The end of freedom of speech in Ukraine: what Russians should think about

It would seem that the closure of three opposition television channels, which caused a real storm in Ukraine, committed with flagrant violations of all laws and regulations, has nothing to do with our country. Well, they arrange in the "nezalezhnoy" some kind of internal political showdowns, someone is "pressed" and gagged by some media - what do we get from this?

Those who think in this way completely ignore the obvious fact: today's Ukraine is a classic, one might say, a reference example of what "color revolutions" lead any country to. The very ones that take place under the slogans of "protecting democracy", "fighting tyranny", upholding all and all kinds of freedoms, among which freedom of speech is almost in the first place.

The current actions of Kiev show, first of all, the true value of all that rhetoric, using which various "Maidan" leaders call on their compatriots to overthrow "criminal regimes" and go to the barricades "for all good against all bad." Somehow it turns out that under the careful guidance of their Western curators, yesterday's "revolutionaries" are turning into dictators far worse than those whom they overthrew. And in the country they have captured, such a pitch hell is coming that the years of "totalitarian rule" that preceded it begin to seem like a holiday. This is what those who are today called “making a revolution” in Russia should think hard about.

Instead of the law - a circular from the US Embassy

When the people who were enthusiastically jumping up and down on the Kiev Maidan of 2013-2014 were told that a coup d'etat organized with the support and leadership of the West would inevitably lead to the loss of statehood as such, no one, of course, believed. The reaction to such "zrada" was approximately at the level of the inhabitants of the monkey enclosure in the zoo ... Today, the "proud patriots" are not at all annoyed by the fact that the president of their country, not even on an official command, but on a careless "nod" of Washington curators, grossly violates the Constitution and all other laws of Ukraine, no matter how many there are. The blocking of the broadcasting of the TV channels "112 Ukraine", ZIK and NewsOne by a personal decree of Zelensky through the decision of the NSDC is incompetent to the point of absurdity. Even if we assume for a second that these media outlets really "posed a threat to national security," a completely different procedure should have been used to stop their activities.

After the coup d'état of 2014, there are plenty of structures in the “nezalezhnoy”, designed, among other things, to silence the media that are objectionable to the authorities. The SBU, the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting, after all, the courts, which alone can make decisions of this kind - on the deprivation of broadcasting licenses and so on. Understanding perfectly well that if he went this way, the matter would end in nothing, the unfortunate president, backed up against the wall, decided to cheat. Moreover, it is absurd, clumsy, one might say, childish. He took, and imposed ... sanctions on the owner of the aforementioned TV channels, deputy of the Ukrainian parliament Taras Kozak, who belongs to the Opposition Platform - For Life party.

Everything would be fine, only in the corresponding law of Ukraine it is written in black and white that sanctions can only be applied against foreign citizens and legal entities! By introducing such restrictions against a compatriot and the companies belonging to him, the head of state committed exactly the same legal nonsense as if, say, he declared war on the Poltava or Zhytomyr region. And, by the way, any court on this matter (and the relevant lawsuits are already being prepared) will inevitably lose with a bang and shame - unless the judges make a decision that exactly 100% contradicts everything that is written in the codes. Moreover, Zelensky also “burned out” in the most shameful way, shortly after the number he had chipped off, he posted on Twitter a post in which he crucified about the “blocking of propaganda funded by the aggressor country”, which, just imagine, “blocks Ukraine's path to European and Euro-Atlantic integration. ". Only bad luck - this miserable and some pitiful text was published in English! Well, one cannot so openly violate the remnants of the conspiracy, publicly reporting to the owners about the dirty trick done at their behest!

However, from the point of view of the "white masters" everything was done correctly - a text soon appeared on the website of the Ukrainian US Embassy with the words "ardent support for counteracting the malicious influence of Russia aimed at undermining Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity." What is characteristic (and this was noticed by many), this reaction was published at a time when deep night reigns across the ocean. The fact that it was not coordinated with the State Department is extremely doubtful. Consequently, the "approvals" were prepared in advance by those who gave the command to close the TV channels.

Fight against the "opposition" that does not exist

For a more or less correct understanding of the current events in Ukraine, one should clearly understand one simple thing. All the local "opposition" poses the same danger to the "post-Maidan" authorities as the reptilians from Tau Ceti. To what extent have all their “platforms” and “blocks” gone since 2014? “Oppositionists” with representation in parliament, called “Kremlin agents” and “pro-Russian forces” by local nationalists, could not prevent the adoption of a single decision aimed at worsening relations with our country. They could not even defend the right of a huge part of the “nezalezhnoy” population to speak their native Russian language, which today is almost equated to a state crime there!

Representatives of some regional branches of the “pro-Russian” OCPL (for example, Kharkovsky) make regular voyages to Donbass - not to save its inhabitants, but to transfer “aid” in the form of food and equipment to the Ukrainian punishers stationed there. Ay, yes, "oppositionists"! And, by the way, one of the main sponsors of this audience are Ukrainian oligarchs Dmitry Firtash and Sergey Lyovochkin - the “fathers” of the 2013 Kiev “Euromaidan”. Here, as they say, comments are unnecessary. Yes, the rating of this rather dubious, but almost the only political force far from Neo-Bander's ideology, today far exceeds the "garbage" indicators of electoral sympathy that local residents have for Zelensky himself and his funny "party" "Servant of the People". And now, knowing full well that he is not in a position to present any real deeds capable of returning the trust of voters, the unfortunate president follows the simplest path - he closes the opponents' TV channels ...

This is a serious reason to ponder for all those who chirp about the "terrible tyranny of Putin", which in no way allows domestic "oppositionists" to break into power. Forgive me, but in Russia, even in order to somewhat temper the ardor of the media, which are carrying out quite obvious anti-state subversive activities and are openly financed from abroad by representatives of states hostile to our country, the most complicated procedures are being developed and introduced. Whole packages of laws are being adopted - on the status of "foreign agents", on the framework within which their activities are introduced. At the same time, mind you, no one closes even the most rabid, most pro-American media. They are simply forced to clearly indicate who they are working for. But in "free" Ukraine, things are done much easier: they wanted to - and deprived of the right to vote! The most remarkable thing is that this is done with the submission and approval of the "citadel of world democracy", whose representatives are so fond of killing Moscow for "violating fundamental human rights and freedoms." The United States itself, after the well-known recent events in Washington, are beginning to acquire quite specific features of a totalitarian dictatorship - with censorship and persecution of dissidents.

They force their own vassals to carry out the same policy, and even with a fair bias towards Russophobia. Kiev has long been carrying out any instructions from Washington, completely without the slightest thought. Refuse the Russian vaccine, having no other in return? Will be done! Impose sanctions on those who have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the Ukrainian the economy Chinese companies, at the risk of losing the main, if not the only trading partner? There is! To close the TV channels in whose activities the United States imagines a shadow of a threat to its influence in the "non-profit"? Do not worry, we are already doing it! The worst thing is that a military operation to “de-occupy” Donbass can be launched with the same readiness, if the appropriate command is received. At the will of the overseas masters, the Ukrainian leadership is now ready for the most suicidal actions.

Vladimir Zelensky, who came to power as a counterbalance to the Russophobe Poroshenko, is increasingly turning into not even the Fuhrer (although that is exactly what the nationalists called him with delight after the decision to close the TV channels), but rather into a cheap and petty parody of the dictator. In fact, he is just a puppet and no longer even tries to hide it. These are the "freedom and independence" under American manual control. Honestly, I had the occasion to argue to the point of hoarseness with the same Russians and Belarusians who, after hearing a detailed presentation of some extremely unattractive details of today's life in Ukraine, shrugged their shoulders and said: “So what? But there is freedom! " Well - if you please admire exactly how this "freedom" actually looks. Persecution on the basis of nationality, linguistic and ideological characteristics is a normal practice for a country trying to call itself a "young democracy".

Sheer disregard for the norms of law, unwillingness to observe at least the semblance of legality, which had long been replaced by first "revolutionary" and then anti-Russian "expediency" - this is what Ukraine has come to. And this is precisely the practice to which the "Maidan" inevitably leads any country where it wins. Today, a "color revolution" is being prepared in Russia, urging our compatriots, and, above all, young people, to take to the streets "for the future and freedom." What they will be if this call is supported - see above. Do not expect anything else.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 5 February 2021 10: 17
    Yes, there is something to think about ... And not to limit the freedom of speech in Russia, too, immigrants from Ukraine? There will be fewer oppositionists and advisers on how to improve life in Russia by changing the government. laughing
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 5 February 2021 14: 00
      Such "immigrants" from Ukraine as Navalny are now a dime a dozen in Russia, and they all support their "idol". I just don't understand our Themis-Navalny is preparing a coup d'etat, but he was convicted of some trifle for non-compliance with the supervisory law, because all this is sewn with white thread, but for the threat of the state system and its overthrow, he would face 20 years, and no less ...
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 6 February 2021 00: 35
      if you are talking about the author of the article, then you should still learn from him patriotism, if about the well-known media expert Ishchenko, who will soon broadcast from every iron, then I support
      1. Digital error Offline Digital error
        Digital error (Eugene) 6 February 2021 10: 20
        Quote: Volkonsky
        if you're talking about the author of the article

        The author of the article, like yesterday's thematic story on Russia-24, overlooks one circumstance - it turns out that in Ukraine there were opposition (plural) TV channels right up to 2021!
        And what about this with us? smile wink
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 6 February 2021 16: 36
          firstly, the channels were specific, purely informational, without cinema and entertainment, continuous talk shows and news, and secondly, Russia has Rain, Echo of Moscow, Meduza, Kommersant, RBK, VVS, Deutsche Welle, and so on. votes (last two foreign agents)
          1. Digital error Offline Digital error
            Digital error (Eugene) 6 February 2021 16: 44
            Quote: Volkonsky
            there is Rain, Echo of Moscow

            as far as I know, they are not in federal multiplexes. if I'm wrong - correct it.
            1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 6 February 2021 21: 30
              so Medvedchuk's channels were not in Ukrainian multiplexes and they became opposition channels only at the end of 2018 (ZIK in mid-2019, and before that he was generally a channel of Ukrainian nationalists). And in general, after the coup, from 2014 to 2018, the opposition did not have the right to vote. It appeared only under Zelensky, but, as they say, the music did not last long!
              1. Digital error Offline Digital error
                Digital error (Eugene) 6 February 2021 21: 43
                thanks for the detailed clarification good
                1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
                  Volkonsky (Vladimir) 6 February 2021 23: 01
                  on Monday, my article on this topic should be published (Neukropny was ahead of it), there is more detail on this topic (in the original it was called "Little unfinished dictator"), although the editor believes that no one is interested in Ukraine here, let's see
    3. alex5450 Offline alex5450
      alex5450 (Alex L) 6 February 2021 08: 31
      Do you miss the Tsar Father?
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 5 February 2021 14: 38
    The ruling class is the ruling class because it acts in its own interests as it considers it necessary and the height of naivety to believe that it will act to its detriment.
  3. Ivancarafuto Offline Ivancarafuto
    Ivancarafuto (Ivan) 5 February 2021 14: 45
    Colonial administrations are created in order to bring the will of the masters to the natives
  4. Xuli (o) Tebenado 5 February 2021 22: 39
    Mirror and Monkey

    Monkey, in the Mirror, seeing his image.
    Quietly the Bear kicked:
    “Look,” says: “my dear godfather!
    What is that face there?
    What are her grimaces and jumps!
    I would have strangled myself with longing
    Whenever she ever looked like her.
    And, after all, admit, there is
    From my gossips of such krivlyak five or six:
    I can even count them on my fingers. ”-
    "What to consider gossip to work,
    Isn't it better to turn on yourself, godfather? ”
    Mishka answered her.
    But Mishenkin's advice just vanished.
  5. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
    Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 6 February 2021 16: 51
    Freedom of speech should not be confused with anti-Ukrainian activity. Try with us to open (allow) an anti-Russian channel with the alleged truth about our power for anyone's money.
  6. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
    aquarius580 11 February 2021 09: 33
    In general, the closure of the Medvedchuk channels is only the restoration of the information balance with the Russian Federation. There is not a single pro-Ukrainian channel in the Russian Federation. Even the library was closed. So the actions of the Ukrainian authorities are only a mirror image.