. There will probably be a conversation about this.
    1. Vladest Offline Vladest
      Vladest (Vladimir) 8 February 2021 23: 11
      Quote: Jarilo
      The sanctions are initiated by the United States, and the losses from the sanctions are borne by Europe and Russia - with one shot of two birds with one stone. Normal strategy. There will probably be a conversation about this.

      Imagine 10 hitting one. They are all of him once and he is all once. And who loses more?
      EU in RF trade is 50%.

      The most important foreign economic partners of the European Union were and remain the United States and China, they accounted for a third of all export and import supplies of 2018 EU countries in 28. Switzerland is in third place, followed by Russia, Turkey and Japan. This was reported on March 20 by the European statistical office Eurostat in Luxembourg.
      Here is the answer to your delusion.
      The fact that the Russian Federation stopped taking imports and limited transit through Estonia in no way affected the GDP growth rate of the ER. The world is big.
      And for evil the conductor, as much as necessary ((((
      1. George W. Bush - medium (George Bush - average) 9 February 2021 14: 32
        The fact that the Russian Federation stopped taking imports and limited transit through Estonia must necessarily be reflected in your troll's salary laughing
        1. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
          Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 9 February 2021 17: 01
          he doesn't care about it, he gets his pension from the EU and the rest does not bother him, he only cares about the problems and achievements of Russia, so he, to the best of his strength and intelligence, here is trying to challenge one thing, increase the other farmers, people are harmful as well as useless for everyone
        2. Vladest Offline Vladest
          Vladest (Vladimir) 9 February 2021 20: 38
          Quote: George W. Bush - Medium
          The fact that the Russian Federation stopped taking imports and limited transit through Estonia must necessarily be reflected in your troll's salary

          Alas, all enemies were not affected by evil.
  2. nehoroshih48 Offline nehoroshih48
    nehoroshih48 (alex) 8 February 2021 14: 22
    Josep simply did not expect to get ass fucked in Russia. Let him remember the words of the great Russian poet Tyutchev:

    Shut up shameful Europe and do not swing your rights,
    you are just an ass in Russia, but you think that the head!
    1. Pandiurin Offline Pandiurin
      Pandiurin (Pandiurin) 8 February 2021 15: 09
      Quote: nehoroshih48
      Josep simply did not expect to get ass fucked in Russia. Let him remember the words of the great Russian poet Tyutchev:

      Shut up shameful Europe and do not swing your rights,
      you are just an ass in Russia, but you think that the head!

      Most likely, for the European puppets, a performance with the poisoning of Navalny and his subsequent imprisonment and triumphant release was detailed.

      But something went wrong.
      Navalny was jailed.
      And the protests were blown away even by their organizers canceled - "postponed" so as not to disgrace.

      EU puppets continue to work on the scenario.
      Bose did not succeed, as apparently planned, to arrive on a white horse and free Navalny.
      It turned out from his trip to a complete mess.

      But this will not prevent the EU from introducing new sanctions. they do not depend on common sense.
  3. Borrell is as volatile as a barrel ...

    In a word, Jopez ...
  4. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
    Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 8 February 2021 16: 06
    has one even got into the dictionary to find out the meaning of the word "surrender"?
  5. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) 8 February 2021 23: 05
    The EU has been like a prostitute so far. But according to Barel, it is still not autumn.
  6. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) 9 February 2021 01: 45
    Well Duc, so everyone understands that a good person will not be called JoZEpoy. Here Ukrainians, for the collection, they would have such a joZEPu for the sake of seeing! Although .... Well, this ZhoZEPa nadys told them that the European Union is not an ATM. Well, see now this dull old man will understand and tell his own that you are not here mulberries! It didn't work here as tama ... sadness ...

    I am hard to understand, easy not to understand and impossible to understand.

    (V. Klitschko)
  7. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 9 February 2021 11: 54
    I listened to Our Masha - Zakharova is smart, put everything on the shelves ...

    Especially touches her irrepressible smile throughout the enthusiastic monologue ...
    In short, a super-duper diplomat from Europe came to us, and he was warmly greeted here - and showed him what they were with their pants down ... And this is not forgiven in diplomacy ... That is why Borrell is criticized in all foreign affairs - and what do you want if he has no arguments other than crap and idiocy. And how and what arguments does Lavrov find when the district is alone with stupid people ... - this is not even Masha's joyful face ...
    Well done, handsome men, poked their noses and drove around, with pleasure, with an arrangement, I raised the cat like that ... And then the head of EU diplomacy - and here you are, by the skin and on the rug in our Foreign Ministry ...
  8. Robot Bobot Offline Robot Bobot
    Robot Bobot (Robot Bobot Free Thinking Machine) 9 February 2021 14: 11
    I wonder how much a barrel of joseps is now?