Return of Navalny as an exam for the Russian government

His "triumphant" (as he believes) return to Russia, announced the other day by the "beacon of national democracy", was quite expectedly one of the main topics for News and comments from the expert community. And, which is typical, in the West much more attention is paid to this "epoch-making event" than in Russia. Basically, the discussion goes on two main topics: "if he arrives, he will not come" and "if he is put in jail, he will not be jailed."

Nevertheless, it is necessary to look at this event much more broadly. The Navalny case, which has recently undergone a serious transformation, poses a number of questions both to the Russian society and, first of all, to the authorities of our country, which will have to be answered one way or another. Preferably - correct.

Herr Navalny! With things - on the way out!

The dispute as to whether the steel "bracelets" will snap into the sleek little arms of the "prominent oppositionist" immediately after passing through customs and passport control at the airport, or whether the cynical and calculating "Putin satraps" will nevertheless decide to wait and pause for a day or two, turned around after Navalny's statement in many Western media. “Voice of America”, “Radio Liberty”, Deutsche Welle and others, and others ... And the domestic liberals are pouring out “absolutely accurate forecasts”, “predictions” and recommendations to their own friend. Some moan: "Do not go, Leshenka to Rashka, it will be bad!" Others, on the contrary, are trying to prove that the arrival of a thieving blogger to his native land (albeit only in accordance with passport data) will certainly "put the regime in a stalemate," in which, whatever the Kremlin does not do, everything will lose. Dreams, dreams ... What is your sweetness?

There is no "stalemate", "zugzwang" and other things that are trying to describe the situation, gentlemen who are not very versed in chess theory and practice (with the exception of one of their representatives), in fact, do not exist. This becomes especially clear when one comes across allegations that employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, who have not 100%, but all 1000% of absolutely legal grounds for placing Mr. Navalny on the bunk immediately after crossing the state border, “will be afraid to do this in order to avoid possible protests and riots ”. What kind of disorder, good gentlemen? What "wave of popular anger" ?! Where did you see her from? Yes, if our un-poisoned character possessed at least a hundredth part of the popularity attributed to himself, demonstrations in his support and protection would have shaken the country for several months now. So after all, nothing like this happens. And it won't happen.

Moreover, it is the rapid loss of interest in Navalny, the final depreciation of the cheap staging of his "poisoning" in the global information space that is the reason that this character is literally shoved into his native land by his curators. Events in the USA are in the focus of everyone's attention today, and, apparently, they will also attract the interest of the global audience for a long time to come. In our country, the main event is the mass vaccination against coronavirus promised by the president literally next week. By the way, don't you find the “coincidence” of its beginning and the expected arrival of the “martyr of Russian democracy” too strange?

However, how the war is being waged against Russia on the "coronavirus front" is a separate topic and I intend to touch on it in another publication. In the meantime, let me state: Navalny, who clearly intends to settle down comfortably in Germany that has foolishly sheltered him and undergo "rehabilitation procedures" there at someone else's expense in the next five years (if not more), the West does not need this role even once. Periodic spitting and making various allegorical gestures towards the safely distant Kremlin are not counted and cannot be grounds for continuing funding. The "effectiveness" as "opposition leaders" of various Russian "defectors", in the eyes of compatriots who instantly acquire their true essence - traitors to the Motherland, is well known to those who work with this public on duty. It is zero. Therefore, it is precisely because of this that Navalny is given the command: "Marshirt nakht vaterlyand!" Maybe, in the end, you will be jailed or beaten there! At least some benefit from the money invested will be ...

Who will put him in prison ?! He's an oppositionist!

Should Navalny sit down? In the sense - not on the airfield, but on hard bunks ... In fact, the question, in principle, should not be posed in this way. There is a specific criminal case, a court verdict and legislatively approved rules of conduct for a person sentenced to a suspended sentence. The "malicious violation of the regime" committed, according to the official data of the Federal Penitentiary Service, at least 6 times is not a joke to you. Another for such cases would have long ago received the substitution of a suspended sentence for a real one provided by the Law and would gobble up a low-calorie gruel on both cheeks. It turns out that Navalny can? Because he is an "oppositionist"? Because Putin is rude? Because they were "poisoned"? Such things give rise to the most terrible thing - the confidence of certain subjects in their own impunity and, most importantly, a large number of their followers. The articles according to which our "hero" was accused and convicted, are not at all "political", But through and through criminal. The existence of such individuals, by and large, in itself is a fraud from start to finish. As it is said in one good book: “he played himself for money” ... And the fact that at the same time, over and over again, “miraculously” all the time from the funds and cash desks entrusted to them, large sums “evaporate” - none of them “politically motivated fiction ”, but the most authentic reality. Psychology is the same kind of character.

This I mean that for sure not only the "Yves Roshen case", because of which the "prominent oppositionist" is now facing imprisonment, but also a new criminal case initiated against the Navalny Investigative Committee of Russia on the fact of large-scale fraud and appropriation of more than 350 million rubles, collected by FBK and related "offices" from gullible citizens in the form of donations, have quite real grounds. And this is not to mention the fact that the cooperation of this citizen with foreign special services, as well as his actions against Russia, have recently become not just obvious, but downright demonstrative. They, in their minds, should also receive a proper legal assessment.

Whether Navalny will bear responsibility for his actions or hide behind the "support of the world community" is a dilemma that concerns not only himself and those whom he accuses of "persecution", "poisoning" and so on. This is a test, an exam, a Rubicon for the entire national government. It was about the same not so long ago, when many in all seriousness believed that swearing rhymes, popular in the domestic liberal get-together, would save a "creative person" from responsibility for a drunken life. They didn't save ... But how will it be now? Regarding the fact that Navalny, if he has the audacity to return to Russia, no one should dare to touch a finger, the director of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth, the deputies of the German Bundestag and other figures are already spilling into nightingales. You see, they believe that "his fate has long ceased to be an internal affair of Russia." Why is this, may I ask? How to deal with our own naughty crooks, even if representatives of other states voluntarily or involuntarily were involved in a significant part of their adventures, this is just our very, that neither is an internal affair. We have the absolute right to do so - like any sovereign state.

Proceeding from this, Navalny, of course, needs to be held accountable with exactly the same severity as it would be with any Russian citizen if he did not come with poison on YouTube, would not declare himself a “fighter against corruption” and would not be treated in Shary not clear from what. But there are very big doubts about this. It was Iosif Vissarionovich who could listen to the cries of "tyranny" and "repression" from the West, with magnificent, absolute indifference. There is a suspicion that this will not be the case today. The maximum that can happen is the isolation of the returned “oppositionist” for a short time to ensure his own safety, in case someone decides to transfer him to the rank of “sacred victim on the altar of democracy” without delay, right at the airport or in the coming days upon arrival.

If after that Navalny is once again at large, getting off with another "conditional" or completely getting rid of most of the charges, the long-term effect of such actions will be very negative. Passions in Washington will soon subside, and then the globalist-democrats who came to power there will take Russia seriously. The fact that the Kremlin seems to be aware of this says a lot. In particular, the adoption by the State Duma of a number of laws that seriously complicate the life and work of various foreign agents of influence, who, alas, have bred a lot in our Fatherland and feel quite at ease in it. Some of the deputies, with fright, even called them "the laws of wartime." Although ... In general, it is said correctly - in front of our country is exactly a war with an external enemy who will try to make the most of the local "fifth column" to achieve its own goals. The problem is that inappropriate “mercy”, if it is shown to one of the main representatives of such, will erase all these laws in one fell swoop, making it clear that, in full accordance with Russian traditions, “their strictness is compensated for by non-compliance with them”.

After all, if it is so important for the Russian authorities not to fall under the fire of yet another accusations from the West, plunging the "oppositionist" into a gloomy prison (as he deserves), why not then recall the practice of expelling especially insatiable people from the country. her spiteful critics? Nowadays, it would be nice to combine it with the deprivation of citizenship for obvious anti-Russian activities and a ban on returning under the threat of full-fledged departure of everything that is due to such under domestic law. In any case, by their actions regarding Navalny, the authorities must demonstrate anything - except their own weakness and indecision.
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  1. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
    Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 15 January 2021 10: 06
    Pour something urgently into his panties so that this one does not get to Russia.
    1. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
      Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 15 January 2021 11: 48
      He needs terpene oil in his underpants, so that he can work more vigorously in the felling upon arrival.
      In general, it is necessary to force him to compulsory work for 60 years. Hard physical labor well erodes the crap out of the head.
  2. Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 15 January 2021 10: 35
    For Llohi, bunk is life. Literally.

    Curators need him dead.
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 15 January 2021 10: 39
    Nancy Pelosi accused Trump supporters of terrorism. Why don't the Russian authorities blame local representatives of the Western intelligence services and oppositionists for this subversive activity against the state? Now the United States, as in the Kosovo issue, has allowed Russia to act more decisively in many directions.
  4. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 15 January 2021 11: 05
    Too much bukaf about this creature, we must act according to the law, there are grounds for arrest, it means in a pre-trial detention center, no, then let him walk and troll Putin further. But most likely they will not act according to the law, but according to political expediency.
  5. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 15 January 2021 12: 39
    The exam has long failed - the tenth anniversary of this swindler has not been imprisoned in any way since the time of his swindle with Kirovles.
  6. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 15 January 2021 13: 06
    Now if he is NOT imprisoned after all this, then

    exam for the Russian government

    can definitely be considered a failure.
    I hope that this time, at least once, they will no longer be afraid of what the West will say to this, which will soon simply drive all opposition and democracy behind the barbed wire at gunpoint. And that's literally.
  7. Valentine Online Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 15 January 2021 13: 27
    Well, and who is he, this ... surprise, because of which all "civilized" Europe is on the ears, and Russia will again be imposed on the next "sanctions" on the list of "Magnitsky-Navalny"? Or maybe Europe will push him to us in the form of Guaido, so why would it be easier to create in Germany itself a "government of Russia in exile" in the form of President Navlny, Prime Minister Misha Kasyanov, Defense Minister Gudkov, Gozman Minister of Enlightenment and information, well, etc ... When will our competent authorities send all this Liebersho ... to the uranium mines of Kolyma.
  8. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 15 January 2021 13: 50
    The law must be followed. The cry in the West should not be taken. Allow me to spit in your face once and they will spit every day, and then every hour, because when they see cowardice, enemies will become impudent. He flew high in the eyes of a Western politician, in his cell good people will lower him a little ... to sinful earth.
  9. zz810 Offline zz810
    zz810 (zz810) 15 January 2021 14: 58
    seems to want to be in time for the provocation before Biden's inauguration what
  10. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
    Ulysses (Alexey) 15 January 2021 15: 17
    Lyosha, the services are waiting for you.
    "Come back, our affectionate Lyosha, do not forget to take the German patient's card" fellow
    1. and don't forget a couple of changeable underwear too
  11. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 15 January 2021 18: 01
    Something began to write frequent discussions about bulk, every day, and in fact earlier they directly stated that he was of no interest to anyone.
  12. This return strongly signals a provocation - when Navalny is tied up in Moscow, unrest will begin. I warmly advise the FSB officers to land the plane with Leha somewhere in Salekhard, closer to the place where the harsh but just punishment will continue to depart!
  13. Burmistrov Offline Burmistrov
    Burmistrov (Alexander ) 16 January 2021 11: 44
    If only this energy, but for corrupt officials. In the meantime, it turns out that they pounce on the one who fights with them and make him the main criminal in the country. And in general, why be like liberals like Novodvorskaya. Why so much anger and cruelty. Why personify power with Russia and give holiness.
  14. Natan bruk Offline Natan bruk
    Natan bruk (Nathan Brook) 18 January 2021 05: 54
    Yes, Navalny is like a hot potato for the Kremlin thieves. After all, how they wanted to get rid of him, how they hoped that after the formidable statements, he would stay in Germany, but he ended up with eggs and was not afraid to come, and now what to do with him?
  15. Natan bruk Offline Natan bruk
    Natan bruk (Nathan Brook) 18 January 2021 16: 44
    "This is some kind of compote" :)))
  16. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 22 January 2021 16: 18
    The blow delivered by Navalny showed full prof. inadequacy of the presidential service, which is obliged to timely protect the president from obvious slander. Peskov's arrogant reaction in the first days - we won't even read ... Don't read, don't look, but 47 million people did. The president urgently needs to clear the field of fools in his team. Now both speed and reasoning have begun to play a fundamental role.