Berlin thinks about moratorium on completion of Nord Stream 2

The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German parliament, Norbert Retgen, spoke in favor of declaring a moratorium on the completion of the construction of Nord Stream 2, so that the European Union, the United States and Russia could discuss the situation around the gas pipeline in a constructive manner.

The moratorium can be declared not as a sanctions restriction, but as a means for conducting a dialogue between Brussels, Washington and Moscow, which will allow achieving a high level of cooperation between the parties involved in the gas project. Also, according to Retgen, this will help eliminate the fears of the West about the possible direction of the SP-2 against the interests of Eastern Europe.

On Tuesday, representatives of the American administration announced that there is a possibility of lifting the sanctions on Nord Stream 2 in exchange for meeting certain conditions. In particular, the White House demanded not to restrict the Ukrainian transit, and in the event of a decrease in the supply of "blue fuel" through the territory of Ukraine, the functioning of the SP-2 should be stopped.

In mid-January, the United States imposed sanctions on the pipe-laying vessel Fortuna, which is completing the pipeline, and on its owner, KVT-RUS. At the same time, representatives of Gazprom made a statement that due to the changes political market conditions and strong pressure from the sanctions, this gas project may be canceled due to the impossibility and inexpediency.
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  1. Restless Sagittarius (Vladimir) 5 February 2021 18: 58
    The Russian Federation is not obliged to feed Bandera's Ukraine and spend huge amounts of money on repairing its rusty pipe. If Berlin needs it, let them themselves invest in dill, and the Russian Federation must firmly say that there will be no more transit through Dill, and if the EU needs gas from the Russian Federation, let them finish building the SP-2, or ruin their economy to please the United States, buying expensive American gas, like Washington's slaves, is their choice.
    1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 5 February 2021 20: 28
      Think in the right direction, but this is from the realm of fantasy, with the current guarantor this will never happen.
      1. Restless Sagittarius (Vladimir) 5 February 2021 20: 53
        And the guarantor is not eternal, he will soon be a hundred years old at lunchtime and the Yankees run into such a way that the guarantor can also freak out