Why Europeans are buying up Russian agricultural machinery

In the past 2020, Russia managed to increase the export of agricultural equipment by as much as 30%. Our machines are highly popular in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, France and other countries.

In general, deliveries were made to 38 countries of the world. At the same time, Germany alone increased the purchase of our tractors by 43%, and forage and grain harvesters by 35% and 23%, respectively.

However, it would be unfair to call last year's growth sudden. The positive trend in the industry has been observed for the third year in a row, and 2018 became a record, when our exports grew by 40%.

All this is due to several factors at once, ranging from a favorable exchange rate for exporters and ending with the expansion of production. By the way, the latter also increased by 30% last year, and with it the wages of workers.

However, for the favorable trend to continue, it is necessary to have a plan for further development, and we have it. So, in the near future, Rostselmash intends to allocate 17 billion rubles for the construction of a new painting complex and another full-fledged tractor plant with a capacity of 3000 vehicles per year.

The latter, taking into account the "subcontractors", will give thousands of jobs and will create dozens of new models of domestic agricultural machinery.

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  1. Pete mitchell Online Pete mitchell
    Pete mitchell (Pete Mitchell) 5 February 2021 11: 12
    A case from life: at the end of the last century, my brother ended up in Finland, in the countryside and saw a tractor Belarus, which was not very new. And we got into a conversation with the farmer: why? Is such a beautiful technique being sold around? - Yes, the Japanese says: comfort, convenient, as long as the guarantee was all without question; the warranty is over and everything is expensive. With this, I suffered for a year until I went over everything myself - since then I have only been changing the oil for ten years laughing
    1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
      Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 7 February 2021 07: 53
      I completely agree with you, the Japanese works - MTZ is still standing!
    2. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter 7 February 2021 21: 19
      How could it end? Expensive and new machines are mainly owned by large farmers, and they certainly do not touch them.
      There leasing and every 4-5 years you have a new harvester / tractor / header without any problems. And small tractors from small and medium-sized farmers certainly were not manufactured in the same decade in which they were purchased, as a rule. My neighbor Hanomag 1970, buzzes and does not sneeze, another tractor Fendt 1971, too, does not ask for much. They don’t grow money on trees, but they earn and don’t plan to mortgage the bank for a new harvester. Czech cars show themselves well, service is at an excellent level.
      So, it is good, of course, that the Russians managed to push their equipment in Europe, but competitors are not sleeping and will not just give in. So far, this is more of an image project that requires investment, investment and, most importantly, patience, if you are lucky, then in a couple of years you will be able to earn money. good
      1. Pete mitchell Online Pete mitchell
        Pete mitchell (Pete Mitchell) 7 February 2021 21: 22
        Duck who is arguing. It's just a story my brother ran into. It was interesting to him because he is an operating engineer: he uses everything that works. And history has been around for many years ...
  2. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 5 February 2021 11: 53
    The Czech diesel was on the drilling rig - it was started only with ether. We put a domestic one - I closed the contacts with a screwdriver and no problems at all!
    1. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
      Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 7 February 2021 07: 54
      Did you try to screw the contacts in Czech with a screwdriver?
  3. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) 5 February 2021 20: 10
    Neither you quantity, nor your value expression, nor your share in the World, nor how much have you imported. Proud to have something - nothing to compare with.
    At least something can be found. The group's revenue in 2018 amounted to RUB 37 billion. In 2019, the plant gained almost the same amount - 37,7 billion rubles, the profit increased more than 7 times - up to 2,6 billion rubles.
  4. steelmaker Online steelmaker
    steelmaker 5 February 2021 21: 17
    The largest increase in units was recorded in the segments of all-wheel drive agricultural tractors (by 43%, up to 524 units), harrows (by 41%, up to 810 units), forage harvesters (by 35%, up to 112 units), plows (by 34%, up to 419 pieces), cultivators (by 30%, up to 153 pieces) and grain harvesters (by 23%, up to 1100 pieces).
    According to preliminary estimates, the share of Russian agricultural machinery in the domestic market increased by 4 percentage points, to 58%. The output of agricultural tractors increased by 29% (4700 units), grain harvesters - by 24% (5500 units), harrows - by 22% (5300), seeders - by 19% (5700), self-propelled mowers - by 18% (352) , forage harvesters - by 15% (649), plows - by 14% (3000), sprayers - by 10% (1200).


    The news is certainly good. But for whom? The latest rise in food prices by 15-25% says that it is definitely not for people! And for show-off, like you see, life is getting better. When will good news affect people's well-being?
  5. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
    Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 7 February 2021 07: 58
    So, so, this year Classes, JohnDeers of New Holland and will switch to domestic ones! Ha ha ha!
  6. Robot Bobot Offline Robot Bobot
    Robot Bobot (Robot Bobot Free Thinking Machine) 10 February 2021 12: 24
    Salaries are growing!
    The people rejoice!
    Vodka from happiness
    Drinks from the neck!
    Germany, so her mother
    I bought our tractor!
    You must have it
    proletarian character!
  7. Karabas_Barabas Offline Karabas_Barabas
    Karabas_Barabas (Karabas Barabas) 28 February 2021 12: 45
    Why do Europeans buy ???